8 Candid Photos Chris Jericho Didn’t Want To Take (And 7 He Didn’t Mind)

At the age of 48, Chris Jericho continues to reinvent himself. Not only was he the first-ever Undisputed Champion but he recently added to that golden resume with another monumental win – he’s now forever engraved in his history as the first-ever AEW World Champion.

A lot of ups and downs have taken place for Jericho, especially behind the scenes. Heck, who can forget his mugshot alongside Shane Helms after a night of partying? In this article, we’ll take a look at other regrettable candid photos Jericho wanted no part of. On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at candids he didn’t mind taking alongside fans and lots of WWE stars.

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15 Didn’t Want - Post Fozzy With A Fan

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We’ve seen Chris Jericho snap on fans in the past. Y2J has gone on the record to state that when he’s a heel on-screen, he tends to be the same with the fans, basically keeping kayfabe alive.

However, in this instance, his emotions got the best of him. Y2J was caught arguing outside with a fan – the video made the rounds with the likes of TMZ. Thankfully, he was calmed down by one of his buddies.

14 Didn’t Mind - Arriving In Jeddah

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He was all smiles to start the trip over in Saudi Arabia. He made his return to WWE appearing in the Greatest Royal Rumble match.

We understand why Jericho was so happy to arrive, despite only a four-minute cameo, according to WWF Old School, Jericho made six-figure for the appearance!

13 Didn’t Want - Angry In Saudi Arabia

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Unlike his arrival, Jericho wasn’t very pleased once it came time to leave. According to his interview with Ring Side News, he wasn’t happy with the trip, regretting it all.

Making matters worse, Jericho and some of the other WWE stars got lost on the way home at the airport. It didn’t help that fans harassed Jericho for selfies at the same time, like in the picture above.

12 Didn’t Mind - Plane With Xavier

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Whenever Jericho could get himself in the news with anything WWE related, he’ll definitely do so. He even made sure to take a candid picture with Woods, bumping into his former co-worker on a flight;

“What a pleasant surprise running into @xavierwoodsphd on the red eye from @flylaxairport! Thx to the brother in 6B who switched seats so me and Woodsie could talk @upupdwndwn, @gameofthrones, apron powerbombs & #TheWatch....!”

11 Didn’t Want - Back Of The Bus Brothers

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There are plenty of stories we don’t know much about. We do know about the “back of the bus brothers,” which consists of Roman Reigns, The Usos and Chris Jericho. These dudes love to party and have a good time, especially on the shows overseas.

They probably want to keep whatever goes on behind the scenes on the DL, however.

10 Didn’t Mind - New Years Host

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Back in his later stages with WWE, everything was going right for Chris Jericho. Heck, according to Jericho himself, the company would also contemplate putting the championship around his waist at WrestleMania.

Behind the scenes, things were just as good. Jericho hosted his own New Year’s party with a slew of WWE stars at his former home in Florida.

9 Didn’t Want - Hall Included

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This is kind of an odd picture especially when you consider Jericho’s past words pertaining to Scott Hall. Here’s what he told Conrad Thompson via Talk Is Jericho;

"Scott Hall came up to me and told me that nobody was coming to see me, get in there, do your 5-10 minutes and get out. No one wants to see you."Those guys are very sarcastic, and almost kind of bullying in a way. I did things my way with my group of guys like Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and those kinds of guys.” (Source Wrestling Inc)

8 Didn’t Mind - Bumping Into Sheamus

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In late July, Jericho ran into another WWE star – it made the headlines and the likes of SI would even run the story.

Jericho posted a photo alongside Sheamus. Given all the traveling, it only makes sense that he crosses paths with his former buddies. However, WWE would rather no association with the enemy.

7 Didn’t Want - Partying Behind The Scenes

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Jericho is a party animal – we’re not entirely sure if that still holds true today – however, that was the case during the early 2000s.

In particular, he was spotted with the likes of former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly, especially out in bars and nightclub settings. It seems like Jericho calmed down these days – which only makes sense.

6 Didn’t Mind - At The Airport With A Fan

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A rare candid photo featuring Jericho all smiles alongside a fan. In fairness, he does have a drink in his hand and the person he’s taking a picture with seems to be an employee at the airport, likely the bartender.

Perhaps she unlocked the key to Jericho’s heart. Give the guy a nice drink on ice!

5 Didn’t Want - Memes & Memphis

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This candid photo of Chris Jericho went absolutely viral online with countless memes created by the fans. Heck, someone would even paste Jericho in the picture above alongside the iconic Beatles photo.

We don’t condone fans taking sneaky pics of wrestlers – however, we can’t help but laugh at this one.

4 Didn’t Mind - More Catching Up

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A picture some fans thought they’d never see, at least now. Chris Jericho posing alongside WWE employees, including Shane McMahon of all people.

This candid photo took place at Ric Flair’s birthday bash. Jericho made sure to publish a couple of pics from the day, we’ll feature the other one a little later.

3 Didn’t Want - Behind The Scenes With Bayley & Sasha

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We’ll put this one in the “didn’t want” section strictly based on what Jericho’s wearing – perhaps he would put on a pair of pants if he can get a do-over.

From the shirt to his short underwear, this might be a picture Jericho didn’t want the world to see but hey, we’re happy that we got this rare gem of a photo.

2 Didn’t Mind - Breaking The ‘Gram With Triple H

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This was the photo that broke IG. Jericho posing alongside The Game, despite his WWE departure and the fact that he was working for the enemy.

Jericho made it clear in the post that he remains on good terms with Triple H despite the departure. It was a great opportunity to clear the air.

1 Didn’t Want - Scuffle With Fans

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This might be the darkest cloud in Jericho’s experiences with the fans. Y2J was heated on the day, storming out of his rental and even pushing a female fan.

Things would get worse with Y2J cussing and allegedly even spitting on someone, according to the rumors. Not his best moment and making matters worse, a candid video caught the entire ordeal.

Sources – Wrestling Inc, Ring Side News & IG

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