Cancer Survivor Becomes First Person To Swim The Channel 4 Times Non-Stop

Sarah Thomas, who was declared cancer-free just a year ago, has become the first person to ever swim the English Channel four times without stopping.

The things the human body can endure and accomplish never cease to amaze us. Whether it be parents showing superhuman strength to rescue a child, or a group of people coming together to fight for a common cause. However, the recent accomplishment of Colorado's Sarah Thomas might well be the most impressive thing we have ever seen.

Sarah was previously diagnosed with breast cancer, reports Sky News. Her diagnosis and the treatment that followed put her lofty goal at risk, and also affected her ability to train. The goal we are referring to is swimming the English Channel four times without stopping. That's right, swimming to France and back twice. Unthinkable, and something that has never been done.

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Until now. Last week, Sarah achieved the incredible task, just a year after being told that she was cancer-free. For those of you unfamiliar with the channel, one crossing is around 21 miles. It honestly astounds us that anyone can swim that far, let alone swim it four times back to back. Plus, due to the weather and the current, it's estimated that Sarah wound up swimming around 130 miles rather than 84.

It took Sarah 54 hours to get the job done. That's right, two and bit straight days of constant swimming. Electrolyte and caffeine-infused drinks kept her going, as well as friends topping her up with food and drink as and when she needed it. We were always told to leave a couple of hours between eating and swimming. Perhaps that rule doesn't apply if you're eating your meals in the water.

Aside from the fatigue and soreness, Sarah revealed that the biggest challenge of all on her quest was avoiding jellyfish. The last thing she would have wanted was a painful sting considering the monumental task she was trying to accomplish. Thankfully, that didn't happen, and her swim went about as well as she could have hoped. Considering the extra mileage due to the weather, if she were to do it again during calmer conditions, perhaps she could swim the channel five straight times.

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