California Is Drought-Free For The First Time In 7 Years And It's Caused A Beautiful 'Superbloom'


California is without drought for the first time in 7 years and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous.

It might be hard to remember the last time you didn’t need to restrict your water usage in California. That’s because the whole freakin’ state has been suffering from drought for the past 7 years. Blame climate change for that one.

That whole lack of adequate rainfall has caused water restrictions across the state, with farmers strictly rationing their rain to do what they can for their crops. It’s also caused terrible wildfires to rage that have devastated towns and left entire swaths of California without any trees at all.

But then the rains came. According to the Los Angeles Times, unusually high rainfall over the winter months has replenished California’s water reserves. Lakes and reservoirs are now filled with the life-giving liquid, and snowpacks are at levels not seen in a decade.

So come Spring, the National Drought Mitigation Center reports that California is completely drought free.

Something else has also happened as a result of these unseasonably wet rains. A very specific and special combination of precipitation, wildfires, and lengthy draughts has caused what scientists call a “superbloom.”

A superbloom happens usually once every ten years and only happens when there’s enough rain to wake up all the dormant wildflower seeds, but no so much rain that they get carried away in flash floods. It also can’t get too cold, or too warm, and it has to have been dry enough that invasive grasses and other plants are all beaten back down to make room for the wildflowers.

When all these conditions align, a superbloom happens. And it is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see.

Social media accounts have been posting their superbloom images to the collecting awe of their followers. Some of these images look like so good they’re almost fake or taken out of some video game trying to portray the Elysium Fields or something.

Sadly, superblooms are becoming even rarer in California as droughts last longer and the rains sometimes don’t ever come. These images might be some of the last superblooms ever recorded, so drink it in while you can.


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