Canadian Family Cat Sneaks Into Parcel And Accidentally Gets Shipped 1200 Km Away To Montreal

This is a story not about a cat in a hat but about a cat in a box— an adorable young cat named Baloo was accidentally shipped 1,100km away from his home when he unwittingly sneaked into a cardboard box, according to CTV Montreal.

Baloo's 10-day adventure began when he snuck into a box of tire rims to catch a quick catnap in his Halifax-area home, not knowing that the box he had crawled into would soon be taking him away from his home. His owner, Jacqueline Lake, taped up the box and shipped it off on December 6th. When she finally realized that Baloo was missing, she spent the weekend frantically searching her Dartmouth neighborhood for the beloved pet, but Baloo had already begun the long and arduous journey from Nova Scotia to Montreal— a 17- hour trip, according to CTV News.

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Baloo was discovered by a Purolator employee in Montreal, and the local SPCA coordinated a return trip for the four-legged stowaway after contacting Lake.

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"I can't stop thanking these people for helping me," said Lake. "They took really good care of him. I'm just eternally grateful."

Baloo left Montreal last Friday with Freedom Drivers, a group of volunteers who organize ground transportation for Pound Paws animals. The sneaky little creature arrived home safe and sound last Saturday evening at around 7:00 p.m. He was welcomed warmly by Lake and two of her children as well as the other family cat. One of the children even shed tears of joy and relief on seeing Baloo again. He was given lots of treats and unending belly rubs by everybody.

"He was a little freaked out when he first got home, he's had quite the ordeal. I just kept picking him up and saying 'I'm sorry,"' said Lake. "But by the end of the night he was back to his old mischievous self. He ripped a whole bag of cat litter in the bathroom so he and his brother could play in it while I was sleeping."

While Lake is glad and relieved to have Baloo back in the household, she admits that it might take some time for her three children to forgive her for shipping their beloved pet off in the first place. She has been told that she is not to go anywhere near boxes nor the animals!

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