Pichu Might Well Be Build-A-Bear's Most Adorable Pokémon Plush To Date

Build-A-Bear boasts a number of Pokémon plushes, but the addition of Pichu to its ranks has to be the best yet.

When you think of franchises aimed at children, for the most part, they come and go. Yes, they might return somewhere down the line via a revamp or remake, but most of the time, kids move on and leave what they used to love behind them. There's one franchise that refuses to go away though, and that franchise is Pokémon.

Pokémon first started rifling through the wallets and pockets of parents during the 1990s. It did so via video games, trading cards, TV shows, and movies. You name it, Pokémon creators had a hand on it. More than 20 years later and the Pokémon hype hasn't died down. People around the world are still obsessed with Pokémon GO, and two weeks from now Sword and Shield will be released on Nintendo Switch.

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Pokémon is basically doing a terrific job of appealing to those of us who have loved it for 20 years, but also new generations of children that have come since. While Pokémon GO is aimed at adults and Pokémon-loving parents getting their kids into the franchise, Build-A-Bear is busy focusing on getting kids into Pokémon as early on in life as possible.

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It has done that via the unveiling of a brand new Pokémon plush. Pichu, the unevolved, baby form of Pikachu for those unfamiliar with Pokémon beyond the original 151. Pichu is adorable enough as it is, but Build-A-Bear's version comes with outfits to make him even cuter. A cape and a hoodie, according to Nintendo Life, and it also makes different Pichu noises when you squeeze it.

Build-A-Bear's Pichu is available now in-store and online. Customers can buy the whole Pichu bundle, complete with a special edition trading card, for $61. If that's a little steep, the regular Pichu without all the frills and outfits is available for $29. Pichu joins a number of other Pokémon plushes available at Build-A-Bear including Charmander, Bulbasaur, Eevee, and Snubbull. You can check out all of them by visiting the Build-A-Bear site.

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