'It's Called Fashion, Sweaty. Look It Up': 24 Photos

We all love a good meme. Who doesn't?! They can say exactly what we're thinking or what we wish that we could say. And when they deal with something we can all relate to or something that is making a pop-culture splash, it's even better. Sometimes memes catch on super quickly and before we know it, everyone has heard of one and it can feel like we're the only ones not in the know. If we show it to a friend, we get a response along the lines of, "Yeah, of course, haven't seen that yet?"

In the case of the "It's called fashion, look it up" memes, a fashion blogger named Nicky Ottav is the one who came up with that line. He appeared on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live and said this line about a photo of a model with a watermelon where his head should have been (thanks to some photo editing, that is). People definitely are loving this line, that's for sure.

It's time to take a look at some hilarious instances when this phrase totally and completely applies. Here are 25 photos that make us say "It's called fashion sweaty, look it up."

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24 Who Doesn't Wear These Kinds Of Shoes?!

It's tough to imagine wearing these types of shoes, let alone going into a store and picking them out, so it makes sense that these shoes make people want to say, "It's called fashion, sweetie."

At first glance, it looks like this guy is wearing toe socks with flip-flops and sneakers... but that would be impossible to wear, wouldn't it? Can someone really wear socks that are basically shoes and then with two types of shoes on top of that?

Okay, looking at this meme more carefully, it seems like the case has been cracked. These are toe socks that look like sneakers plus flip-flops. Okay. Phew. We figured it out.

23 Milk Cartons: Not Just For Drinking Anymore

Does one ever want to wear milk cartons on their feet instead of shoes? It seems like a good way to save money on footwear, no? Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a pair of sneakers or sandals, one can just go to the nearest grocery store and buy two milk cartons. What would it cost, $10 at most?

Sure, one does have to be a bit crafty, so this style would involve cutting holes in the milk cartons to put those feet in. And it does seem like this would be a bit uncomfortable and hard to walk in. And then there's the fact that it looks like one has milk cartons on their feet... How is this dude not embarrassed?

22 A New Kind Of Hat

Hats are tricky business.

There are two types of people: those who look amazing in hats and those who, um, might have trouble finding hats that truly fit, to put it delicately. Sometimes baseball caps are too large or wide and fedoras are too small. It's just hard.

This is definitely a new kind of "hat" and not something that we usually see.

Many of us have never seen something like this before — especially on the streets. If you wanted to say "It's called fashion" when looking at this hat, it would be the perfect time. It looks like it's made of wires or something and it's got mouse ears, too. It's a lot to take in...

21 Those Are Colorful AF

We all love a good sneaker. They are comfy, easy to walk in, and there are such awesome styles out there for all! You might not choose to buy a sneaker that has rainbow-colored fur on it. That seems logical. And that's mainly because you don't have many outfits that would match these bad boys.

Even when you see them from every angle—which we can see from the bottom of this meme—we can agree that they are a bit much. Whoever owns these shoes would probably get a lot of comments from friends and even from strangers if we wore these. They would for sure get a lot of attention...

20 Pigeon Heels

These are literally high heels that were made to look like pigeons. That's something that I would never expect to see in my life. People don't tend to love pigeons, though.

Pigeons are those birds everyone tells you to stay away from, considering how dirty they are.

If there was a perfect example of the "It's called fashion, look it up," I would have to say that these shoes fit that category. There are just so many flaps... And the back of the shoes even have little pigeon feet. It's a lot to look at. All I can say is that if someone wore these somewhere, they would get a ton of comments.

19 An Easy Every Day Look

Rompers are a thing these days. So are bodysuits. So the ensemble above takes that to another level and is like a really, really low bodysuit that is also full-sleeved and not super form-fitting. Okay, it's not form-fitting at all. It also looks like a bodysuit that uses the trend of harem pants (which are lower in front).

I guess I just don't really get it.

The thing is, this isn't super flattering, and that's why it's a perfect example of the phrase "It's called fashion, look it up." It also doesn't look all that comfortable, and while many of us do want to be stylish, we all care about comfort. It's hard not to. We've all worn something that was cute but not comfy and paid the price.

18 Seems Accurate

This is a flawless way to describe these fashions: Dr. Seuss meets Alice in Wonderland. I love it. I also love those staples of our childhood, so this is also kind of nostalgic in a way, and that's always a sweet thing.

Sometimes it can be really eye-opening to look at high-fashion runway looks.

But other times, we get something like this; where we're not sure what to say or how we're supposed to respond. These might be fun to look at, but can people really wear these outfits in their daily life? It seems like the answer would be no, but hey, maybe someone really would.

