"By Age 35" Meme Is Taking Over Millennial Tweeters

An article written by MarketWatch has explained to people how much money they should have saved by age 35, and it has sparked a brand new meme online.

People tend to worry about a lot of things. It's in our nature. The weather, our jobs, our families. Sometimes it feels as if as soon as we're finished worrying about one thing, the next worry rears its ugly head. While we likely share a lot of our worries with the rest of the world, one of the most common topics that often weighs heavy on most of our minds is money.

For some, money (or lack of it) is a bigger issue than others, but in one way or another, we worry about it. MarketWatch didn't help that earlier this year when they published their now famous article. Apparently, by age 35, one should have saved somewhere around twice their annual salary.

Saving two full years of wages by one's mid-30s is easier said than done for most, and ever since the article resurfaced recently it has become wildly popular on social media. Some of the responses to the story have been hilarious with people detailing other things someone should have down by the age of 35. That includes everything from a having a drawer full of useless cables to the food item that millennials supposedly spend all their money on, avocado toast.

Some of the tweets that have come off the back of the article are all too relatable. Having "at least one fork in your cutlery drawer that you just don’t like, and actively frown at if you accidentally grab it" is one of those instances where we thought we were the only ones, but apparently not. Being constantly reminded that the 1990s ended a lot longer than ten years ago is something else we are all too aware of.

When people read an article like the one published in MarketWatch they probably panic and start questioning what exactly it is they are doing with their lives. That's why it's nice to see (and frankly a relief) that the information has become a meme. We can understand that in reality, most people are in the same boat as us.

If you are 35 or younger and have twice your annual salary saved up, good for you. If not, well, welcome to the club.


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