17 Candid Live Event Photos Of WWE Divas Vince McMahon Doesn’t Want Us To See

Throughout this article, we’ll be taking a look at pics taken during non-televised live events. During these shows, the mood tends to be a lot more relaxed, unlike RAW or SmackDown with the boss working the gorilla position. In those cases, tension is a lot higher.

However, with decreased tension, can also lead to a bit of carelessness in the ring. In this article, we’ll take a look at some scary moments which would lead to injuries and in one case, the end of a career. Focus is always needed no matter what the setting.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at the lighter side by featuring steamy photos, the kind of pics that had fans talking as well. Enjoy the article folks!

17 Asuka Botch

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During live events, it is a lot easier to get away with botches. Sure, the wrestler might feel bad but at the very least, the event isn’t on live television, nor is the boss watch religiously as he does with the televised product.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t the greatest moment for Asuka, who completely messed up a spot in a match against Becky and Charlotte.

16 Bliss Gets A Slap To The Booty

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This was an awkward moment, we can just imagine the chaos that would have ensued had it taken place during a live event on RAW or better yet SmackDown on FOX.

During the spot, Nia Jax carried Alexa out of the ring, as they were doing so, a younger fan just decided to slap Alexa on the butt... just for fun. That’s a big-time no-no.

15 Bayley Out Of Character

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The vibe is a lot looser during non-televised live events, wrestlers have fun and we can even say that some have a little too much fun.

Take Bayley as an example, who goes off the script and decides to have a little fun with the crowd, shaking her backside much to the pleasure of her bestie, Sasha Banks.

14 Liv Ringside

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Fans can snap photos at any point. This particular picture of Liv Morgan got fans talking due to her, well, stunning attire and noticeable squat gains, we’ll just say.

She was playing the role of cheerleader for this live event match, watching from ringside. This fan just couldn’t help themselves, snapping the pic.

13 Alicia Fox Malfunction

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Before we delve into this forgettable moment, what’s going on with Alicia Fox? Nothing has been announced in terms of a release, yet she’s moved the alum page...

In this unfortunate moment, she suffers a wardrobe malfunction during a match against Bayley. Wardrobe malfunctions are very frequent, even during prominent events.

12 Mandy Rose Wedgie

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Mandy Rose didn’t spend too much time on NXT television, instead, she earned experience during the live events. McMahon was high on the talent so Triple H decided to protect her down in developmental.

He couldn’t protect the main roster star from this moment as her gear got stuck during the match. Alexa Bliss also knows a thing or two about a wedgie during a match.

11 Asuka Injury

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Speaking of Mandy Rose, this was a scary incident she wants to forget about. During a match against Asuka, the former Women’s Champion was basically dropped on her head.

It was a dangerous-looking spot but thankfully, Asuka was okay. Rose spoke about the incident, one that really hurt her self-esteem.

10 Charlotte Down

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This one is a lot harder to digest when your best friend is in the ring against you. Charlotte stayed down for several moments following a stiff knee to the face by Becky Lynch.

It definitely rang her bell for a little while, so much so that the match was basically stopped.

9 Classic Bliss

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Fans are obsessed with live event photos of Alexa’s backside. Yes, it is impressive but we’ll say that creating a Twitter account towards its best moments is a little overboard, like the photo above.

She’s also pulling a funny sarcastic look towards the fans – which really makes the photo complete.

8 Live Event Rust

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WWE does this from time to time when they’re testing out a new gimmick, they do so on the live event loop. That was the case with Lana, who made her in-ring debut with NXT, however on the live event loop in front of smaller crowds.

The initial reaction wasn’t the greatest as fans basically assumed that Lana stole Emmalina’s gimmick. Also factor in that the matches weren’t good either.

7 Zelina’s NXT Outfit

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Week after week, Zelina has the fans talking whether it be for a great spot on the outside or, well, just for her outfit of choice on the night.

She’s always turning heads and that’s exactly what she did in the photo above, rocking a tight pair of leggings during a promo alongside Andrade during their NXT days.

6 Paige’s Career-Ending Injury

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This one is hard to watch back, even today. It ended Paige’s career and could’ve gone far worse.

During a spot with Sasha Banks, Paige remained on the ground unable to get up. She never wrestled again after the moment, announcing her retirement. It was also tough for Sasha, who fell into a depression for a little while.

5 Booty Goals

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Fans couldn’t help but to discuss Charlotte’s squat prowess, we’ll just say, in the live event picture above. Fans would go as far as comparing photos back to her NXT days...

The truth is Charlotte was always in phenomenal shape, even before WWE as she worked as a personal trainer for a little while.

4 More Backside Goals

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At this point, Carmella was rocking the Money in the Bank briefcase, it was the prime run of her WWE career. She would ultimately cash on during an episode of SmackDown, pinning Charlotte and winning the Women’s Title.

In the pic above, fans are drooling over her work outside of the ring, in the gym...

3 Lana & The IIconics

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This pic has us drooling and reaching for the water bottle. WWE should have made these three team up a little more during Lana’s in-ring days.

We can all agree that the IIconics need to be doing more, both ladies Peyton Royce and Billie Kay ooze with charisma, not to mention their experience in the ring which goes beyond WWE.

2 Signature Sasha

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Okay, this pic really isn’t the worst and in truth, in the words of Michael Cole, it is vintage Sahsa Banks.

We’re glad to see both these ladies on top of the WWE mountain at the moment – each thriving in their own ways. Let’s hope Sasha also gets a run with the Women’s Title at some point, she’s long overdue.

1 Team Besties

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They made for great rivals down in NXT and on the main roster, their alliance together is something to cheer about. Fans were also cheering in regards to this pic, as once again Bayley’s booty is the talking point.

She’s another WWE star with her own booty page via Twitter.

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