17 Kermit The Fashionable Frog

Of all the celebs out there, Lady Gaga is definitely known for her quirky and artistic outfits. She seems to really enjoy wearing those kinds of things when she has an event or party to attend. And we all love seeing what she's come up with. It's fun to keep us guessing!

Aside from loving Gaga, many of us also love Kermit the Frog, since he was a big deal when we were growing up. But I think it's safe to say that most of us wouldn't wear a dress like this... Tons of Kermit the Frog stuffed animals on a dress? I can be honest about the fact that I would not be caught wearing this.

I love Lady Gaga, but we can see the whole "It's called fashion" thing being relevant here.

16 These Shoes And Socks Are Lit

Just like memes, there are certain slang words that become part of the culture and are things that people say all the time. We learn to adapt. Saying that something is "lit" is definitely one of them. And, well, that's a word that comes to mind when it comes to this sock and shoe combination.

There are some patterns that just don't seem to work when combined, and this seems to be an example of that.

Also, people tend to not love wearing really high socks with sandals... or socks with sandals in general, of course. It's not a very popular style to wear.

15 The Eyes Have It

There's something about this style that looks like an outfit for the ski slopes. Maybe it's the things coming out of her sleeves that kind of remind of us of ski poles. Or maybe it's the headband. No — it's the shoes. Okay so maybe all those might contribute to that feeling.

The eyes all over the outfit take it over-the-top, though.

It's needless to say that no one is going to wear this skiing or anywhere else, really. It's not a practical outfit and that's why it fits into the "It's called fashion, look it up" category of memes. It's definitely original. I don't think you'd ever forget seeing something like this.

14 Sleeping Beauty

This seems like a practical joke, no? Do you want to go from your bed to your office, running errands, or whatever you have on the agenda for the day in seconds? Do you not want to have to change clothes or worry about your appearance? Then this is perfect for you! It's like you're wearing your bed.

It's hard not to think of Sleeping Beauty when looking at this outfit.

It's also hard not to think that it looks like a dress made out of a sleeping bag. This woman totally looks ready for a nap at any time or day, right?! It's even got a built-in pillow. Again, talk about practical. Not enough clothing is practical when you think about it.

13 Dog Days Of Fashion

Okay, this dog is awesome. Talk about a pooch that's way too cool for school. Just by looking at its little sunglasses makes me realize he's cooler than every other dog I've see in my adult life.

I can just picture this dog literally thinking the "It's called fashion, sweetie. Look it up" meme. I'm not dog whisperer, but it could happen. And it would be truly hilarious. If only we really could hear what dogs were thinking. And if only we could have full-on discussions with dogs! That would be amazing. (Now I'm going to be sad about this...) This dog totally thinks that its fashionable, and who are we to argue?!

12 Lettuce Hats Are All The Rage

Lettuce is a vegetable, and therefore, it's not something that you really wanna wear. I would never make a dress out of lettuce or put it on my head as a hat... And yet, that's what's happening in this meme. A lettuce hat. Hmmm.

It's hard not to at least smile at this, though.

I mean, come on, a lettuce hat?! What is happening here?! It's not like this would offer protection from the sun or anything like that, which seems to be the point of a lot of hats, like baseball caps and fedoras. This is pretty confusing, though, especially since she seems to be on public subway.

11 Dogs In Sunglasses Are Always Cute

It's impossible not to look at this and think, "Awww, these dogs are super cute." We all love dogs (whether they're super cute or the ugly kind of cute). And since every dog is adorable, that's kind of an oxymoron.

This meme is awesome and hilarious since it's more about these stylish dogs looking at other people and being like, "It's called fashion, sweetie."

Do you think that our dogs are judging our clothing choices? Maybe they think that we just don't know how to dress ourselves. It's something to think about for sure. They might have some amazing fashion advice, we just never get to actually talk to them... (Or we talk to them, but they don't exactly talk back.)

10 Winter Wonderland

Yup, even dogs have days where they're not wearing the most stylish outfit or looking like the most fashionable pet ever. Maybe other dogs talk about it amongst themselves and it's a whole thing. (That would be kind of cool...)

Dogs probably judge the heck out of dogs who wear clothes. They ALREADY have clothes naturally. 

This dog's owner probably didn't want their paws to get cold while they were walking through this winter wonderland, which I totally get. That would explain those super tall, boots (and not to mention that cozy hat). Maybe another dog walked by them and thought, "It's called fashion, sweetie."

I mean, if a fellow dog didn't think that, I certainly did.

9 Mixing Patterns

Who says that you can't mix patterns?! This dog is definitely doing that and trying to be stylish. They've got a full polka dotted bodysuit on that kind of looks like a leopard print, and then they've got some kind of scarf that is striped around their poor neck.

