Call Of Duty: 20 Things We Want Fixed In Modern Warfare

If you’ve ever played Call of Duty, you’d be forgiven for bursting with excitement over the recent Modern Warfare trailer reveal. Seemingly free of relics from the past and high tech weaponry from the future, Modern Warfare does what it does best by dumping players into a host of hostile environments that reflect the current climate.

Call of Duty is one of the most influential first-person shooters of all time. It is known for its white knuckle warfare and nail-biting combat. It is, however, not without its flaws. The newest version of Modern Warfare, at face value, looks like a game that has been developed with fans of the series in mind. Nonetheless, it’s the perfect time to reflect on past Modern Warfare games and take stock of past problems we hope they have addressed.

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20 Improved Level Design

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A lot of criticism surrounding Call of Duty is relative to the series' linear level design. Sure, they give you a space to move around in, but your movement is nowhere near as free as games like Far Cry 5. In the upcoming Modern Warfare, we’d love to see better use of vertical space and more emphasis on variations for height and terrain.

19 Faster Reloading And Throwing Speed

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Two things that make you feel like you’re going through basic training in the army are reloading speed and throwing grenades. Both of these are slow and clumsy in a realistic sort of way and that’s obviously how they intended it to be, but when you’re caught up in a frantic battle, it doesn’t really cut it.

18 Longer Single Player Campaigns

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Recently we’ve seen a bit of a backlash against games who heavily focus on multiplayer and leave their single player fans out in the cold. A 6-hour campaign like we saw in Modern Warfare 2 is no longer acceptable. With the latest trailer for Modern Warfare, it seems like Activision is taking in a different direction and we hope they remember that some of their fans are single players too!

17 Better Plot And Deeper Storytelling

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We haven’t really seen any controversial twists that left our jaws on the floor since the airport mission in Modern Warfare 2. Since then, the series has favored over the top action and plot-lines that require gamers to check their brains at the load-out screen. The action scenes are immensely satisfying, but why can’t we have both?

16 No More ‘Where Do I Go’ Moments

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Although the levels are quite linear in Call of Duty, there are still plenty of opportunities to get lost if you’re not focused on a landmark or giant mech robot that needs to be taken out. This means you can be scrambling around in the edge of a forest, far away from the action and where you need to be. These are annoying moments that really break the pace of the gameplay.

15 Less Generic Mission Briefings

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The way the story is narrated through generic mission briefings at the start of every mission is nothing more than lazy scriptwriting. You know the type, a deep voice lays out your objectives while you watch some kind of digitized map showing important landmarks that you immediately forget. We have our fingers crossed that Activision put a bit more thought into this aspect this time around.

14 Better Character Development

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While we’re reflecting on the story, some better character development wouldn’t go astray either. How is Makarov able to start a coup without the international community noticing? Why was there no evidence linking him to the massacre? Are we really just supposed to believe it all vanished when Allen passed? These cause us to never really become attached to the characters. Even Price, the franchise's once mascot, was lacking in development.

13 Variety Of Ways To Complete Missions

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After playing a game like Far Cry 5 you realize how much better Modern Warfare would be if players could leverage different strategies as they wanted. We’re never really given an option to analyze a difficult situation and plan an attack. While the simple action is exactly what some players love about the series, we can’t help wondering when Call Of Duty is going to grow up a bit.

12 Team Tactics

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Similarly, it would be amazing if you could direct members of your team to perform certain tasks like reconnaissance or providing covering fire or boosting vehicles to gain an advantage. For the most part, the main character is reduced to doing what they’re told, and the strategy doesn’t leave any room for planning how to manage co-players.

11 Less Server Outages

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Barely a month goes by when server outages take the game offline. These outages have affected players worldwide and have been caused by a variety of issues from DDOS attacks to Negative 345 Silver Wolf error codes. The frequency of outages seems to be getting worse through 2019 and, hopefully, they can be resolved before Modern Warfare is released in October.

10 Drop The Morality Lessons

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Even before its release, there have been articles in the mainstream media, questioning if the game should even be made. For the most part, Call of Duty has traditionally steered itself away from political correctness without upsetting too many people but after the backlash that EA faced for Battlefield 5, we can only hope Call of Duty doesn’t stray too far from its path.

9 Let PC Owners Use Controllers

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With cross-platform gaming promised between home consoles and PC, it will be interesting to see how they balance out advantages such as no auto-aiming with the mouse. To achieve this, however, they are doing away with season passes so databases aren’t fragmented. It remains to be seen if these will be replaced somehow by loot boxes instead.

8 Reduced Pixelation

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There is no denying that the Call of Duty is graphically stunning for the most part, but it has suffered from a problem of pixilation occurring on shadows and in dimly lit areas. A pretty common complaint about Modern Warfare 2 was that it was surprisingly blurry, even at lower graphical settings on PC.

7 Actions and Choices Should Have Consequences

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War is never simple and it’s not just a case of good guys vs bad guys anymore. The tightly scripted stories we see in Call of Duty never leave the player any chance for choice, and then seeing what flow on the effect their actions have later in the game. For the most part, the story is predictable and opening up player options would greatly increase replayability.

6 Fix Franchise Fatigue

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With Call of Duty being released every year since 2004, to say some gamers are dealing with franchise fatigue is a massive understatement. What's worse is some releases just look like the $60 update to a game that came out two years ago. There is only so much running and shooting to be done before even the most diehard fans turn away.

5 Dramatically Improved Graphics

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When you’re watching a gameplay video of any Call of Duty game, it’s often easy to forget which title it’s from. A lot of the games look similar graphically with only minor updates telling them apart. The new Modern Warfare trailer is promising and looks like Activision is taking a more gritty approach to the look of the game. We are quietly optimistic.

4 It Needs To Please Fans, Not Just Reviewers

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Game reviewers are a strange bunch. A game can be technically excellent but lacking in that fun factor and critics will still score it highly. We have seen this with other Call Of Duty games before and Modern Warfare 3 almost broke the community in half. Activision will need to remember who they are making their games for if they want to continue their success.

3 Deliver New Experiences

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There’s only so much to be done in a first-person shooter. The challenge for Call of Duty is to be able to present the gameplay in a way that seems fresh and exciting. Modern Warfare 3 just felt like a cash cow and it was apparent that a lot of corners were cut. They have shown themselves to be innovative in the past and, hopefully, a contemporary setting can inspire the game designers.

2 Greater Variety Of Guns

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It’s always exciting to pick up dropped guns and test out every new weapon but players soon settle on one or two favorites. This has typically been the situation in multiplayer mode as well with most players' favorite being an ACR or its variant, as well as a shotgun for their primary weapon. The gunplay in Call of Duty has always been spectacular so hopefully they give us some new toys to play with.

1 Tone Down The Ridiculousness

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From the look of the trailer, this might have already been resolved, but given how little we’ve seen, we can’t say for sure. Instead of playing out like a highlight reel of action movies, it would be a refreshing change of pace to go back to a dark, gritty shooter that portrays war in a more accurate light.

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