16 Candid Photos Of Volleyball Players Revealing Too Much On The Court

In the late 1800s, volleyball first came to fruition over in Massachusetts. As of 1964, it was officially recognized as an Olympic sport. Nowadays, courts aren’t too hard to come by, especially in warmer climates. We can say the same for tournaments and leagues, which are very easy to access as well. The sport continues to grow in popularity, its rise continues today.

In this article, we’ll take things in a different direction, dissecting candid photos of players revealing too much on the court. We take a look at pictures taking place on the sandy beaches along with indoor venues. In both cases, the female beauties might’ve revealed more than they would’ve liked. Those darn candid pics truly have no remorse!

Enjoy folks, let’s get started!

16 Motivation

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Ah yes, we see this time and time again in the world of volleyball. A little butt slapping as a way of encouragement.

Not only that, but this picture takes place in the warm conditions out on the beach, meaning the gals are also wearing some revealing attire. We definitely want to be part of that team.

15 White & Red

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This volleyball player has us in a trance. Once again, some of the more revealing wardrobes and uniforms take place out in the sand. It is wise to wear this type of attire, it’ll only add to a player’s mobility on the court.

Perhaps she has a little sand stuck in a not so PG area, hence the hand placement that has teens all over the world drooling just a little bit.

14 Fernandez The Legend

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Not only is she regarded among the greatest beauties of the game but Fernandez is just as talented as she is beautiful.

She rose to popularity, particularly for her stunning look. When she takes the court in-doors, Winifer’s always turning heads, rocking those signature short-shorts we see in the picture above.

13 Covered In Sand

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This picture looks like a dream come true for some viewers watching at home.... this stunning volleyball star is probably thinking otherwise. She’s covered in sand from-head-to-toe, likely this went down after she tried to save a ball.

In fairness, we’d much rather dive in the sand than take a beating on the hard floor in a gym setting.

12 Jenny Kropp Candid

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A beauty and a champion of the game, in truth, we’re salivating over that lower body tattoo.

From Nebraska, she became part of the All-Region team in 2000 and 2001. She would also take part in the NORCEA Circuit in Guatemala, coming in fifth in the doubles action alongside partner Renee Cleary.

11 Candid In The Game

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The candid photos are the pics that really tend to reveal a little too much. The players normally aren’t ready for these types of photos – they can get snapped at any moment and in truth, the media tends to pick the worst possible times.

We can’t say the same for this photo, a job well done that’s for sure.

10 Waiting In Position

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Who can forget the days of playing volleyball during gym time? It was great fun, at least for most. The sport requires a lot of focus, if you were staring at someone sitting on the sidelines, chance are you ate a ball to the face.

That’s not the case with this player who looks more than ready for the serve.

9 Short Shorts In The Gym

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Outdoor volleyball typically features women rocking bathing suit bottoms. Yes, it has us drooling but the indoor uniform isn’t too shabby either, as evidenced by the photo above.

The picture shows these two beauties in a candid picture, rocking those revealing blue colored shorts. Without a doubt, they’re putting in the work on and off the court.

8 Fernandez On The Ground

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This photo went absolutely viral and it isn’t hard to understand why. Winifer lays down on that cold ground but all we see is absolute heat coming out of this photo, especially given her not so PG stance.

Clearly, she’s putting in the work, especially when it comes to lower body day at the gym. Never skip leg day, girls and boys.

7 Saving It

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We admire this player from Turkey and their devotion to keeping the play alive. Let’s think back to our days in the gym, there was always that one person that wouldn’t take that extra plunge for a ball, instead, staring at it as it hit the ground.

That person usually got picked last – unlike this Turkish beauty that probably got picked first all the time.

6 More Diving

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This female volleyball player must really love the sport. Not only is she saving the ball while diving on the sand but she’s also doing so while sporting a smile from ear to ear.

That’s really what it is all about, having fun while keeping positive and doing what you love.

5 Indoor Reveal

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This team doesn’t need the warm condition of the outdoors in order to rock bathing suit bottoms.

Oddly enough, they rock the attire in the indoor setting. It does look a little bit odd but hey, most aren’t complaining one bit. The tactic looks as though it is working, the team is all smiles in the candid picture and so are we.

4 In The Zone

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Another stunning candid from the outdoors. We needed to zoom this picture just a little bit as this player’s backside was a bit too revealing for our platform here over on The Things.

Nonetheless, we applaud her glute work, and that lower back tattoo is a big added bonus as well.

3 Bronzed Alpha

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Outdoor volleyball can definitely change anyone’s skin tone – especially on those hot and humid days.

Just playing in the sun for a couple of hours can make anyone feel as though they’ve been on vacation for over a week, especially when it is by the water – like the player in the photo above.

2 Diving For Canada

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A candid shot of a beautiful Canadian player taken at the Rio Games in 2016. Canada failed to make the podium, unfortunately.

The top honor went to China out of the 12 nations competing. Serbia took home second place while the US managed to reach the podium finishing with a bronze medal. US finished with silver the year prior.

1 Fernandez One Last Time

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She started playing at the age of 10. Although Fernandez went viral for her steamy photos and videos, this gal has the brains as well, graduating with a degree in Business Administration.

Behind the scenes, those that know Fernandez consider the volleyball star highly intelligent and quite witty.

Sources – ESPN, Pinterest & Daily Mail

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