Camo's Got Nothing On These 15 Stealthy People

If you are anything like me, then you would have done anything to have a twin in elementary school. Growing up with shows like Sister Sister, all I wanted was a twin to hang out with who knew me better than anyone else. Plus we could fool a few people here and there by pretending to be other people. There were so many benefits to twinning someone else when I was younger. Now that I’m older and am well aware that I do not—nor will I ever—have a twin, I learned to deal with it. However, that doesn’t mean that people don’t accidentally twin things. (Yes, I said things and not people.) Twinning other human beings can be incredibly hard, but twinning objects? It’s easier than you think.

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15 Strike A Pose


There is no way the parent to this child could have ever let them walk by this fire hydrant without taking a quick picture of the two.

When this little family left the house, their child was simply dressed for warmth. But by the end of the night, their child was simply dressed to twin fire safety items. It’s not every day we even recognize fire hydrants, to be honest. Aren’t they usually red? But in this case, a bright yellow and black fire hydrant is all the twinning this little kid needed. Their night is most certainly made because they probably thought it was hilarious. Kids find the smallest things absolutely hilarious, so I’m sure this little memory is going to be framed in their house somewhere. Who knows, maybe it will inspire them to be a fireman.

14 This Is Us


Truthfully, I would have said “This is me,” but who am I kidding? This woman is all of us. We all have responsibilities, but none of us necessarily want them. We love to thrive in our work and personal lives, but at the same time, we want that work to be easy. No one really enjoys working their butts off unless they’re getting paid a lot of money. Let’s keep it real here. If you’re working your tail off, day and night, for a thankless person, then you’re probably going to buy an outfit that matches the carpet so you can hide from your responsibilities.

Would I think it’s weird to see a person trying to blend into the carpet or wall? Kind of, but once I connected the dots, I would honestly try and help them hide a little bit more.

13 Similar But Different


This image is like one of those questions we were given in elementary school. It would be an image of five products. Each product is supposed to be found at the grocery store except one of them — which one is it? In this case, the question would be “This trunk is supposed to be hauling off plastic bags filled with goods. Which one doesn’t belong?” And in case you didn’t notice, there’s a man to the far right of the trunk that is wearing a shit that eerily matches the plastic bags.

I know plaid, stripes, and checkers are prints that will never really die, but who would’ve thought that they were so popular that we’d end up twinning them? Come to think of it, I’ve see a ton of bow ties in this exact print. So I guess designers can at least pair the men in bow ties with these plastic bags for an interesting ad campaign.

12 Mother Nature


It’s obvious this girl bought this swimsuit because she likes the beach. People usually buy bathing suits for the same purposes; the beach, the pool, a little tan, or the sauna. No one buys swimsuits to wear around the house, so for a swimsuit to be designed after the beach is normal. But I don’t think this girl intentionally thought she’d match her surroundings when she wore this bathing suit. Her torso matches the water and sky so well that she’s kind of invisible. She’s pretty much a girl with floating limbs. Truth be told, I’m surprised there aren’t more bathing suits like this; ones that can totally bled into sand or water. They would make for some pretty fantastic optical illusions when swimming or tanning. That’s for sure.



Have you ever noticed that public transportation has some of the worst interior designs known to man? Sure, they’re efficient in the means of transporting people from A to B, but in terms of design? They’re always sad. Buses, planes, and trains all smell the same. I can practically see the germs when someone coughs without covering their mouth. And don’t even get me started on the style of seat cushions. If they’re not hard and plastic, they’re awkwardly stiff, dusty, and have a print you’ve never seen before (and hope to never see again).

This woman probably thought she was buying a dress with an intricate design (maybe she’s a math teacher? That’s the vibe I’m getting from her), but as soon as she stepped on this bus — she is no longer a math teacher, she is the real life version of that bus seat.

10 What In The


This video game is clearly something MLB related. I like baseball but I’m not much of a gamer or know every single player well, so don’t judge me for not knowing who the eff is on this video game. Nevertheless, this kid walked past this game and took a double take. Is that me on that video game cover? Everything from the hair color, squinty eyes, and shape of his teeth matches perfectly. In fact, is the man holding this game actually the man on the cover!? Okay, probably not, but it’s still eerie to be twinning something so mainstream.

There used to be a little game back in the day where people would say which celebrity you most looked like. And I think it’s pretty safe to say this guy found his.

9 Trippy!


I’ve never been a fan of tights. Even when it’s freezing temperatures and I am forced to wear a dress, I will shave my little legs and hit the road. Tights have never fit me well. I’m so long and lanky that no matter if I’m standing or sitting, I am constantly adjusting myself, so I would much rather freeze my butt off then wear those things.

Now after seeing this post, I am even more positive that I will never wear tights. First off, that color stocking is incredibly difficult to make look good in the shoe department. This lady was ballsy for even wearing a beige color. I would have went for black. But if she went for black, then she would have never had this twinning moment, which would be a shame.

