18 Candid Photos Disney Doesn’t Want Us To See Of Hilary Duff All Grown Up

As of the age of eight, Duff was homeschooled and her family’s biggest goal was getting her in the entertainment industry. She tinkered with acting, dance, and modeling during her younger days. Of course, the biggest breakthrough would come after she left an NBC sitcom, taking a lead role in the Disney hit show Lizzie McGuire. She became a teen idol on the show – so much so that the program even got its own film.

She remains in the headlines today for one reason or another. Duff is also a serious target for candid photos whether it be walking down the LA streets or on the beach enjoying time with her family. In this article, we’ll feature pics Disney doesn’t want us to see of Duff, candid and real-life photos - that is.

Enjoy folks!

18 The Pink Dress

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Out in LA, it is hard to do anything without getting caught by anyone from the media. Now just imagine Hilary getting away with such a dress, seriously impossible.

We wouldn’t see such a look back in her days with Lizzie McGuire over on the Disney Channel – she’s done a lot of growing up since then, clearly.

17 Beach With Her New Man

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Duff doesn’t book a private resort when it comes time for a trip – we could have done an article alone on photos of the candid nature featuring Duff on a beach in places like Mexico and other destinations.

In this shot, the Disney star is with her new partner, Matthew Koma. The two got engaged back in 2017.

16 Getting A Peek

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Back in her Disney days, Duff was way too young to be hitting the gym. Things would change throughout the course of her career as she adopted the practice as a daily ritual.

A lot of her candid pics in the LA area feature the former Disney star about to hit the gym or leaving the gym setting. She’s always looking fit and in some fine looking yoga gear!

15 Surfer Girl

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She’s definitely the outdoors type and Duff isn’t afraid to try something new, as evidenced in the picture above showing Duff in some sweet gear.

She earned the right that’s for sure. Along with television, Duff also succeeded in film, with popular flicks like Cinderella Story and of course, The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

14 Lunch With The Ex

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Despite the breakup, Comrie and Duff ended the relationship on amicable terms, a breath of fresh air in truth compared to the way other Hollywood couples usually end things.

The paparazzi caught the former couple’s reunion which was met with a warm embrace between the two. It is clear that they still care for one another – but hey, that’s not our business!

13 Maui With The Ex

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Back in 2016, according to NY Daily News, Duff took a vacation with Comrie and their son – the timing was peculiar considering that had split and went their own ways.

It likely wasn’t the easiest trip for the former NHL star as Duff made the headlines for her stunning beach body. Cameras also caught the two very close to one another and dare we say, even flirting a little...

12 Leather Pants

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Let’s just say Lizzie McGuire would’ve been a different show if she dawned such outfits – this wardrobe seems suitable for an HBO series or heck even Showcase.

We can imagine those at Disney covering the eyes of the children as the former teen idol rocks the stunning ensemble.

11 Coachella Fun

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Once Coachella comes around, the celebs tend to flock full force. Duff was one of those people in the past and her presence definitely wasn’t one that she was keeping on the DL, especially given her wardrobe of choice on the day.

In truth, it is quite tame compared to some we’ve seen at the festival in the past.

10 On The Beach In Mexico

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Yup, grab water cause it just got really hot up in here. Duff has everyone’s attention in this candid pic, rocking a revealing beach ensemble, one nobody disapproves unless you’re Disney...

Unfortunately, one of her recent trips would lead to chaos back home. According to USA Today, Duff’s home was burglarized while she left for a trip.

9 More Yoga Pants

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Getting dropped by the NBC sitcom Daddio turned out to be the biggest blessing in Duff’s young career. Only a matter of days after the show snub, Duff landed on a lead role with the Disney Channel on the show Lizzie McGuire.

The show made its debut with a staggering 2.3 million viewers, clearly overcoming expectations. It was only uphill from there.

8 Hitting The Gym

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Fans forget, but Duff’s run as the lead on Lizzie McGuire really didn’t last all that long. The show barely spanned three years in the early 2000s. In total, the show released two seasons along with 65 episodes.

Rumors of a spinoff started to emerge shortly after but it is believed that Duff’s people could not meet the new terms.

7 Mac Candid

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At times, we might be inclined to believe that Duff is a lot older. Heck, she thrived in both TV and film, has two kids and it basically seems like she’s been around forever.

A lot of that is because of her success at a young age as a teen. The reality, she’s barely into her 30s at 31. Like the candid pic above demonstrates, she still likes the simple things in life, like visiting the Mac makeup store.

6 Pregnant Malfunction

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It seems like everyone in the Hollywood realm is prone to a malfunction at one point or another – whether it be at a red carpet event in a fancy dress or just walking down the street like Hilary in the picture above.

When the paparazzi constantly have their eyes on you, these types of malfunctions are just bound to take place – even in a not so PG area...

5 Balcony Time With The Ex

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She met her first husband, former NHL star Mike Comrie after her Disney fame. The two clearly hit it off and would even start a family.

A slew of photos exists featuring the former couple, even some of the not so PG nature like the picture above. Let’s just say the two were caught in some intense PDA and once they noticed, their faces turned a little red...

4 Dating The Personal Trainer

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Yup, Lizzie might've been on the rebound in the picture above – we feel as though this could’ve made for a good episode back in her Disney days... Disney likely doesn’t agree, but hey!

She’s alongside ex-partner Jason Walsh in the candid photo above, a personal trainer. The relationship was a brief one only lasting a couple of months.

3 Aaron Carter Days

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We turn back the clock for this candid photo – unlike most of the candid photos on the list that are relatively recent, this one stems from her Disney days during her claim to fame.

She’s posing next to Aaron Carter in the pic above, another teen heartthrob. It was rumored that the two quietly dated, though it is also believed that Lindsay Lohan was part of this love triangle as well.

2 She’s Got Legs

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Duff was encouraged to act since her younger days. She was pushed by mother in the direction of acting, modeling, and ballet. Her early gigs featured various commercials – she was also homeschooled as of the age of eight.

The biggest focus for Duff was making it in the industry – clearly, it was the right call.

1 A Near Malfunction

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Luckily, this one is labeled as a near malfunction. However, had Duff moved just a little bit more, it could have presented a not so PG moment – one Disney definitely wouldn’t want us to see.

She salvaged it somehow, but there’s no denying the steaminess of the outfit regardless.

Sources – NY Daily News & USA Today

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