VIDEO: Buddhist Monk Banished For Stealing Women's Underwear

Watch closely as this Buddhist Monk takes the underpants right off a laundry line in this shocking video. He seems so nonchalant about it, which surely means this wasn’t his first panty pilfering.

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Now the first thing you might wonder is if this is a real monk. He’s probably one of those fake ones, right? Many of us are familiar with the fake monks who often show up to music festivals or tourist traps, like Lollapalooza or Times Square. These phonies walk around in the orange robes, and put cheap bracelets on the wrists of unsuspecting passersby. The false monks then insist that the bracelet is a gift, but they also demand that you pay for it in upwards of $20. This is a really annoying con, since they always seem to prey on people who look young, friendly, and are only trying to have a fun time. Ignore the scammers. The bracelet pushers are by no means real practicing Buddhists.

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However, the man in this video was a legit buddhist. According to this report, his name is Theeraphap Worradilok and he’s 49 years old. He was a practicing monk at the temple not far from where the video was filmed last week in Suphaburi, Thailand.

The police officer in charge of the investigation, Colonel Phuwadit Khongpet, said, “It's a fact the man in the video was a monk. He is originally from Nakhon Nayok province.”

The interview also stated that the police asked the temple abbot about the thief. The abbot said the monk had stopped taking his medicine and that is what led to such odd behavior. Even so, the monk acted disgracefully and so he was banished from the temple.

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The hidden cameras were set up by Kittisak Khajornnetikhun who owns a gold and jewelry business on the property. He looked over the films after his family’s underwear kept disappearing. Khajornnetikhun reported the crime, claiming that the underwear was quite expensive. (Anyone who’s ever shopped at Victoria Secret can relate to that.) The monk stole the underpants of Khajornnetikhun’s wife and daughter.

So was the monk unaware of what size he needed? Or perhaps he was unsure about the feel of a certain fabric. One thing’s for sure, we have no idea what he’s wearing under that robe.

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