Buzz Off Because These 20 People Who Just Aren’t Havin’ It Today

Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. When that happens, it's easy for us to cross the line and step onto the warpath. We get snappish and short with people, even the ones we love. We lose our patience at the slightest inconvenience. It's just a bad time, and it seems like the only way to reset things is to go to bed and try again, but the problem is, that's not always possible. Most of the time, we can't pop just go to sleep again, we have to go about our business and figure out how to deal with our sour attitude.

If we were better people, we would, oh, we don't know. Maybe meditate or do some yoga or get acupuncture? We'd do something Zen-ish to get ourselves back to our mental happy place. But, alas, we are not better people, and so we continue to resort to being cranky and annoyed—much like these 20 people. They woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, messing with them in any way would be highly inadvisable. So to the world, these people say, "Buzz off!" They've had about enough of everything, and they just aren't havin' it today.

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20 To0 tall for this nonsense, that's how tall he is

What?! He's tall?! Great Scott, he had no idea! Thanks ever so much for letting him know about this astonishing revelation, random stranger. Had he not happened upon this person, he might still be living in a fool's paradise, blissfully unaware of the stark reality that he is, in fact, a tall person.

Look, the guy knows he's tall, just as every tall person knows they're tall and just as every short person knows they're short and just as every person who's in between knows they're in between. So just take this snarky card, because he's not havin' it, and think twice before making this mistake again, okay?

19 The startling results of a temporary loss of chill

Things can get real bitter real fast between a couple of exes if they're not too careful. We're not saying everyone who breaks up with someone *simply must* remain friends with them when the relationship is over. That would be unreasonable and, let's face it, awkward as heck.

But just because being besties after a breakup isn't for everyone doesn't mean we have to lose all sense of chill where our exes are concerned—and, whatever our feelings, we definitely shouldn't surprise our exes' family members with Silly String when we pass them on the street just because their relative had the nerve to break our hearts.

18 Why did he do it? The world may never know

Via: wackyy.org

One time, we left a cart full of stuff—chips, Lunchables, canned goods, all sorts of stuff—in the middle of the grocery store and just walked out. It wasn't our fault, though. We got a call saying our sister-in-law had gone into labor, and we had to book it to the hospital. But even now, seven years later, we carry that burden with us.

Every. Single. Day.

We're not happy about what we did. We're not proud of it. But at least we see the error of our ways. But did this guy have an excuse for his felonious ice cream thawing crimes? We'd be surprised.

17 Laurels everywhere are fed up

Alright, people, it's time we talk about something. You know the Yanny/Laurel thing? The recording you listen to and if you hear Yanny it means something, but if you hear Laurel it means something else? Yeah, well, we think it's time to put an end to that trend. We think we speak for everyone when we say that we've had enough.

A week. That was all the time that trend needed was a week, but it's been more than a week by now. In fact, it's been more like a month. We're siding with Yanny—uh, we mean, Laurel on this one. Let's stop this nonsense ASAP.

16 Yeah, we bet you are

We like kids, but we couldn't stand having to be around them for any real length of time. We'll babysit our nieces and nephews every chance we get, but that's only because we know that, at the end of a day or two, the torture will be over.

Can you imagine being around kids all day, every day?

We sure can't. That kind of thing must do a number on your psyche. Being a teacher is an important job. Possibly the most important job on the planet. But retiring from that circus must feel like a million bucks. No wonder this lady's so snide. And her little dog, too.

15 Don't test Ms. Puzzlemaster

There is no real stigma attached to being an avid jigsaw puzzle lover, but people will take on a haughty sense of superiority when you tell them puzzles are your hobby. How do we know? Becuase we're puzzle doers and we've seen this kind of discriminatory behavior firsthand. It's nasty. It's unnecessary. And it has to stop.

As puzzle lovers, it does our heart good to see a fellow puzzlemaster sticking up for themselves. That's right, girl, you show those snarky people what you're capable of! Do that puzzle! Be done with their nonsense! Don't take any of their crap! We believe in you!

14 Say, that's not a bad idea

Summer's here, and we all know what that means. Unrelenting, unforgiving, unavoidable heat. Oh, sure, you'll find people who claim they enjoy this season, what with its opportunities for beach going and swimming and what not. But for the average person, summer is a bad dream.

The heat...good gosh, the heat...we can't take it anymore!

This girl just couldn't deal with it today. All that sun, all those rising temps. It got to be too much for her, so she (quite cleverly, we might add) thought fast and found an epic solution to her problem which, we're happy to say, we will be stealing first chance we get.

13 He runs this show, now

This little boy looks like he's just seconds away from issuing unreasonable requests. It's like he's holding himself hostage up there, getting ready to negotiate with the Lowe's employees. It's only a matter of time before he demands a pony, some Legos and a giant chocolate cake. We mean, that's what we'd do.

This is so impressive. We're adults, and we bet we couldn't scale one of those giant shelves at home improvement stores. We feel like this little boy just won Lowe's. It belongs to him, all of it, from the ten-penny nails to the garden section. Bow down before him, ye peasants, and tremble!

12 Acrobat or feet for hands? You decide

The way we see it, there are only two explanations for this. Either this driver is incredibly flexible, or they were born with feet for hands. We've examined all other possibilities, and these two seem the most likely of them all. Clearly, there can be no other explanation.

How do they grip the steering wheel with feet hands?

We guess we should be concerned. If this person really does have feet hands, they really shouldn't be driving. But instead, all we can think about is how hard it must be for this driver to hitchhike or fit foam fingers over their feet hand when they go to sports games.

