20 Candid Pics Of Celeb Couples Who Crumbled In Front Of Our Eyes

Staying together with that “special someone” is hard enough. Add in the Hollywood element, and the chances a couple will remain in a relationship forever grow slimmer. Even those couples who seem to have it all may not be able to last the long run, and we see their unions crash and burn before our very eyes. It’s sad to see them split, but perhaps it’s for the better. If they can’t work through their issues, then throwing in the towel is the way it goes.

These 20 pics below show celeb couples who once were in love, but the spark fizzled out. Each relationship has its own reason for failing, but in the end, the outcome is all the same. We read about the rumors in the tabloids, but soon enough, each person is paired up with someone new. Why grieve the relationship when a new romance is right around the corner?

20 Miley And Liam

Via: etonline.com

Miley and Liam were together for years. They had an on-again, off-again relationship that was sweet while it lasted, but just recently, they split for what seems like for good.

Miley has been photographed getting hot and heavy with a female companion, and Liam seems devastated that they’re getting a divorce. Maybe these two can take some time apart and come back together stronger and more secure. Miley may even write a song about it.

19 Khloe And Lamar

Via: blakkpepper.com

Khloe and Lamar’s relationship was rough. They aired all their dirty laundry on reality television and exposed the worst aspects of their marriage for the world to see.

Lamar’s poor choices and bad behavior ultimately led to the end of their marriage, only for Khloe to get with another guy who allegedly cheated on her. Perhaps she’s picking the wrong guys.

18 Jennifer And Marc

Via: Latintimes.com

Jennifer and Marc seemed to be happy for a while, even producing two children while they were together. These two had a lot in common, but apparently not enough for their marriage to last.

It seems like they’re still friends, so at least they were able to be cordial for the sake of their children.

17 Ariana And Pete

Via: glamour.com

Ariana and Pete seemed like an unlikely pair, but somehow they found that spark that couldn’t be put out. Eventually, the flame faded and these two parted ways.

They both have a lot going on, so maybe the timing was off. They are both young, so perhaps in a few years, they can see if they still have chemistry.

16 Kris And (Then) Bruce

Via: mirror.co.uk

Kris and Bruce were together for 20+ years. They raised a blended family and things were going OK…until they weren’t.

First, they decided to live apart, then Bruce revealed his true identity and embarked on an emotional journey to finally become Caitlyn. We saw it all on television, but did Kris see it coming?

15 Reese And Ryan

Via: Wmagazine.com

Reese and Ryan were the young A-list couple that everyone wanted to be like. They were rich, famous, good looking, and likable. Together they had two kids and their relationship was smooth sailing.

But like many marriages, theirs went south. Love doesn’t always last forever, but at least their story started out on a high note.

14 Amber And Johnny

Via: thestir.cafemom.com

Amber and Johnny were hot and heavy for a while, but their relationship was in ruins in the blink of an eye. She accused him of doing all sorts of bad things, but he says she’s nothing but a liar.

Will the truth ever come out or will we forever speculate what happened between them? It would certainly make for an interesting movie. They could star as themselves.

13 Gaga And Christian

Via: alwaysmountaintime.com

Lady Gaga was engaged to Christian for a while, but the two never made it to the altar to say, “I do.” Rumors swirled that Gaga was in love with her co-star Bradly Cooper, but they’ve denied the story despite how it seemed.

Gaga isn’t your average woman, so it takes a special guy to stand by her side. Perhaps Christian couldn’t cut it.

12 Jenna And Channing

Via: cosmopolitan.com

Jenna and Channing were the cutest couple. They met on set and the romance was undeniable. They are both talented and attractive, so the chemistry was instantaneous. They married and stayed together for a while, but to everyone’s surprise, they announced their shocking split.

Two newly-single hotties on the market was no bummer for their many admirers.

11 Anna And Chris

Via: popsugar.com

Anna and Chris were together for years, they had a son, and things were apparently going swimmingly. Perhaps Hollywood went to Chris’ head when he became more famous and a whole lot fitter.

They broke up and moved on; Chris even remarried. The two seem to be keeping the peace, so maybe their marriage just wasn’t meant to be.

10 Jennifer And Justin

Via: closerweekly.com

After her big breakup with Brad, fans were happy to see Jen find love again with Justin. They were married for a while and things appeared to be A-OK, but it wasn’t long before the marriage was over.

Jen may not marry again, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe in love. Justin’s kind of a low-key guy, so who knows what his romantic future will hold.

9 Britney And Justin

Via: bustle.com

Britney and Justin were the pop star pairing everyone was rooting for. At the time, they were super popular and everyone wanted to see them succeed.

Of course, lots of folks felt like the relationship was a set-up for publicity, so we’ll never really know the scoop. Of course, these two weren’t destined to last, but looking back, it was cute to see them coupled up.

8 Mariah And James

Via: okmagazine.com

Mariah and James seemed like an odd couple from the get-go, but she insisted that it was the real deal. Fans were curious about the rich guy who popped out of nowhere and somehow managed to sweep Mariah off her feet.


While the relationship seemed weird to some, true Mariah fans hoped it would work out if that’s what she wanted. Looks like Cupid had other plans…and they parted.

7 MacKenzie And Jeff

Via: eonline.com

MacKenzie was with Jeff well before he was super rich and successful. Amazon made him a billionaire, and now that they’ve split, MacKenzie is rolling in the dough too.

Most people probably didn’t give a second thought about their relationship until they split up. Even business people become tabloid fodder if the story is juicy enough.

6 Katie And Tom

Via: NYdailynews.com

Katie and Tom were together for years, but their relationship was constantly under the microscope. They managed to last for a while, have a kid, and give the marriage a shot despite the haters.

It was only time before this much-talked-about marriage crumbled, and it seems like there’s no friendship since the split.

5 Gwyneth And Chris

Via: usatoday.com

Gwyneth and Chris seemed to have a blissful life with two cute kids and all they could ask for. Then there came the announcement of their “conscious uncoupling” and the world went wild.

Despite the drama, these two remain close and even vacation together. Perhaps other parents can follow suit if they have kids and split up.

4 Demi And Ashton

Via: bravotv.com

Demi and Ashton seemed to be in love, but people couldn’t get over the considerable age difference. They didn’t care, but maybe the pressure is what made the marriage lose its longevity.

They obviously wanted it to work, but there’s so much scrutiny when you’re in the public eye. At least they had fun while it lasted.

3 Miranda And Blake

Via: usatoday.com

Miranda and Blake were the cute country couple that fans adored. They looked the part and seemed inseparable.

Their marriage was like a country song…both good and bad. As we know, they are no longer together, but Miranda is recently remarried and Blake is super happy in his long-term relationship.

2 Jennifer And Ben

Via: starmagazine.com

Jennifer and Ben looked like the perfect Hollywood couple, had three cute kids, and maintained great careers in the biz.

But Ben has his issues, and they took a great toll on the marriage. Jennifer was by his side through the drama, but it certainly doesn’t mean she wants him back.

1 Angelina And Brad

Via: shemazing.net

Angelina and Brad started off with lots of side eyes and shaking heads, but they insisted Brad and Jen were over before they got together. That said, Ange and Brad married and had a full family, but after all is said and done, the marriage wasn’t strong enough to survive.

Despite the breakup, we’re guessing these two will still have pretty extraordinary lives.

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