Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 20 Secrets About Her Anatomy

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. Well, the original prophecy never anticipated Buffy Summers. As Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy was able to inspire legions of young women to be strong and be themselves. Widely considered a feminist icon, Buffy continues to be a beacon of hope for fans despite being off the air for almost fifteen years.

For those fans deep in the Buffy-verse, they know all there is to know about The Slayer. However, there are somethings out there that even the Scooby Gang doesn't know. Buffy has faced some of the most fantastical demons and evil that the world has ever seen, but has still managed to maintain some mystery about her.

Put on your stylish (yet affordable) boots, and take a look at 20 Secrets About Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Anatomy:

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Buffy Out Of Grave
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20 She Is Spry For A Corpse

Buffy Out Of Grave

"Hey, I've died twice." Yes, Buffy Summers has lost her life twice during her time as The Slayer. While heroically defending Sunnydale - and the world - from The Hellmouth, Buffy was taken out by The Master and sacrificed herself to foil Glory's plans. However, she was brought back both times to the land of the living.

Despite losing her life twice, Buffy doesn't show any signs of it. In fact, she arguably has only become stronger after each brush with death. If someone was new to the Buffy-verse, they would never know about Buffy's previous deaths as her abilities have never been hindered.

19 Developed The Power To Fly

Buffy Comics Cast Cover

The Buffy-verse on television was great at keeping one foot in the supernatural and another in reality. For every time that Buffy would face a supernatural Big Bad, she would also have to deal with the issues of humanity, such as having a job and paying bills.

However, the Buffy comic books hardly address reality and keep themselves firmly rooted in the realm of oddities. Over time, Buffy becomes less of a woman striving to balance her humanity with fighting demons, and more of a superhero. In fact, she even developed the ability to fly after being gifted with the magic. Thankfully Joss Whedon never put this in the show!

18 Athleticism Comes From Figure Skating

Buffy First Episode Buffy Lollipop

Buffy's abilities as The Slayer range from her super-human strength to her incredible agility. While she may appear small in stature, she has unbelievable athleticism which allow her to take on demons who should be able to eat her for breakfast. However, even without her Slayer powers, she has always been incredibly athletic.

As a young girl, she idolized World Champion figure skater Dorothy Hamill, and was training hard at her own figure skating career. While she may have lost interest as she got older, her training was the foundation for her athleticism later in life.

17 Scars From Three Different Vampire Bites

Despite specifically being a vampire slayer, Buffy's interactions with vampires have not always gone in her favor. In fact, vampires have gotten the upper hand on her on several occasions. While these vampires are usually the most skilled of the bunch, Buffy has to live with the scars of losing in battle.

Three different vampires have tasted her Slayer blood over the years, with only one of them being voluntary. Angel bit her in order to save him from being poisoned, but the other two - The Master and Dracula himself - both bit her against her will. While Buffy ultimately won those battles, she has permanent reminders about her initial losses.

16 Had A “Hairy Mole”

Fans of Joss Whedon's 1997 television show do not consider much of his 1992 film to be canonical. In fact, most people - including Joss Whedon himself - prefer that the film not be mentioned often. However, if fans were to consider it canon, then there are aspects about Buffy's body which cannot be forgotten.

In order for a Slayer to be identified, she has a specific birth mark that signifies her strength. In the original film, Buffy eloquently informs us that she had her "hairy mole thing" removed before knowing about her birth-right.

15 Can "Get Busy" For Hours

Buffy And Spike In Love Spell

Buffy's strength and stamina make her a nightmare for the demons that invade Sunnydale. Anything that comes out of the Hellmouth looking for a fight is going to receive one in spades. There has not been a single Big Bad that Buffy was not able to defeat, and this stems from her strength, agility and stamina during battle.

However, it is not only the baddies who have dealt with her strength and stamina before. In fact, some men of Sunnydale have witnessed the benefits of her Slayer "abilities" over the years. Buffy's strength serves her well in the bedroom, as she has not been known to tire easily.

14 Hospitals Make Her Ill

Despite being the strongest female force in the world, even Slayers are allowed to be afraid sometimes. Buffy's fear is shared by those who suffer from Nosocomephobia, or the fear of hospitals. When Buffy has to visit a hospital - such as the episode Killed by Death - she becomes frightened, and even more ill as a result.

Her fear stems from the demon Der Kindestod, who preys on sick children. Buffy witnessed this demon take the life of her cousin when she was sick as a child, which has translated into Buffy's fear of hospitals.

13 Became Invisible

via Pinterest

Some of Buffy's Big Bads have done some awful things to her over the years. Yet, it was the mind-bending nerdiness of The Trio which actually altered her mental and physical state. Through their inventions, they developed the power to make things invisible, which Buffy was accidentally hit with.

Through the entire episode Gone, Buffy is turned invisible. Without a Slayer to be seen, she takes the opportunity to gallivant around and do things she has always wanted. However, since the invisibility is slowly destroying her, she is eventually turned back to normal.

12 Body Is Protected By Magic

The Dark Version Of Willow In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy's interactions with magic over the years have hardly ended up favorably. Despite having powerful witches on her side in Willow and Tara, magical elements rarely end up working out for the Gang. However, as her career moves along magical interactions turn out more in her favor.

Following Buffy's activation of all the potential Slayers in the world, Buffy has developed a mystical protection over her body while incapacitated. Instead of being prone to death like regular humans, she is protected. Even when almost stabbed with a dagger, it splits when touching her skin. Perhaps all of her years as a Slayer are finally paying dividends!

