Canada, Norway Fighting Over World's Largest Moose Statue

Canada, Norway Fighting Over World's Largest Moose Statue

Canada and Norway are about to declare war over which town has the largest statue of a moose.

For decades, the only city in the world that cared about moose badly enough to erect a statue in the species’ honor was Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, population 33,000. Erected in 1984, he was named Mac the Moose in honor of a former city councilor named Les MacKenzie. At 32 feet tall and weighing in at 22,000 lbs, Mac remained the largest edifice to moose-kind for over 30 years.

Then in 2015, Mac was dethroned by the Norwegian town of Stor-Elvdal (population 2,700) who erected their own moose state that was about 11-inches taller. They named it Storelgen, or “the big moose” in Norwegian.

Not exactly the most imaginative name, but this isn’t exactly the most imaginative battle.

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For starters, Moose Jaw has no idea how they plan on recapturing the title of world’s tallest moose. They know they want to do something, they just don’t know what. Which sort of makes it a little difficult to run a Go Fund Me when the whole plan is just to hire an engineer for $50,000 to possibly just give Mac a pair of enormous eyelash extensions. Or maybe a hat.

But Moose Jaw is definitely committed to Mac’s extension. The City of Moose Jaw’s official Twitter account also tweeted out their own video saying that the town council is fully committed to making Mac great again.

For their part, Stor-Elvdal plans to meet any Canadian moose aggression with engineering projects of their own. Deputy mayor Linda Otnes Henriksen told Canadian news outlet CTV News in no uncertain terms that Stor-Elvdal won’t let Storelgen go quietly into the night.


“Sorry to disappoint you guys. We are going to continue our work to make sure that our moose is the biggest moose in the world -- for many years to come,” she said. "If we have to extend the legs, or the antlers -- we’re going to do it.”

Canada ypper til elg-krig mot Norge. Det er nå kamp om å ha verdens største elg-statue. Hvilken liker du best?

Posted by Dagbladet on Thursday, January 17, 2019

So far, Moose Jaw’s Go Fund Me is sitting at just under $3,000. That might be enough for the giant novelty hat idea, but not enough to give Mac a set of stilts.


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