Most Adorable Player: Canadian Hockey Coach Mic’d-Up His 4-Year-Old During Practice

Look into the mind of a four-year-old hockey player on the intense ice

Jeremey Rupke mic’d up his four-year-old son during hockey practice to understand what he’s doing out there on the ice, and the results are amazing. The hockey coach uploaded the video on his YouTube channel, Coach Jeremy, and even added subtitles so viewers can fully understand the kid. The resulting video is too cute to be true.

In Canada, hockey is a binding force. Whether you play it, watch it, or both, Canadians love hockey and anything related to it. Jeremy’s son, Mason, is part of the Timbits Hockey Canada Initiation Program, a project that aims to safely introduce kids to hockey. Their motto is “fun, fitness, and fair play,” and Mason has shown us exactly how these goals are being developed—along with some cute insights on how to play the game.

Rupke attached a mic to Mason’s helmet to truly get inside his head during practice. Some of the notable things Rupke learned from his son is that he likes skating, he wants to nap in the middle of the rink, and he really wants to go to “badonalds” (McDonald’s) after practice. Mason also discovered that he can crawl on the ice instead of skating the whole time, although the coaches made him do skating drills with everyone else after a while. He’s not all play, however; Mason practices his skating by chanting “one, two” to ensure he’s got the rhythm to skate smoothly.

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Mason is also really good at encouraging himself to keep trying. Every time he falls, he tells himself “it’s okay, I’m okay,” and he gets up to try to go “as fast as [he] can!” Even though he worked (and played) so hard at practice, Mason was reluctant to go home. After a fun time with your teammates and friends on the ice, who would want to go home? Although when Mason remembered that he’s getting his “badonalds” after practice, he skated back to his dad.

Via: Flickr, Greg Voigt

The YouTube video got more than 2 million views over the weekend, and the Twitter post of the shortened video has gone viral. Looks like a lot of people around the world are curious to know what goes on in the mind of a four-year-old hockey player out on the ice, and now we know it’s naps, snacks, bubbles, and old cans.

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