10 Cake-Decorating Tips That Will Impress Your Guests

Everyone loves cake. It's impossible not to: fluffy layers, rich buttercream icing, and endless flavor possibilities. When you see a cake that has been decorated to the nines, it basically becomes a piece of art. It's truly amazing what some people can do.

You might not be sure if you can pull off a cake decorating feat on your own, but you totally can. All you need are a few helpful tips and before you know it, you'll be a pro and your friends won't believe it. Here are 10 cake-decorating tips that will definitely impress your guests (and you'll impress yourself, too).

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10 All You Need Is A Spoon For The Icing

Pinterest/Sally's Baking Addiction

When you buy a cake from a fancy bakery or order a slice from your favorite restaurant, the icing looks completely professional. It's perfection. You almost don't want to eat it for fear of messing it up... but of course, you're going to eat it. Come on. It's cake.

This tip from Epicurious is helpful: use a spoon and make stripes to frost your cake. It'll look really good and won't be tough to do, so even if you're not confident with your cake decorating skills yet, you will be.

9 This Icing Idea Is Great, Too


There are tons of ways to ice a cake. You definitely want the easiest one, especially if friends are coming over and you have a lot to do.

This idea from Sweet C's Designs uses icing that you can buy from the grocery store, which makes things even easier. You'll need to microwave it, so it's in liquid form and then pour the icing over your cake in a circular motion. You'll need to repeat the process a couple times before your cake is completely covered.

8 Make Healthy Food Coloring For Your Frosting


You probably want to color your icing because colored icing is beautiful and will definitely impress your guests. Instead of using food coloring, you can make your own and it'll be healthier, too.

This recipe from Minimalist Baker shows you how to use beet juice to make pink frosting. This would be perfect for birthday cakes and pink frosting would look gorgeous on a chocolate cake, or if you're baking a strawberry-flavored cake, it's nice to keep the pink going. Your guests will be really impressed that you not only made the cake, but you made colored icing, too.

7 Make Pretty Buttercream Flowers

Pinterest/The Sweet Spot

Yes, you can make buttercream flowers and use them to decorate your cake. Yes, it might take some effort, but it's not totally impossible.

Using this tip from The Food Network, you can make flowers by putting the icing you made into a piping bag and swirling it onto a chopstick. Before you know it, you'll have something that looks like a flower, and you can decorate your cake with as many as you want.

6 Start With A Sheet Cake And Create A Fun Design


This cake decorating tip comes from Reddit: if you want to create a fun design out of cake, it's a good idea to start with a large sheet cake. Those are really simple to bake, and there are tons of recipes online.

All you have to do is carefully cut your sheet cake into the pattern that you want. If you want, you can even make a bigger sheet cake and then cut it in half to make a layered cake. Then you can frost the cake, adding any designs you want.

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5 Skip The Frosting And Make A Chocolate Glaze


Sure, cakes that are perfectly frosted look super great and professional, and almost too good to eat, but cakes with a glaze look just as good. You can't get any better than a chocolate glaze.

All Recipes has a simple chocolate glaze recipe that doesn't have a ton of ingredients. All you need is butter, corn syrup, vanilla extract, and semisweet chocolate chips. Once you melt all your ingredients, you can pour your glaze over your cake. Your guests will be impressed because it looks fancy and delicious. Yum.

4 Make Chocolate Curls To Top Your Cake


Thanks to The Frugal Girls, you can make chocolate curls and put them on top of any cake that you make. Of course, chocolate seems like a logical choice, but they would look cool on anything.

This recipe involves a chocolate bar and a peeler, it is affordable and simple. The best part about this is your friends will be amazed by your super decorating skills, but you'll know that it was simple. This is a cake decoration tip fit for a bakery, but you'll be doing it at home.

3 Keep Things Simple Without Frosting


One trend in cake decorating would be cakes that don't have any frosting on them. While at first that might sound kind of sad since everyone loves frosting, the cakes are anything but sad. They are beautiful.

The best way to do this is to make a layered cake, which is easy since you'll just bake two to three cakes. On top of each layer of cake, you can put a thin layer glaze or layer of frosting. You won't put a layer of frosting on the top of the cake, but you can dust it with icing sugar or decorate it with fruits.

2 Arrange Fruit In A Cool, Pretty Pattern


It's common to serve fruit along with dessert, but there's no reason why you can't put the fruit on your dessert. If you're looking for an easy way to decorate your cake, you can arrange some fruit in a cool pattern.

You can do anything that you want: make a circle, make a star shape, make a heart, or arrange it in an off-kilter way like in this photo from Pinterest. Your guests will love it.

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1 Cookies Are Always A Good Idea


Cake is good. Cookies are good. So it makes sense that these two things would go together. Why not decorate your cake with some cookies, like in this Cookies and Cream Cake by Taste of Home?

You'll make a cake and put Oreo cookies on top, which sounds like a genius idea. This cake would work for any occasion since Oreos are always delicious. The recipe uses Oreos on top of the cake and crushed Oreos inside. Double the cookies, double the delicious factor.

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