8 What In The...


You guys… Not only am I shook from seeing this man twin this painting, but I am also incredibly envious. The only reason I attend galleries or museums is for the hopes of accidentally twinning an oil painting. I want to be that chick that is staring another work of art when all of a sudden, people start whispering and pointing their fingers. Then when I look up to the next painting, it’s then that I see why everyone is whispering… I AM IN THE PAINTING! Ugh one could dream, right? This dude is quite obvious related to the man in the painting; they’re obviously the same person.

Can you imagine if this man decided to cut his hair? This magical twinning moment would have never happened!

7 I'm Creeped Out


Gum is one of those things that has always puzzled me. What exactly are we chewing and why are we chewing it? Aside from the sugar content, why do we get the urge to chew things? And why must those “things” be mint flavored? It’s all very questionable to me, nevertheless, I eat gum a whole lot more than I should. But for some reason, seeing this person’s fingernail matching a piece of gum makes me sick. The last thing I want to think about when I see gum (or anything I put in my mouth, really) is someone else’s fingernails. Nails are incredibly germ filled and the mental image of chewing them…. Hold on… I have to gag. Okay — all better. What was I saying? Oh yeah, I hate this twinning moment.

6 How Does This Happen


It’s twinning moments like these that really make me question everything in life. HOW do things like this happen? Blue, orange, and white are such an odd combination of colors for a shirt. So to see this woman’s shirt match this vitamin drink so perfectly, is mindblowing. Out of all the people in this store, this person bought this drink and was standing behind this person. The odds are incredible.

Also: I have to give a shout out to the people who see these twinning moments and take the moment to capture it. I am such a space cadette that I would have never put two and two together. Especially when I’m out shopping or running errands. I am so one-track minded in terms of getting stuff crossed off my list, that my mind doesn’t have the capacity to see these one-of-a-kind moments.

5 Flawless All Around


Even by just looking at this girl’s dress, I would have said she matches every couch in every grandmother’s home. Don’t get me wrong, though, I love her dress. I love soft floral prints, regardless if they look grandmotherish or not. Floral is floral and can be tasteful anywhere, okay!?

The chances of this girl wearing this dress while furniture shopping and matching a couch is probably low. But it happened. Here she is, sitting on the exact couch that matches her ensemble. Then again, one has to know that there are plenty of couches that are designed in a floral print. So these things probably happen from time to time, right? Luckily she has a good sense of humor and sat on the couch that matched her dress so well. What a moment.

4 It Happened Again!


Does anyone know the probability of a random person twinning a painting? I sure as heck don’t, but this dude clearly noticed himself in a painting. Instead of letting this twinning moment go to waste, he took the opportunity to match it perfectly and then went on his merry way. There is no way this dude was browsing the museum in the EXACT outfit that the guy was wearing in the painting. For one, his outfit is so specific and dated. The mesh on his arm, the red shorts, that little red cup just above his family jewels…. This guy dressed up for the twinning moment and I am here for it. It’s not everyday you match a work of art, so why not take it up a notch to match it completely?

3 Gorgeous


I love the whole paisley vibe, so if I ever saw these little bowls I’d snatch them up so fast. They’re adorably romantic. Then to see this bowl twinning this man’s shirt… it’s all the better! YES TO ALL!

I just can’t get over the chances that this dude is matching the bowl he’s eating from. HOW DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN! It’s one thing if his shirt is black and the bowl was black, but to match such a specific print is mic-drop worthy. Is this the universe’s way of saying “I know that you know that I know”? Are these moments some kind of conspiracy theory? You know what — no. Let’s stop asking questions and just admire how gorgeous this twinning moment is. It needs to be framed.

2 Camouflage Flip Flops


If I were at this store, I would have completely walked by these flip flops not even knowing they were there. The polka dots match the shelf they’re on completely. I would have thought it was an empty space on the shelf or perhaps see-through flip flops. But that’s not the case, of course. These flip flops are twinning with the very shelf they’re chilling on. Thank god these little flops weren’t in their own box, the twinning moment would have been lost on them. And for just $1.99, these flip flops need to be picked up ASAP simply because they’re cheap AF, precious, and can match any polka dotted floor you step on.

The only thing I hate about white shoes is how friggin dirty they get. It’s a constant struggle.

1 What Am I Looking At


At a first glance (without zooming in), I literally just thought this was a countertop. Sure you can see a little outline of something on the countertop but it’s literally the same color and texture as the damn pizza! As many of us are pizza lovers, I think we’re all kinda wondering the same thing: what are those little spots on this pizza that’s making it match the countertop so well? My guess is they’re caperes? But capers, sauce, and cheese seems like a weird combination, no? Regardless, whoever owns this house can completely play a prank on their guests by placing small pieces of pizza all over their countertops and waiting to see who finds the piece first. I mean, sure, that could get messy, but YOLO, right?

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