It's Called Fashion, Look It Up (20 Photos)

Fashion: it’s an ever-changing cycle that affects all of us in different ways. While some of us thrive with contemporary, experimental fashion, others prefer the jeans-and-a-shirt look. The nice thing about fashion is that there’s so many different facets of it. We can always find something that speaks to us, no matter what wacky style is strutting down the runways.

It seems like no matter where we turn, there’s a different component of fashion making waves in the world. These people, however, are in a league all their own. These are the fashionistas that have trendsetting style second to no one. We love their bright colors, their mix-and-match patterns and their lack of care for what other people think.

The best part? We’re not even sure if this is real fashion. Some of these styles are just so ridiculous we can’t tell if it’s really fashion or just really, really bad. From the aisles of Walmart to the seats on the subway, these are the people who are done caring what other people think. They’re trying to make these trends happen and we have to applaud their attempts. People can't market something to the masses until they show it off, right?

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20 Just because he coordinated his underwear doesn't mean he should show it off

Ducks on the shorts? It just makes sense to coordinate them with the ducks on the underwear. The neon green shirt is a bold choice, as it doesn’t really connect to the rest of the outfit. If he wanted to bring the ducks into the rest of his style, we might recommend a shirt that’s got a white or dark blue tone. At least those would match the duck color palette! As he stands now, though, he’s proud of his duck pattern. He’s showing it off, no matter how inappropriate the style is. Maybe he’s of the opinion that boxers are just like shorts. While we don’t agree, there’s no denying that it’s a bold choice.

19 That's not what we meant by "jean jacket"

Jean jackets have been a fashion staple for years. Everyone loves a good jean jacket! Whether it’s a tight-fitting crop or a jean trench coat, there’s a denim staple to suit even the quirkiest of styles. That’s why we’re less inclined to support this bold fashion statement. There are more than enough jean jacket styles out there that this person could have found something they liked at the store. They didn’t have to resort to actual jeans! We’re also skeptical about the warmth factor of those flares. Seems breezy, doesn’t it? Maybe they should have left the upcycling to someone else, and just grabbed a fashionable jacket somewhere else.

18 Good news! The holiday troll is here!

Have you ever heard of Troll dolls? They’re these little plastic creatures that have huge, brightly colored tufts of hair on the top of their heads. Sometimes they have jewels in their tummies and sometimes they’re just straight-up solid plastic.

This dude is giving us major Troll doll vibes; so much so that we kind of want to check his bellybutton for a glittering gem.

The hair is really what’s inspiring this comparison, as the tinsel is throwing us off. Why was this his chosen accessory? Maybe it’s the holiday season. All we can say is that we hope you’ve been good this year, kids.

17 This person who is engulfed in fashion

What happens when fashion goes too far? It sounds like a bad reality TV episode that you stumble across on YouTube in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, this isn’t television. This person is giving us a fashion overload with their gigantic fur jacket. We’re surprised that they only take up one seat on the subway; it looks like that jacket could easily take up a whole row to itself. We’re not saying that it’s an entity unto itself. We are saying that it’s a very robust jacket, and might just be going too far. While we want to support these boundary-pushing fashionistas, this might just be going too far.

16 The furry outfits just keep getting better

Nevermind what we said in the last post. This is definitely taking fake fur clothing too far. While the jacket we just looked at was ridiculously oversized, this fur bodysuit is even worse. While it seems to fit this person just fine, it’s not exactly what we’d call a fashionable outfit.

This kid looks like they could have been in The Revenant rather than riding the bus.

Don’t get jealous, now, DiCaprio. You earned that bodysuit made of fur. This kid probably bought it at the costume store during Halloween and just took the horns and hooves off of it.

15 Can't decide what to wear? This skin-tight unicorn outfit will solve all your problems

OK, we know that this probably wasn’t a regular, everyday fashion choice. This seems more like someone who’s at an event and wants to strut their stuff. While we understand there was probably a reason behind this outfit, we genuinely dislike the fact that someone’s wearing this. The yellow is a gross color that reminds us more of baby blankets than horse bodies. The mask is a little unsettling as well, especially when you stare right into its eye. The human hands and flip-flops aren’t helping either. However, using the flip-flops to mimic horse hooves? Genius. Remember that when it comes time for Halloween.

