10 Camping Essentials You'll Absolutely Need This Summer

It’s that time of the year again! You know, the one when you pack all of your stuff and get away from the bustling sounds of the city in order to connect with mother nature for a few days. And whether you’re an experienced camper or not, whether you’re looking for a new adventure in the wild by yourself, with friends, or family, there’s simply nothing that can match the feeling of living amongst animals and trees for a bit. Camping truly is the ultimate battery recharger!

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Of course, it's not as simple as picking up a few random items and hoping they will be enough to get you through the whole trip. A good camper knows the importance of being well-prepared for every possible situation! After all, for those of us who are used to city life, the outdoors can turn into a hostile environment pretty quickly. But that’s exactly why we’re laying down 10 camping essentials you’ll absolutely need this summer. Take a look!

10 A Great Tent

Well, no surprises here. If you’re going camping, no one’s expecting you to sleep under the stars without any sort of roof over your head! Even if sleeping under the stars sounds romantic, you might want to reconsider, since very undesirable things have the power to come out of it.

There are hundreds of models you can choose from when it comes to deciding on what tent you’ll be taking on your camping trip. Consider stretching your budget a bit to get a really thick, high-quality shelter that can hold it's own under any circumstance. Remember, this will be your house for a few days or weeks, so think carefully!

9 Bug Repellent

Is there anyone out there who actually likes bugs? More specifically, mosquitoes, those blood-sucking annoying little creatures that wait all year long for the sun to come out and completely ruin our vacation. No, probably not. So if you’re considering taking some time out in the wild, bug repellntr isn’t something you want to forget.

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Science and technology have come a long way in their attempts to make our lives as bug-free as possible. Everything, from creams to gels to ultrasonic repellents, there’s a world of choice that will guarantee you leave your camping trip with the same amount of bites you came with. Hopefully, that means none!

8 A Medical Kit

There’s a very big chance you probably already have some sort of a medical kit at home. And it probably includes all sorts of ointments and pills and other items complex enough to get you through quite a few sticky situations that are inherent to everyday life. Well, it’s very important that you don’t forget to prepare a medical kit to bring with you on your camping adventure.

Whatever it is that can happen at home, it can also happen in the wild, as well as other unexpected situations. Make sure you’re fully prepared, and either buy a medical kit from a store or prepare one yourself with the essentials and the basics. Nature’s got nothing on you!

7 A Survival Knife

Easy now, we’re not suggesting you kill your own dinner, or go all Leonardo DiCaprio on The Revenant. However, we have to talk about the fact that a survival knife is one of those essential items you definitely want to bring along with you when venturing into the wild, even if you’re not a survivalist type. Much like a lighter, a knife can come very much in handy in camping adventures.

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There will be items you need to cut, such as rope, and you might need some extra help preparing food, among many other things. Plus, it will make you feel much safer knowing that you can defend yourself in case something happens, or someone needs help. Investing in a good survival knife is a good idea especially if you’re considering camping very often.

6 Everything-Proof Containers

If you’re going to spend a few days away from your home and venture into the wild, remember that this environment entails all sorts of animal life you’re not used to encountering on your way to work when you take the subway. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you need to freak out over being chased by a bear!

But it does mean that you should take precautions when it comes to food supplies. It’s always a good idea to bring some food with you to make meal preparation easier. In order to avoid attracting animals, consider investing in some containers that keep smells contained. This way, you don’t have to share your food with unwanted guests.

5 A Top-Notch Cooler

Still on the topic of camping and food, arises the need of acquiring a more than just decent cooler. It’s something that might slip your mind, but it’s one of those essentials that will make your camping adventures much more seamless.

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For instance, you can keep your beverages nice and cool, which definitely a plus during the hot summer months. Additionally, it will keep your food containers safe, and ensure that whatever meals you have with you will be preserved, helping you avoid any sorts of food poisoning. Animals aren’t the only potentially harmful creatures that try to get into your food!

4 Comfortable Air Mattress

Let’s be real here - camping and sleeping in the wild will never compare to sleeping in the comfort of your house and $500 mattress. But that’s part of the magic of camping! Putting yourself in situations that are outside of your comfort zone is a great way to try and see life from different perspectives, and definitely, help build character.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to sleep on top of rocks and completely destroy your back! There are plenty of nice air mattresses you can easily pack and take on your camping trip. This way, you still get the full experience without risking being unable to move for days on end.

3 A Lantern

We’ve been so spoiled by the modern world we live in, it’s easy to forget that things change dramatically once we step outside the bubble of civilization. It would be pretty cool if you could have a light switch just chilling on a tree that you could click and have light pouring down at any time of the day. However, that’s not how things work.

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Even though it’s summer and the days are much longer, once night falls, it gets hard to see anything. And you might not necessarily want to go to sleep immediately. Instead, you might want to play some games with friends and family or have a little read. This is exactly why a camping lantern is one of those things that should always be counted in your camping checklist!

2 A Warm Sleeping Bag

Once again, try not to be fooled by the time of the year you choose to venture into the world of camping trips. Yes, it’s probably going to be boiling during the day, which makes it easy for you to disregard what the temperature will be like once the sun sets.

However, remember that there’s always a chance temperature drops dramatically, especially if you’re close to a lake or the seaside. In order to make sure you’re prepared for every scenario, get yourself a nice, warm, fluffy sleeping bag that will protect you from the cold. You don’t want to get sick on the first couple of days of your camping trip!

1 Light Rainproof Layers

Cold nights aren’t the only thing you should be worried about when getting set for your camping trip. We all know summer storms and rains can happen, and quite often without any sort of warning from the skies above. So once more, the key is to be prepared for every event that might stand in the way of a successful vacation.

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You don’t even have to worry about packing heavy. You can get light clothes that are both warm and light. It’s a great investment because they’ll come in handy for more than just the occasional camping trip. It’s a perfect win-win!

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