16 Candid Photos The Cash Me Outside Girl Didn’t Want To Take

In the fall of 2016, Bregoli’s life changed forever after she challenged a member of the audience to encounter after the show... to put it lightly. What ensued was something truly spectacular to witness – we don’t blame Dr. Phil for not wanting to take credit as Bregoli turned into a viral sensation and the impact can still be felt to this day. She recently signed a million-dollar music deal not to mention countless endorsement deals worth in the six-figures with a makeup company and all sorts of other brands.

In this article, we’ll put her success aside and take a look at some of her most regrettable candid photos. We have photos in airports along with controversial pics featuring Bregoli in scuffles with others...

Enjoy folks, let’s get started!

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16 Airport With Mom

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Along with Dr. Phil, Danielle’s mom is a huge reason for Bregoli’s current fame. She does a lot of traveling with her daughter – after all, let’s not forget Bregoli is still only a teen.

The travel life can be quite the grind as evidenced by the photo above. The paparazzi were all over this photo showing the Catch Me Outside Girl completely out of it and covered in a blanket.

15 Airplane Troubles

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We could have done a list alone on controversial moments featuring Bregoli. Let’s not forget, she was only 13 when the viral fame hit from the Dr. Phil show.

She made the headlines on more than a few occasions since then. This moment is definitely a forgettable one as she got into a physical exchange with other passengers on an airplane. An onlooker caught the entire ordeal and she was kicked off the plane with her mom.

14 Grocery Shopping

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She became a star on Dr. Phil and suddenly, she also turned into a rap star – it all happened so fast for Bregoli and her huge fame. To this day, Dr. Phil himself refuses to take credit and we really don’t blame him... or do we?

Nonetheless, she likely wasn’t accustomed to this life, getting snapped in an early candid out in LA while grocery shopping.

13 Waking Up In Perth

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That travel life... yup, it just isn’t for everyone. The biggest stars travel privately – during her earlier days Bregoli was forced into taking regular flights like the rest of us.

Here we have a candid photo of the Dr. Phil show star looking completely out of it and again, covered in a blanket. She had just touched down in Perth.

12 Kicked Out

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Back in the fall of 2018, Bregoli took part in a special Cardi B Fashion Nova event. Now, most would assume Danielle would be on her best behavior taking part in such a big event with stars at just about every corner – but yea, that wasn’t the case.

The result was this picture and an interview with TMZ after getting kicked out of the party for throwing a drink in Iggy Azalea’s face...

11 Shopping In Hollywood

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She’s still a teen, meaning, she definitely loves to shop – especially out in LA. Given all the endorsement deals and appearances, Bregoli made more than enough cash to enjoy the finer things in life.

Heck, she can even afford to walk the streets of LA with her own personal bodyguard towering over herself and mother.

10 Court Candid

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Bregoli was in and out of Florida court back in the summer of 2017 for multiple charges. That’s really not what most 14-year-olds are facing at the time but yea, Bregoli is definitely an exception.

Although she looks kind of relaxed, her four charges are no laughing matter. She was ultimately sentenced to a five-year probation period.

9 The Mystery Man

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We have all sorts of different candids in this article, we even have a photo featuring Danielle alongside a mystery man that had all the tabloids buzzing. The two appeared to be very close in candid settings like the airport.

Clearly, there’s more than an age gap between these two. The relationship was kept on the DL for obvious reasons.

8 Airport & TMZ

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She spends most of her time out in LA, Bregoli also does lots of traveling whether it is for concerts or other appearances. By now, she’s definitely used to all the attention, especially at the LAX airport.

Not only does she need to be ready for candid photos but the same goes for interviews with the likes of TMZ.

7 Getting Ready

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Given the controversy attached to her name, it only makes sense that Bregoli walks around with a bodyguard at all times. She’s also still a teen and needs that guidance as well.

To her credit, she’s doing her thing at the moment in the hip hop scene, her recent track Get Like Me received over 10 million clicks via YouTube, released in late June.

6 Still Just A Kid

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We forget at times, but she’s still only a kid and these candid pictures remind us of that. Bregoli is spotted outside of Dylan’s Candy Bar out in West Hollywood.

She definitely looks her age in the picture, with her I Love LA shirt and bag of different goodies.

5 In The Zone

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Growing up wasn’t the easiest for Danielle, she basically was raised by a single mom, her parents both separated at a younger age.

That might be a cause for her ways in the future – by 13 she was already off the rails which isn’t the greatest sign. The picture above reminds us of that...

4 Encounter With Woah Vicky

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A mall fight out in Glendale... These two internet celebs have a similar track record. Bregoli knows all about the altercations while Vicky also had a reputation of scrapping it out in public malls.

The candid video went viral with onlookers crowding the two. It is said that a nine-year-old was also involved in the scuffle...

3 Airport Walk

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Slowly but surely, she’ll get enough money to end her travels at airports with the rest of us. She recently inked a $1 million songwriting deal, according to TMZ.

Not only that, but Bregoli also signed a deal worth a near million alongside Copycat Beauty. A deal with a mobile game is another one of her recent big-money moves as well.

2 Sitting In Court

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For now, these controversial days seem to be a thing of the past. Without a doubt, Bregoli in and out of court was a stressful time for not only herself but the family as well.

She seems to be making the right decisions at the moment – when she really stars to focus, Bregoli does in fact have a rated PG side to her.

1 With David Spade

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She ripped David Spade in a music video for wearing Gucci flip flops, this according to The Wrap. Bregoli would also take shots at the celebrity via IG back in 2017.

This hilarious but yet awkward candid photo shows to two alongside one another – a pic Danielle might’ve regretted.

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