Something tells me this dog is warm enough..

It's definitely hilarious to apply the whole "It's called fashion, sweetie, look it up" thing to dogs. Basically, a dog could be wearing anything and someone would make a meme with this phrase on it, and it automatically becomes awesome. This one is particularly great since the dog looks very earnest. (Can pets be earnest? I think so, right?)

8 Gotta Love Post-It Notes

Some of us probably have a bit of a Post-it note problem. Okay, so maybe I wouldn't call it a "problem," per se. I think Post-its are a good thing since they allow us to be organized. But other people would agree that it's gotten a bit out of control and we could stand to use a few less.

We don't need a Post-it to remind us to eat that day, do we?

This is some sort of glove with a bunch of bright green Post-it notes on it, and it doesn't exactly say "fashion." But it does say "It's called fashion, look it up," though, which is why this meme is pretty much perfection. It most definitely deserves to be with the best of the "It's called fashion" memes.

7 Back To The Future

Thinking about the future can be confusing.

I love to act like there are going to be flying cars and all kinds of technology that we can't even imagine one day. But is that really going to be the case? We do have technological advancements, but more along the lines of "you can rent a movie while sitting on your couch." Advancements for the lazy, really.

One thing's for sure, this is a futuristic look; from the sunglasses to the hairstyle. Maybe this is how people will dress and how they will accessorize in the year 3000. Hmmm. For now, though, all we have to say is "It's called fashion, look it up."

6 We Love You, Drake

Drake is amazing and popular in his own right. It's hard not to love his music and think that it's catchy every time we hear it on the radio, and if you put Drake into a meme that also says "It's called fashion," well, it's basically going to be a slam dunk. And this meme totally is.

What Drake meme isn't a slam dunk, right?

It's hilarious to see him shrugging off this t-shirt and not being the biggest fan of it. Drake is definitely a very fashionable celebrity, and I couldn't really picture him either wearing this t-shirt or thinking it was trendy or stylish.

(Okay, now I need to see more memes about Drake, please and thank you. That would be awesome.)

5 Subway Ride

You see all kinds of things when you take the subway or public transportation in general. Whether you commute to work, are heading to meet a friend out at night, or are traveling somewhere on the weekend... Subways are known for being very, um, colorful places.

Some people have rain jackets, other people wear trash bags.

Yeah, let's go with that.

It looks very futuristic or like something a quirky celebrity would wear when they want to surprise their fans at an event or when they're performing secretly. The material looks like the same that is used in garbage bags. But I honestly think it is just a garbage bag? I'm not really sure. I have some pending questions.

4 Interesting...

Now here's something that you really don't see every day. (Or ever.)

What's funny about this outfit is that, honestly, if you just looked at the dress and accessories, it would be totally fine.

It's the weird facial makeup and hair that totally ruins the look.

This white dress is pretty stylish and the gold necklace is interesting, and the purse is pretty cool, too. The beard and super pale makeup are what take this look from stylish to "It's called fashion, look it up." When people see this, that's what they're going to focus on. It's impossible not to stare for longer than totally necessary.

3 The Old Socks And Sandals Combo

We all know at least someone who wears socks and sandals together. Maybe they're a relative that we only see a few times a year at family gatherings or a summer barbecue. They just really seem to enjoy wearing this style, what else can I say?

Most of us might want to say "It's called fashion, look it up", though, which is exactly what's going on in this meme. But, well, that might not be the best way to approach it. Others might just have to smile and carry on with their regular conversation by ignoring this fashion flaw.

While it's funny in a meme, it's not that funny IRL, no matter how tempting it is to ask why they can't just wear either socks and sneakers or sandals with no socks.

2 Gloves For Shoes

It totally looks like this person is wearing rubber gloves; kind of like the kind that you use to garden in (if you have a green thumb, that is) or wash dishes (if you're not one of the lucky ones and don't have a dishwasher).

Have you ever been tempted to wear rubber gloves as shoes?

Maybe not... but it would be a pretty affordable swap.

I have to say that besides the fact that most people would probably say "It's called fashion" when looking at this photo, these gloves also look kind of uncomfortable. Shoes should totally be comfy, don't you think? (I'm totally trying this.)

1 That's Intense

As soon as I glanced at this meme, I thought that it was hilarious. It's just such an intense look on that man's face, and it's not something that anyone would wear in everyday life. Unless they work at a circus, that is.

This is also pretty funny since it's taking the "It's called fashion, look it up" thing to a whole other level since this is an over-the-top example.

I still think that it applies, though, and I still love this. Let's hope that when we see our friends and are wearing outfits that express our personal style, they don't look at us and think "It's called fashion" (but it could happen...).

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