19 Candid Cardi B Photos She Doesn't Want Us To See

It’s hard to believe that there is any moment that Cardi B would be bashful about, but these 20 pics may have her hiding. Cardi B is always outrageous and outgoing, but she likes to be in control of what we see. From her over-the-top ensembles to her on-stage displays, the entertainer is eccentric and energetic. But when the paparazzi snap those candid shots, all bets are off.

Whether she’s simply walking around or causing a stir, the cameras are ready to capture Cardi B. She’s not shy when it comes to showing off, but if she’s not ready for the perfect pose, the pics won’t be up to her standards. Cardi B wants her fans to see what she wants to put out there, so when the images are awkward or unflattering, the gal won’t be too thrilled.

Here are 19 candid pics of Cardi B she doesn’t want us to see. Unfortunately for her, we’re already looking.

19 Wrapped Up Rapper

Via: vogue.com

Maybe Cardi B is under the weather. Otherwise, she’s embracing the granny look by wrapping herself up in a knitted blanket.

She may be trying to hide from the paparazzi, but all this does is attract their attention even more. At least Cardi B was able to stay warm during her walk.

18 Courtroom Drama

Via: elle.com

While Cardi B looks chic as she leaves the precinct, she would probably rather that this whole case never came about at all. Some say her fashion was not appropriate for such a serious issue, but surely Cardi B put some thought into it.

Perhaps she should stay out of trouble so we don’t have to debate the issue at all.

17 Sweating It Out

Via: topky.sk

When Cardi B isn’t in her full makeup and wardrobe, she looks like a “Plain Jane” in her sloppy sweats and bare face. Usually, Cardi B prefers are a more polished look, but even she has her lazy days.

She’d probably prefer this pic was never taken, but now all she can do is embrace her natural side.

16 Denim Debacle

Via: beamodelman.org

Who knows what Cardi B was thinking when she decided to wear such an unusual outfit? Maybe she thought it was cool or unconventional, but the over-sized look is a little strange.

Even if she’s trying to make a statement, it is unclear what exactly it is. This much denim is nothing short of a fashion disaster.

15 Sneaking A Snack

Via: eonline.com

Cardi B has a craving for McDonald’s, so she is sinking her teeth into a burger and enjoying every bite. Being caught on camera looking so ravenous isn’t exactly elegant, but when a gal’s belly is grumbling, it’s time to chow down.

Next time she should sneak through the drive-thru.

14 Going Gaga Over Gaga

Via: nme.com

It’s nice to see that Cardi B is such a big Lady Gaga fan, and perhaps the feeling is mutual. That said, Gaga seems to remain composed while Cardi B appears star-struck.

She can’t contain her excitement and her smile shows her enthusiasm. Cardi B is a huge star, but Lady Gaga still comes out on top.

13 Fashion Or Fumble?

Via: celebsfirst.com

We can’t decide if this Cardi B look is cool or creepy. Is she part lizard or is this green gown something to admire? Leave it to Cardi B to choose a dress that has us guessing. It fits her like a glove, but is it even comfortable?

Cardi B loves to make heads turn, but they may be turning away from her in this dress.

12 Tongue Wagging

Via: amny.com

It’s not exactly a sign of good etiquette when you walk around with your tongue hanging out, but Cardi B didn’t seem to get the message. She’s certainly letting her feelings be known by making such a face.

Hopefully, she’s not aiming her aggravation towards a fan. That would be in poor taste.

11 Uncoordinated Closet

Via: Bossip.com

Cardi B looks cute, but it doesn’t seem like she had her wits about her when she put this look together. Nothing quite matches and her style is all over the place.

Perhaps that’s just what she was going for, but it comes across as though she got dressed in the dark.

10 Rainbow And Robe

Via: Lipstickalley.com

Cardi B couldn’t decide on one hair color, so she went with them all. Her rainbow hair is quite shocking, but who else could pull it off but Cardi B?

Paired with a comfy bathrobe, Cardi B looks a little crazy, but there’s surely an explanation behind this odd look.

9 Where Are We Going?

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Cardi B is on a mission, but it doesn’t quite seem like she has any clue where she’s headed. She has her crew backing her up, but if she’s leading the way, they may get lost.

Perhaps Cardi B ought to remove her sunglasses so she can better see what’s ahead of her.

8 The Pink Panther

Via: hollywoodpipeline.com

Cardi B may have had a fashionable idea in mind when she decided on an all-pink suit, but in the light of day, she looks like a giant stick of bubble gum. Not to say she doesn’t look put together, but this much pink is a lot to take in.

Maybe next time she can pepper it in rather than going all-out Pink Panther on us.

7 Silly Selfie

Via: peepingmoon.com

Cardi B is acting silly with her camera ready to snap. Today’s world is all about the selfie, so she’s making sure her pic is on point. These two are horsing around, so we wonder if they knew their pic was being taken by a third party.

Just like Cardi B has her smartphone in hand, so does everyone else.

6 Hat’s Off

Via: refinery29.com

One thing’s for sure. Cardi B’s head won’t be cold with that furry hat on her head. The bald guy in the back could use one too.

Let’s hope she’s wearing faux fur, but it’s not clear if Cardi B is taking the more humane route when it comes to her clothing and accessories. Whatever the case may be, Cardi B surely looks thrilled to be bundled up.

5 Skunk Or Singer?

Via: popsugar.com

Cardi B is going for the skunk vibe in this two-toned ensemble. Even her hair is part of the look. Her red glove adds a pop of color, but overall, such a fashion statement is more costume than couture.

Still, Cardi B is committed to her skunk style, as much as the rest of us would probably pick a different animal to admire.

4 Starbucks And Social Media

Via: besttennews.com

It’s no wonder that Cardi B is always so upbeat. With so much caffeine running through her veins, she can keep up with her demanding schedule, and then some.

Of course, what else would she do but check her social media or email? Cardi B has a lot to catch up on, so sipping on her beverage gives her a boost.

3 Accessory Or Animal?

Via: refinery29.com

Is this a scarf or a polar bear? Cardi B is lugging her furry item around, but it doesn’t seem very convenient. If this is real fur, she’s going to hear it from the anti-fur crowds, so let’s hope she prefers faux to the real thing.

Otherwise, Cardi B seems to have no indication that her pic is being taken, noted by her less-than energetic expression.

2 In The Middle Of Mayhem

Via: usatoday.com

Either Cardi B is sleepwalking or her pic was taken mid-blink. She seems to be lost in the crowd as she makes her way past the officer and cameraman.

All this chaos must be a lot for the rapper, but she’s used to drama at every turn. In fact, she’s often the one creating it.

1 Caught Off Guard

Via: radaronline.com

Celebs never know when someone’s going to pop out from nowhere and take their pic. Cardi B thought she would go unnoticed in her round glasses, but she’s too famous to fly under the radar.

She’s not dressed up for a night out, but her sporty look is a lot more comfortable.

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