Camp Fire Victim Returns Home To Find Dog Waiting For Her

A victim of California's deadly Camp Fire got a heartwarming surprise when she was finally able to return home after a month and found that one of her dogs, who had been left behind, was waiting for her the whole time.

Homeowner and Paradise, California resident Andrea Gaylord wasn't home when the quick moving wildfire sparked and burned everything in its path on November 8th. She was not allowed back to her home to retrieve her two dogs, Madison and Miguel, or any belongings. All she could do was hope and pray that everything would be okay.

In that long month, she did learn that her home had been destroyed by the fire and one of her dogs, Miguel, was returned to her after being spotted by a rescue organization. Still, Gaylord hadn't been able to see her property until last week when the evacuation ban was finally lifted.

Against all odds, Madison was there. He had been waiting and guarding his home that whole month Gaylord had to be away. Not only did he survive the fire, but he never gave up. Madison did have some help during that time.

Via Facebook/K9 Paw Print Rescue

California-based pet rescue organization K9 Paw Print Rescue took to their Facebook page to share this sweet story that they had an instrumental part in. The group had been looking in that area searching for any pets that were left during the quick and frantic evacuations.

Thankfully they were able to find one of Gaylord's dogs in a neighboring city. Miguel has been by Gaylord's side ever since but had been missing his brother Madison.

K9 volunteer Shayla Sullivan had been able to spot Madison a few times over the month where his home used to be but was never able to approach him or rescue him. She did leave him food and water and brought him a shirt of Gaylord's for the familiar scent. Her kindness must have helped Madison and kept up his spirits.

He never gave up hope that Gaylord and his brother Miguel would return. What other animal would loyally stay in one place for so long? Only a sweet dog! What a good boy!

What do you think of Madison's story? Isn't this touching? We wish Madison and Miguel a happy reunion!


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