11 Had A Tattoo Of The Mark Of Eyghon

Despite having some rebellious tendencies in her youth, Buffy always remained on a straight-and-narrow path. She had her fun, but never went down a dark route that some teenagers venture on. Besides getting one tattoo, she never became too extreme. Except for the fact that the tattoo represented a demon.

Buffy received the Mark Of Eyghon tattoo - the same tattoo Giles has - after Ethan Rayne gave it to her against her will. Buffy swiftly had the tattoo removed, but will always have a scar to remind her of it.

10 She Has Been To Heaven

via Buffyverse Wiki

She saved the world a lot, but she lost her life during the battle at least twice. Despite having all the power in the world, Buffy was no match for her enemies on a couple of occasions. However, the second time she lost her life after battling Glory, she willingly sacrificed herself to close a portal to a Hell dimension.

While her friends assumed she was locked away among demons, Buffy revealed that she was actually in Heaven. When her friends resurrected her to "save" her, they were actually removing her from peace. Buffy is the only one of her group to experience Heaven, and was understandably wrecked when she was pulled away from it.

9 Has Premonitions About The Future

Michelle Trachtenberg As Dawn In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Out of all of Buffy's powers, her latent ability to dream about the future is amongst her most unexplored. In fact, this is the only power which Buffy does not know how to control or fully understand. She is given many clues over the years in her dreams about what the future holds, but is never able to fully comprehend them until it is too late.

As early as season three, Buffy is given clues to the arrival of Dawn Summers, but is not able to understand them. Joss Whedon has confirmed these clues over the years, but Buffy was not able to pick up on any of them.

8 Body Has Gone Catatonic

Along with all the power in the world, also comes with the weight of the world on her shoulders. To say that Buffy has been through a lot since she was seventeen would be an understatement. All of this must weigh heavy on her, so fans have forgiven her many emotional outbursts.

Buffy's mental anguish reached a breaking point when Dawn was taken in season five. After realizing that she failed to protect her sister, Buffy went catatonic and could not be shaken out of her own mind. Thankfully, Willow's magic allowed them to support Buffy through her grief, but The Slayer certainly had her weakest moment.

7 Super Senses

Is there anything that Buffy Summer can't do? It seems that she has an answer for everything, including gaining higher-than-average senses. If Marvel did not have it trademarked, she could have easily called it Slayer-sense.

Throughout her battles, Buffy seems to be able to sense danger coming from miles away. Even when her opponents are stealthy - or even invisible, in some cases - she is able to sense them coming and attack them. While this has proved difficult for the others she fights with, Buffy is able to sense them with ease.

6 Develops Bad Body Odour

Via: danowen.blogspot.com

Hey, can anyone be 100% perfect all the time? Even being a Slayer has to have some sort of drawback. When Buffy starts to spiral towards rock bottom and develops a proclivity for drinking in college, she starts to revert towards being a primitive cavewoman. Perhaps it is because the beer was laced with magic, so fans can give her some slack.

However, the real drawback for Buffy here is that her new found primal instincts also let out her incredibly bad body odour.

5 Has An Attraction To Vampires

Buffy And Angel At The Prom

Considering that Sarah Michelle Gellar was once crowned the Sexiest Woman in the World, it is easy to think that she could have anyone she desired. However, Buffy certainly has a "type" that she sets her eyes on. While some would think it is tall, dark and handsome, her men need to have a "lifeless" quality about them.

While Buffy did date Riley and other humans over the years, her only true loves came in the form of vampires. Whether fans are Team Angel or Team Spike, there is no denying that Buffy really only loves men of the vampiric variety.

4 Scars From Being Stabbed

Buffy Catches Stake

As Spike says to her, it does not matter how many vampires Buffy dusts, all it takes is for any vampire to have "one good day" to take her out. Buffy almost experienced this herself when one vampire was able to turn her own stake against her and stab her in the ribs.

While Riley was able to get revenge for her, Buffy was close to seeing the end of her Slayer career. It would not be the first time a Slayer has lost to a vampire, but it was a first for Buffy to have someone other than a Big Bad have a shot at defeating her. Now she has to live with those scars as a reminder forever.

3 Could Hear People’s Thoughts

Buffy Swoons At Angel

When fighting demons and other unworldly creatures, it seems to happen that some of their powers have lingering effects for those that come into contact with them. Usually these do not have positive outcomes, which is what happened to Buffy when she came into contact with mouthless monsters.

After coming into contact with their blood, Buffy was able to hear the thoughts of those around her. While initially very excited about this "power" she realized that it would eventually drive her insane. It may have been short-lived, and while it could have been useful in battle would have ended the Slayer if she kept it around.

2 Has Some Of The Scooby Gang Inside Her

No, not like that! Buffy has always remained civil around her Scooby-gang counterparts, and has always kept their relationships platonic. However, their closeness and friendship has had benefits other than just camaraderie.

When facing the impossible task of defeating Adam, the Scoobies grouped together into an unstoppable force. By joining together through a magic spell. Buffy is able to combine all of their powers together to defeat Adam. With Giles' intellect, Xander's heart, Willow's essence and Buffy's strength, they are able to swiftly defeat the Big Bad, and Buffy is able to keep pieces of her friends inside her forever.

1 May Have Died Three Times

Buffy wears the fact that she has died, yet returned twice on her sleeve, and is even proud of that fact. Considering all that she has done, this is a great accomplishment. However, she may have been leaving out one very important life event.

Following Warren's gun attack in Seeing Red, Buffy's heart stopped while in the hospital. Thankfully, Willow was able to magically remove the bullet from her and she began breathing again. However, this is similar to how she passed away in season one, so she may have actually left us three times over her Slayer career.


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