14 These guys are taking hipster to the new level

Are you familiar with hipster fashion? It basically consists of wearing thrifted goods, hand-me-downs, hand-crafted items or anything else that you think is cool and expresses your style. These guys look like the epitome of hipster fashion, even if they seem to be taking it a little too far.

Not only do they have the bare feet happening, but all four of them are wearing artisan, crocheted body suits.

Some of them even have crochet accessories, like the dude with the hat. This is clearly the next level of hipster fashion. We’re excited to watch the rest of the quirky 20-somethings in this world pick up this crochet mantle and wear it with pride; it really does look like fashion!

13 Nothing says love like wearing your partner all over your shirt

Love is a powerful emotion. It makes us do wacky and wild things, even if we don’t want to. Sometimes love goes so far as to convince us to wear our partner’s face on our clothes. While some people might do this as a “His & Hers” (or any variation on that) joke, others seem to wear it entirely seriously. Take, for example, this person. We’re not sure why this face is repeated all over their shirt, but we’re guessing only the extreme emotion of true love could have inspired it. It’s not a terrible shirt; the fabric looks nice and cozy, and it seems to fit them well. It’s just the pattern that we’re really not into.

12 It's totally "swagalicious" baby

Look at this cool dude! He looks totally swagalicious, as his shirt says. This is a word that can only describe the truly fashionable. Not only does it imply someone who’s got swag, but the idea of being delicious comes to mind too.

While we wouldn’t go so far as to call this guy delicious, he’s got to have swag to pull off this shirt.

No doubt this guy got this as a gift and decided to embrace it. We love the fact that he’s trying to make this word cool. While he’s not succeeding in our eyes, you never know when it could appear in the next fashion runway show.

11 These shoes could have been cute...

If “cute” means leftover tire rubber pressed into the shape of a high heel. Don’t get us wrong: she doesn’t look bad. She’s got lovely legs that carry the shape of the shoe well. We love people who are brave enough to rock alternative fashions as well. Unfortunately, the fabric that the shoes are made out of is questionable at best. They look like old tire rubber that’s been buffed to a slight shine. In case you can’t tell, we don’t really think this could be called fashion. It’s definitely a bold choice, though, and maybe it would look better without the casual jeans underneath.

10 This person who looks a little like the '90s come back to life

Every single trend you can think of has been placed on top of this person. We say “placed” because we have a hard time believing that anyone would willingly put all of these style choices on at once. Not only do we have a metallic tube top, but we’ve got a pair of ridiculous blue pants.

The outfit gets better with ski goggles and gold bracelets, proving that you can rock any accessory if you’re confident enough.

There’s just something about this outfit that makes us think of famous fashion trends from decades past. We can’t blame this person for trying to bring the trends back. Every fashion trend comes back eventually, after all.

9 This jean bodysuit has us confused on a lot of levels

Have you ever been to Forever 21, H&M, or Urban Outfitters and seen the display of jeans that seem to be made of more holes than fabric? That’s the vibe we’re getting from this jean bodysuit. We’re confused by it for a few reasons. Namely, who wants to dress in what’s essentially a body bag made of thick denim. We’re also confused about why they decided to remove a whole quarter of jean material on the front part of the pants. Was it just for the ventilation? If that’s the case, we think they’d be better off just taking the suit off. Trust us: no one’s going to miss it.

8 Did this person trap these animals? Or are these tails from Claire's?

The recent rise and fall of fake animal tail keychains was an event that many people watched with great interest. Nobody really liked these fake tails. They looked weird on a backpack and even weirder worn on people’s belt loops. It’s no surprise that the fashion-forward amongst us are trying to bring them back, though.

Even the ugliest trends get their time in the sun during this cyclical thing that we can fashion.