11 So, programmers are just fish out of water?

If this sign has taught us anything, it's that programmers are secretly fish. We mean, why else would this thing tell us not to tap on the glass? Isn't that what they also tell you about fish bowls and aquariums? Don't tap them because it startles the fish?

Alright, so maybe our theory is a little flawed. Maybe computer programmers are just under pressure. But we're still standing by our original idea that computers are fish, or at least part fish, which means programmers are mermaids and mermen, and even though they've all got their panties in a knot, that's still pretty cool, right?

10 Pajamas should be the official dress code of finals week

Via: diply.com

We don't know if you know this or not, so we'll just tell you. Finals? They're, like, hecka hard. Because it's not like finals are just finals. If they were serious tests, they would be tough enough, but they're more than that.

Finals are sleepless nights spent studying stuff you don't care about.

It's spending your days for weeks on end cramming information on subjects you know there's no way you'll ever remember. Finals are stressful, man, and that just might be the understatement of the century. But, as hard as finals are for the students, we forget that they take a toll on the teachers, too.

9 You mean Lon-done

Kids. They're totes adorbs, right? With their smallness and their littleness and their...um, their...aw, heck, we don't know. But you've seen kids, right? you know what they look like, you get how someone might find them endearing. You get it, yeah?

This kid's full of energy and optimism—but these adults aren't havin' it. The thing about "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" is, despite popular misconception, it's not mandatory. You have to actually be happy in order to engage. But these people? Well...they did not clap, and we think that right there tells you all you need to know.

8 Here's what you can do with your darn complaints

Everybody thinks their opinion matters, but everybody's wrong. Actually, no, that's not true, we just thought it was a dramatic opening line. Of course, we all have our own take on things, and of course our take matters, but only to a certain extent.

Let's not blow things out of proportion.

Besides, whether our opinions truly matter or not has nothing to do with the fact that some people, like the person who constructed this complaints box, do not now, nor will they ever, give two flying craps about how we feel about the way that they've done their job. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

7 The elusive internet kid

We don't know who this nomadic sleeping bag child is or why he or she needs to know the WiFi password (although, we suspect the reason for that is because memes), but we like their style. It's good. They're doing them, and they're being completely unapologetic about it. That's so metal.

Maybe this kid's sister ate the last waffle, or maybe their brother broke their favorite toy. Why ever they're having a bad time today, they've got their pillow, they've got their blanket. All they need now is internet access, and maybe then they'll be able to summon the strength to deal once more.

6 That birthday text won't send itself, you know

We bet you money this grandma set her alarm for 12:00 A.M. on her birthday, and started waiting for her grandkids to send her that birthday text. The hours are ticking by, and yet no one's messaged her.

It's three past seven in the morning—what's taking them so long?!

Grandma's neighbor, that nasty, nosy Gertrude woman, said her grandkids sent her a text with confetti on her birthday three months ago, and if Grandma doesn't get the same from her own grandchildren, she's going to launch her oven into the front lawn in a blind rage. So consider yourself warned and wish her a happy birthday, dadgumit!

5 Snow days are so overrated

Snow days for kids? They're amazing! They're a time of snowballs and snowmen and igloos and ice skates and hot cocoa and sledding and scarves and mittens and snow angels and—*gasps* Whoo! Sorry, we ran out of breath. Can't do that anymore.

Snow days are just about as good as it gets for the young'uns, but for the adults? Not so much. Snow's not a plaything when you're a grownup, it's just a big pain in the neck. It's one huge, massive mess that you neither want nor have the time to deal with. So, to cope, you spraypaint messages like this onto it in pointless retaliation.

4 Wow, somebody *really* doesn't care

Wow. The sass levels in this picture are off the charts! Being done is one thing, but letting your inner doneness seep into everything you do...we don't know if we should feel sorry for this person and the mental burden that they're carrying, or if we should be impressed.

Snarky acronyms make the best business names.

In fact, that's actually the first thing that they teach you in Business 101. Forget "Greg and Sons Moving Company", forget "Mama Lottie's Appliance Repair". Those names are, quite frankly, a big so what. Nah, sassy names like the one this person chose for their trucking company, is the only way to go.

3 He's allergic to low IQs

Remember that professor who showed up to finals wearing his jam-jams? That was just a glimpse into the sort of done that every teacher feels at some point in their career. We had no idea that it could possibly get any worse than that, but after seeing this picture, we suppose that it really can.

We've been frustrated. In fact, we've been in a varying state of frustration since high school. But we can't imagine how being bombarded with all of that middle school ignorance must be hard on a person. To this fed up teacher we say, run like the wind.

2 Likes can't pay for this

Taking pictures for your social media accounts is all well and good, but damaging other peoples' property without their consent, even if it was all just an accident? Probably not the best strategy.

Social media attention is fab, but it don't pay the bills.

These girls, with their hockey masks and their fancy bloodstained clothes, probably think they're hot stuff. And maybe this stunt went over really well with their followers, and we're happy for them and all, but in spite of what those spam posts would like you to believe, no amount of likes will make the Tooth Fairy come down from heaven to fix this car.

1 The only fitness goal anyone should have

Joining a gym is a great idea! Being fit and healthy sure is fantastic! Who wouldn't want to get up every day and feel strong and amazing?! Boy, howdy, we just can't say enough good things about getting sweaty on germ-covered equipment that a million people have gotten sweaty on before us!

Alright, okay, so we don't go to the gym. So sue us. Working out isn't for everybody, even though it should be. And if somebody can figure out how to create a lazy person-friendly workout plan like this guy's, we might just sign up for a gym membership for the first time in our lives.

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