Budweiser Puts Beer On Hold To Can Water For Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

The Anheuser Busch breweries are temporarily shifting their canning operations from beer to water in response to the call for aid for victims of hurricane Florence. The storm was one of the worst recorded in American history, and the damages done are not only costly but also detrimental to residents’ well being. Help from huge companies like Anheuser Busch is vital to the affected area’s recovery.

The storm has wreaked havoc on the country: property has been lost or severely damaged, at least 37 people have died, and flooding is still a problem. In times like this, solidarity between citizens is essential to surviving the hurricane and coping with the aftermath. Not only do they need companies with huge budgets to reach out, but also help between individuals is necessary. The faster everyone can recover, the easier rebuilding the area can be.

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Budweiser cans of water have reached the Carolinas in the thousands. Statements from the vice president of legal and corporate affairs, Cesar Vargas, describe more relief efforts being done; the company plans to send six truckloads (300,000 cans) of drinking water to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Water will also be sent to the company’s wholesale retail partners so that it can be distributed in those areas.

Anheuser Busch is no stranger to suspending operations for relief efforts. Their Fort Collins brewery is a location that will switch its operations to canning water for Red Cross. The cans reach those who are hit by disasters like hurricanes or wildfires. Efforts like this are not only necessary for everyone’s safety and survival but also give residents hope for tomorrow. Since businesses are willing to suspend production to help them, then reasons to panic decrease in number—one less thing to worry about. This, in turn, allows residents to help their neighbors, as they have more to share or give, and they are not worrying about their own survival as much.

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While there are still plenty of reasons to panic and worry, residents can rest well knowing that there are private companies who are also helping with relief efforts. They don’t have to solely rely on overwhelmed government staff for aid. In a bleak and dark time for coastal residents, who would think that cans of Budweiser would bring them a sense of safety and security.


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