16 Candid Photos Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Want Us To See Of Brooke

She was the talk of the town at one point in time during the rise of reality television. Hogan Knows Best dominated the ratings game and a big reason for that was Brooke’s popularity on the show. The reality series centered around Brooke and Hulk’s relationship as she tried to make it in the music industry. The show’s success would also lead to Brooke getting her own spinoff, though it was ultimately short-lived.

As we’ve seen in the past, Hulk is a very protective father both on and off-screen (probably worse off-screen). In this article, we’ll feature candid Brooke pics that might see Hulk run wild. We include pics of Brooke by the beach, in concert and even in the wrestling ring like dad.

Enjoy folks, let’s get started.

16 Beach Time

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When it comes to candid photos, the beach or a pool setting tends to be easy access for the paparazzi. Luckily for them, Brooke adores chilling on the beach whether it be with her dad over in the Clearwater, Florida area or with mom out in California.

In truth, she really has the best of both worlds and a wonderful beach body as well.

15 Dad Takes The Weird Candid

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Ironically, Hulk is the one that took this photo. We can add it to the list of the many things Hogan probably wants to take back.

Hulk posted the picture to his Twitter account, complementing his daughter’s magnificent features. Of course, it would lead to some serious backlash amongst his followers – yea, he likely wants a do-over on that one.

14 The Proposal

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"Happiest moment of my LIFE. I am marrying my best friend. I [wouldn't] choose anyone else. I am so lucky and so grateful.”

Looking back, that quote is a little awkward to take in, especially considering Brooke would call off the wedding months later. The candid photo does look genuine, however, Brooke would ultimately choose her passion over music instead, this according to E Online.

13 Hulk Watches

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This one has to be atop the list of awkward photos Hulk wants to take back. He’s just creepily staring down his daughter and some dude as they enjoy the water.

Hulk and Brooke have a slew of bizarre pool pics. Who can forget Hulk rubbing lotion on Brooke in some not so PG areas... oh, brother!

12 Candid By The Back

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A candid shot of Brooke highlighting a certain asset. Hulk wouldn’t be too happy with this sneaky photo, even if it has everyone drooling just a little bit.

Candid pics are a little less nowadays, Brooke’s top days in the entertainment business took place over a decade ago with the rise of Hogan Knows Best, one of the first prominent reality shows.

11 Post Jail

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A picture every single person in the Hogan family wants to forget, Nick makes his way out of jail. It was a downward spiral for the family at the time. Nick served time, Hogan and his wife split and then Hogan Knows Best would get cancelled.

They would try to salvage things with Brooke Knows Best as a spinoff, though it failed to replicate the success of the original.

10 Jean Outfit

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Perhaps Brooke’s worst outfit of all-time, she received some serious heat from the media for this jean inspired ensemble, one that looks like it was created by a fifth-grader.

We’re not questioning her beauty or performance skills, just the outfit which really could’ve been avoided for anything else.

9 Out Of The Water

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She has us drooling in this photo. A big part of Brooke’s fantastic physique has to do with her younger days taking on gymnastics and cheerleading at the high school level.

She would change things up later as a teen, taking on dance, voice and piano lessons. Brooke never looked back following the experience, entering the music industry a couple of years later.

8 Candid With Bully

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Surprisingly, Brooke’s wrestling career just didn’t work. That might’ve had to do more so with timing and the promotion she joined. At that point, Impact wrestling was a sinking ship relying on wrestlers from the past.

Perhaps if she would enter the world of wrestling today, who knows, she might be a top performer in the ring, instead of a forgotten authority figure/lover of Bully Ray.

7 Another Performance

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This photo deals with the revealing nature of Brooke’s outfit, one Hulk might’ve been hesitant about. During her prime, Brooke was all about the revealing outfit choices. She did it all during her concerts including putting on a show via her dance routines.

Unfortunately for Brooke, despite the success of Hogan Knows Best, album sales never really lit things up for her.

6 Brooke & Stacks

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According to the rumor mill, these two had a close relationship behind the scenes and it is also believed that they dated – the pictures also back that statement up.

They worked a song alongside one another, Falling, which available on YouTube. We assume Hulk was “falling” himself once he saw the video of that very song...

5 Supporting Brooke

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Probably the oddest birthday any dad can attend. Although he did get a nice cake at the very end, Hulk was dealing with revealing Brooke pics throughout the night.

The pics basically featured Brooke, minimal clothing and a cage for whatever reason. It brought a smile to Brooke’s face so Hulk was available to toughen it out.

4 Yoga Pants

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This is a preferred candid picture from the masses. A lovely and fit beauty like Brooke rocking a pair of yoga pants.

She’s out in Studio City in the picture above alongside a couple of her friends. The paparazzi caught every bit of the former reality star and her hike.

3 In The Water

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A stunning candid that might make Hulk run wild. We can imagine the Hulkster running wild on the dude in the background.

Let’s imagine Hogan “Hulking Up,” feeding the guy a big boot followed by a devastating leg drop – the classic Hogan routine! Instead of pinning the dude, he’ll rush to get a towel for his daughter... or an oversized Hulkamania t-shirt.

2 Throwback Candid

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A beautiful throwback, candid. Brooke was at the height of her popularity at this point. The original plan behind Hogan Knows Best was supposed to be around Hulk’s WWE return.

However, it would change to Brooke and her music career, while her dad watched on. The concept definitely worked – here’s to hoping some type of reunion takes place!

1 More TNA

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Another candid picture of Brooke during her TNA days working as an authority figure - ultimately, the spot did more harm than good for Brooke.

There are rumors of Brooke wanting to start an all women’s wrestling promotion alongside some other wrestling daughters – this wouldn’t be a bad idea given the boom in women’s wrestling nowadays.

Sources – E Online & Wrestling Inc

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