16 Candid Pics Lindsey Vonn Wishes She Could Take Back

She was on skis thanks to her grandfather at the age of two. By the age of nine, Vonn decided to become a championship skier was her destiny – all this came about after she met Picabo Street.

She would go on to enjoy a fabulous career on the Olympic stage. However, her fame would exceed the Olympics, becoming a household name for other reasons whether it be her relationships or oh so many endorsement deals. She’s also a giant via platforms like IG with a near two million followers.

In this article, we’ll feature candid photos she might want to take back. Pics include old flames from the past along with untimely photos she might not want us to see. Enjoy the article folks, let’s get started.

16 Family Vacation With Tiger

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They met in 2012 and would start to date in early 2013. Clearly, as the picture above indicates, things got quite serious between the two.

Not only was Vonn present for most of Tiger’s performances on the green but she even took part in lots of family activities, including a vacation alongside Woods and the children.

15 South Beach With PK

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She grabbed all the headlines for this candid photo as the likes of TMZ, The Big Lead and 12 UP all had a field day with the revealing photo. Just a couple of months ago, Vonn took to the beach alongside her man PK Subban.

Let’s just say her outfit of choice had everyone talking, she turned South Beach upside down!

14 Extra TV

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Vonn made an appearance alongside Extra TV. She had all the folks talking once again for her outfit of choice. This candid photo gets a shot of Vonn as she’s making her way to the set of the show.

Everything was on point that day – however, the shot is a creepy one in truth, even if does compliment a certain area...

13 Malfunction For Charity

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This just seems to be the norm out of LA. We’re not sure what’s in the air, however, wardrobe malfunctions tend to happen more times than not, especially at exclusive red carpet events.

It was a minor malfunction as Vonn’s dress lifted, but only briefly as she was posing for pictures. The sport that she is, the former gold medalist was able to laugh it off.

12 Spotted With PK

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The picture itself really isn’t all that bad at all and quite flattering, to be frank. What Vonn might not have anticipated, however, was getting seen with Subban on the day, which officially sparked the dating rumors.

The rumors would only grow when Vonn was once again seen at a Nashville Predators game. She’ll have to make more trips to New Jersey next season, given PK recently joined his new team.

11 Hanging Upside Down

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You don’t become one of the greatest US skiers without a serious amount of hard work in the gym area. Not only is Vonn devoted to her career but she also loves to train in general.

She took to Santa Monica and their perfect beaches, instead of lying in the sun Vonn decided to work some bodyweight exercises. Of course, the paparazzi needed to intervene.

10 Another Ex

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Her most recent ex is Kenan Smith, an NFL assistant coach. The two dated for a year, Vonn started to date Subban shortly after the breakup.

The relationship seemed to be a positive one – the couple took several trips during their time together. It doesn’t seem like there was any ill-will between the two following the separation.

9 The Ex-Husband

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Yes, Lindsey was in a different place a decade ago. She met ex-husband Thomas Vonn in 2002 with the US ski team. In 2007, they took things to the next level getting hitched.

The divorce was finalized in 2013 after a four-year marriage. It was announced soon after that Vonn was dating someone else... scroll down to the next image to find out whom...

8 Hiding In Capri

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It is starting to become a theme we’re all noticing, Vonn, starts to date a new man and they enjoy lots of vacation time right out of the gate. Now that’s an easy way to strengthen a bond!

Lindsey and PK enjoyed a wonderful Italy trip – though in certain instances they wanted to be under the radar, like in the pic above with Vonn ducking out in Capri.

7 Vonn & Ludwig

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A star on Vikings and the Hunger Games, Ludwig enjoyed a brief relationship with Vonn in April of 2016.

They wanted to keep things on the DL given some of their pics, though, in truth, it is impossible to go unnoticed out in LA or attending an NBA game...

6 Miami Party

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Vonn is a well-balanced individual. Sure, she likes to eat clean and train hard in the gym – though she also likes to enjoy a day or night out, whether it be at a fancy restaurant or Miami beach party.

We credit Vonn for the picture above as she enjoys the day – though surely, she could’ve done without the candid picture.

5 With The Sis

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She’s alongside her sister in the photo above – one she likely didn’t want to take. Celebs tend to be pretty strict when it comes to pics with family members – that works double when they don’t know the picture is taken in the first place.

At the very least, she’s looking great as usual.

4 Night In West Hollywood

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Credit to Vonn, she doesn’t stop living her life because of the fame that surrounds her name. She’s often spotted out in the LA area. This picture shows Vonn leaving Craig’s, a hot spot out in West Hollywood.

Some might say the photo is a little too revealing with Vonn’s jeans kind of slipping off.

3 The New Mom

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She was all-in during her time with Tiger. Even after the two split, she continued to defend the pro golfer – Vonn even blamed the media for the end of their relationship.

Vonn defended Tiger following his arrest. However, the two have clearly both moved on nowadays with new partners – she might want to forget about such pictures.

2 Pool Party

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She took part in more than a couple of pool parties – it is hard to go unnoticed when you’re Vonn, whether it be with the paparazzi or even just an onlooker at hand.

Everyone wants a snap of the legendary Olympian, even if it is at a pool party with more than a couple of beverages in Vonn’s system.

1 Presidents Cup

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We close off the article with another picture featuring Vonn and Woods. The two had lots of good times together – Lindsey definitely didn’t shy away from the appearances, especially during tournaments like the Presidents Cup.

Given the smile on her face, she was more than happy at the time, playing a prank on her former man.

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