16 Candid Michael Jackson Photos His Family Doesn’t Want Us To See

He might've passed away but still to this day platforms like Deadlines, Metro and Mirror continue to discuss his legacy. It is an understatement to say that MJ is a polarizing figure, his legacy will forever be tainted and highly debated given his controversial ways.

Going out in public was also quite the task for Jackson. He just wanted to be like everyone else, though that was impossible given his fame. Throughout his life, MJ encountered several forgettable candid moments, we'll include lots of those in the article below. His family likely agrees, wishing to keep most of these pictures on the down-low.

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Here are candid MJ photos his family doesn’t want us to see. Let's get started.

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16 Room Service Trolley Getaway

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During his later days, MJ did everything possible to stay out of the limelight. He was always surrounded by security, we get a candid shot of that in the pic above. Though in this instance, things went to another level.

Jackson was secretly removed from the hotel on a covered room service trolley if you can believe. That’s how hard things got for the pop icon.

15 The Zoro Mask

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He wore disguises in an attempt to be a normal person like the rest of us – unfortunately for MJ, no matter what he did, fans and the media were usually there to see it.

This instance was no different as the paparazzi snapped several photos of MJ’s disguise, it was one that was compared to a Zoro mask.

14 Losing His Cool

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Jackson loved all of the fans despite his disguises and the fact that he adored his privacy. However, what he didn’t like was all the paparazzi constantly harassing him for a photo.

This is a part of his life the family might want us to forget about. MJ had several heated moments with the paparazzi including this photo above as he flips them off.

13 Shopping In Melrose

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Something as simple as shopping turned into a nightmare for MJ. As we stated, he desperately wanted to be like everyone else, however, that was a lot easier said than done.

A simple shopping outing over in Melrose turned into a total bombardment of his privacy with paparazzi and fans all over the place. It wasn’t an easy lifestyle, not at all.

12 Neverland Today

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The Neverland Ranch looks like a far cry compared to what it used to be. It looks eerily deserted as the photo above demonstrates.

It is also a struggle to sell the land, according to Business Insider the cost went from $67 million all the way done to $31 million.

11 Shopping In Paris

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Another tough candid pic to look at, especially for the Jackson family. The media interest grew even further when Jackson was overseas in a place like Paris.

As if disguises himself wasn’t bad enough, he did the same to the children around him who are also rocking masks in order to keep their identities safe.

10 Driving Candid

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Most fans can't even remember seeing Jackson driving a car. During the later part of his career, MJ always had private chauffeurs. However, there was a time when he bought and drove his own rides like this Mercedes 500 SEL.

Again, the paparazzi couldn’t help themselves taking a candid photo of a masked MJ.

9 Polaroid Throwback

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These types of personal and private candid pics are much less frequent during the days of his prime fame.

We have several rare examples from his earlier days, this one was taken with an old school Polaroid camera. Surely, MJ's family has this pic stored somewhere in the house, likely in the old photo albums.

8 Rare Interview In 2003

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During the 2000s, MJ interviews were also few and far between. The pop icon was very selective with who he decided to sit down with. In the midst of the allegations and the chaos surrounding his name, MJ took an interview with Brett Ratner.

The two share a rare candid photo at the end of the interview.

7 Fan Candid

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This really isn’t a norm when it comes to fan photos. MJ is dressed in a disguise hiding his face once again. Even for the photo purposes, MJ felt as though it was a better idea to keep the mask intact.

Despite his downfall, MJ always stayed kind to his fans, no matter what the circumstance was.

6 Court Battles

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Things started to get messy for MJ during the early 2000s. In 2005, he was making court appearances, it was a forgettable moment in his career – one that was filled with allegations coming from all sorts of different angles.

When it comes to his legacy, surely the family want it all to be forgotten about, however, chances of that are quite slim.

5 More Court Battles

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Understandably, the media was all over MJ's court battles, so much so that pics inside the courtroom also exist.

As if the courtroom battle wasn’t enough pressure we can only imagine what MJ was thinking of getting photographed at the same time out in the open with no disguise whatsoever.

4 Surrounded In Paris

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Surrounded by security, cameras and screaming fans, no matter where he went, this became the reality for Jackson. Finding a place to hide was nearly impossible – even if he tried to disguise his face as he did in the pic above with glasses and cloth.

Such candid pics surely hurt the family – it was a reality he dealt with on the daily until his final days.

3 Ranch Throwback

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We include a throwback from the Neverland Ranch.

It was once a happy place filled with activities, though today the area is completely deserted and forever tainted given all the allegations that would proceed years later – even to this day specials and stories continue to unfold. These pics really don't help MJ.

2 Final Candids

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During his final days, it looked rather evident from afar that MJ wasn’t doing too well. His condition seemed to be deteriorating. A cardiac arrest would eventually take his life.

The photo above is one of the final candids taken. At the very least, he did appear to be in good spirits even if he wasn’t ready for the photo.

1 The Balcony Incident

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This remains among the more bizarre incidents to ever take place and that includes all celebs. Jackson dangled an actual child over a balcony with a blanket wrapped around. He called it a terrible mistake, according to MTV.

Definitely a terrible mistake and among the more forgettable images ever.

Sources – MTV, Daily Mail & Daily Star

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