This person has upped the ante on animal tails, as we’re not sure if they caught these on their own, or if they bought them from Claire’s! There’s something about the hat that’s making us think these could be homegrown.

7 When you love ice cream and don't care who knows

What’s the best food in the world? Ice cream. Everyone loves this creamy, sweet miracle of a dessert. Dress it up any way you want or just have it plain; both ways are delicious. While it’s true that not everyone loves ice cream, the majority of us would call ourselves fans. This person has gained super fan status, however, with their public display of ice cream love. You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Now watch someone wear their love on their head! You need to be a huge fan to wear an ice cream hat. We think that this person has definitely earned the title of ice cream super fan. Keep rocking that hat, kid!

6 Steampunk wizard in the HOUSE

There’s just something about fur that makes people with questionable fashion appear. All of the sudden we’ve gone from noticing fairly tame fashion faux pas to fake fur and goggles as far as the eye can see.

We decided to call this trendsetter the steampunk wizard simply because there’s no other way to describe him.

The big hat and the ground-sweeping coat add an element of grandiosity to him. We could easily picture him riding a mechanically-powered flying broom rather than the subway. It just seems so out of place to see him sitting there. We guess even wizards need to take public transit sometimes.

5 This person who just oozes fashion

Even their dog is fashionable! We wish we could pull off style like this. Luckily for us, this person is here to help us vicariously fulfill our fashion dreams. Not only is this person rocking a highly fashionable color palette (grey) but they’re also wearing a hat that’s absolutely weird enough to be considered cutting-edge fashion. It seems like the stranger something is, the more people call it fashion. While the hat looks like a bunch of crumpled up newspaper, it’s actually the biggest trend since blue jeans. At least, that’s what this person must be thinking in order to wear it out in public!

4 When your undercut decides to go extra

What do you do when you go in asking for a funky undercut refresh, and you end up walking out with something like this? We would cry, but we’re not the person in the photo. For all we know, this person really wanted their hair cut like that. We wouldn’t be surprised if they brought in a hand-drawn picture of exactly what they wanted to be shaved into the back of their head. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best choice style-wise.

We don’t know what this person was thinking, as that undercut has turned into a full-on Easter egg.

We thought we would have been more likely to see this sitting in a basket of chocolate (rather than on the back of someone’s head)!

3 When the emo phase just keeps hanging on

Her outfit says, “I’m a tired mom but a fun mom.” The coral is a great color for her, and we love the bedazzling around the collar of the shirt. It really draws attention to her face, which we’re sure would be gorgeous if we could see it. It’s a little tricky right now because it seems like her late-2000s emo haircut is still hanging on. The home-cut side bangs are dangling just a little too far down for it to feel like an adult haircut. The Manic Panic blue also screams, “you don’t understand me Mom” rather than “I am your mom.” We’re not saying adults can’t have blue hair. But maybe it should be done by someone else next time.

2 This guy is the epitome of indecision

Camouflage and a neon jacket? Talk about opposition! There’s no way this high-visibility jacket is actually being paired with a set of camo pants. What job do you have that requires you to not only own both these things but requires you to wear both of them at the same time?

It’s just ridiculous.

Camouflage is typically used to keep yourself hidden. It’s totally opposite to the purpose of the high-visibility jacket. Neon yellow is NOT a subtle color, making this outfit really stand out. The reflective tape might be safe, but it’s not our first choice of accessory for camo pants. Sigh. At least everyone can see this fashion choice coming a mile away...the top half of it, anyway.

1 In the end, you know these outfits are all totally hot

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We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at all of the hottest fashion trends that have been spotted. While these up-and-coming styles might take awhile to appear in a Hot Topic near you, it’s fun to get a sneak peek before they hit the shelves. These fashionistas are true trendsetters and you should count yourself as lucky. You got to experience these looks before anyone else in the world could. Honestly? We hope you got a good laugh. These people might have thought these outfits were total fashion, but you can clearly see they’re not. Don’t make the same mistakes these people did and you’ll be looking cool and stylish in no time.

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