24 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change Captain Marvel

March 2019 saw the release of Captain Marvel, yet another home run for the long running Marvel Cinematic Universe. It stands as an outlier - in the most positive way - to the twenty other films in the franchise for several reasons, the biggest of which is being the first female-led MCU film, something long overdue for a saga spanning more than ten years. The movie itself is a fine addition to the catalog, with a story that goes to unexpected places, a tone that isn't afraid to get ridiculous while still maintaining a serious plot, and the glorious return of Agent Coulson to the big screen.

Like most films, there were plenty of cameras on set not capturing performances, but documenting behind the scenes moments. For this list, we will present twenty four of these photos that completely change the way one looks at the film, the actors, and the crew that made it. Some of them are funny, others are simply interesting. Let it be noted that none of them are meant to look down on the film or maliciously poke fun at the actors, as everyone who took part in the production is a wonderful human being for bringing this fantastic adventure to theaters.

So get ready to cuddle with your Flerkens, because here are 24 Behind The Scenes Photos That Completely Change Captain Marvel

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Sam Jackson picking his teeth
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24 Picking His Teeth

Sam Jackson picking his teeth
via reddit.com

Some readers may be a little grossed out by this one, but think about it for a second. This is something we all do, so why should it be considered unsightly? Granted, there are several regular bodily functions most people would never want to watch other people do, but removing food from one's mouth in public would never be considered indecent exposure. Sam Jackson is a world famous movie star, and he can do whatever he wishes with his mouth and fingers.

23 Ready For Action

Brie Larson Suiting Up
via reddit.com

Brie Larson means business in this photo. Executioners have had lighter expressions when putting on their hoods in preparation for some medieval justice. To be fair, though, most people would feel pretty awesome and get into the serous mood when donning a pilot's uniform. What really makes this special is the guy standing next to her, whose expression screams "just another day at the office." Even if his office is at an air force base, most jobs get normal after doing it every day.

22 Director And Actress

Captain Marvel - Director Anna Boden and Brie Larson
via imgur.com

Captain Marvel was directed by two people, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who have consistently worked together in some capacity for over fifteen years. Pictured here with star Brie Larson is Anna Boden. This isn't the first time an MCU film has been tackled by co-directors; Joe and Anthony Russo helmed the second and third Captain America films along with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. It's hard to imagine how work is delegated among two directors and how decisions are made.

21 Co-stars Having Fun

Brie Larson and Sam Jackson
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Similar to nineties action movies, this throwback film sees an unlikely pair teaming up to save the day. Watch out, Riggs and Murtaugh, there's a new duo in town coming for your jobs, and their names are Carol Danvers and Nick Fury. Every moment of their adventure together, from their first meeting to their goodbyes, is pure joy to behold. The stakes are high, but their interaction brings a levity to the picture that prevents the mood from getting too dour.

20 Wide Eyed

Brie Larson Deer In the headlights
via youtube.com

Freeze frames of faces always turn out some interesting results. In this case, Brie Larson has a deer in the headlights expression while answering the interviewer's question. Most people would look weird with this expression, but Brie still manages to look incredible even with what otherwise be an awkward look. Nothing could possibly negatively affect the actress's image or reputation, not even her less than stellar attempts at pop music stardom years before becoming a recognizable face on the big screen.

19 You'll Believe A Person Can Fly

Brie Larson Flying
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Everyone knows that Brie Larson wasn't actually flying around in space, but it's still a little disheartening to see how it was done. It is harder to lose one's self in the scenes without imagining a blue suited man standing behind her, guiding every movement. At the same time, it serves as a solid reminder that not even super heroes can do everything by themselves. As all powerful as Captain Marvel is, she still needs help in order to save the day.

18 Reggie The Goose

One of the cats that plays goose
via reddit.com

If anybody is on the fence about seeing this film, saying a cat is prominently featured convince a few people to head to the theaters. Not only does Goose get plenty of screen time, but he's vital to some of the most memorable moments. For a solid portion of the run time Goose is generated using CGI. For the other parts, he was portrayed by several different felines, one of them being Reggie. Hats off to anybody who successfully trains a cat for a film shoot.

17 Wink And A Smile

Captain Marvel Wink and a smile
via ew.com

The film takes place over a couple of days, and Carol Danvers is serious throughout most of it, save for a few moments of respite. She is a soldier on a mission, after all, and warriors are rarely seen cracking grins while out in the field. When the cameras stop rolling, however, is an entirely different story. Brie Larson is a cheery spirit, and her vibrant personality seemed to be flowing freely during the shoot, evidenced here by her happy expression.

16 Two Directors

Captain Marvel Anna Boden
via imgur.com

Looking at the duo's prior filmography, one would not expect them to be the right pair for bringing this grandiose superhero to life. Films like Half Nelson, Sugar, and It's Kind of a Funny Story don't exactly scream big budget action spectacles, but Marvel Studios knows how to pick its creative talent, and they chose wisely when giving these two a call. Maybe they do not have blockbusters under their belt, but they brought something uniquely special to the table.

15 Suspended In Air

Brie Larson Suspended by strings
via reddit.com

What's better than getting a shoulder message? How about getting a shoulder massage from Brie Larson while she is held up by strings. It's a funny image for sure, and none of the humor is lost on the two people in the photo. Few people would be able to resist becoming overcome with the joy and giddiness that comes with floating around a room on a film set. It must have taken Brie a long time to adjust to it and stay in character.

14 One Of These Is Not Like The Other

Captain Marvel incongruous clothing
via ew.com

Two of the three people pictured above are a part of the scene and dressed in their character's garb, while the other is the director; can any reader guess who the director is? It is a difficult question, but surely there are some observant readers who can spot the filmmaker among the three. Of course, the answer is quite obvious, considering the dark pink street clothes one of them is wearing compared to the other worldly dark green garb of the other two.

13 Marvel's Newest Cameraman

Brie Larson Sam Jackson and Cameraman
via imgur.com

Behind the camera of every shot was one of Marvel's lesser known superheroes, Cameraman. The unsung savior is always there to document the heroics of the other costumed protagonists as they soak in all the glory. Meanwhile, Cameraman is forced to patiently wait and point his trusty tool. He's not upset by this destiny, however, for he knows - were it not for him, no one would ever be able to see these wonderful films. The whole world salutes you, Cameraman.

12 Intense View During Interview

Brie Larson funny interview look
via youtube.com

In this interview photo, Brie Larson looks like she just witnessed something divinely incredible and is currently doing her best to convey the emotion to people who were not there themselves. This very well may be the case, considering she had already read the script to Avengers: Endgame and filmed her scenes by this point. The cruel reality of her world now, however, is being contractually obligated to remain mum on any of the details, lest she face severe repercussions from the studio.

11 Just Skrullin' Around

Captain Marvel Directors with skrull
via imgur.com

One of the unfortunate things for actors in science fiction films is the risk of having one's face completely obscured by makeup and prosthetics. The opportunity to perform in a popular movie is great, but it is less advantageous for a career if no one can recognize the actor. Ben Mendelsohn got the best of both worlds; one of his Skrull disguises is simply the actor without makeup and wearing a pair of glasses. A solid portion of the audience still may not have realized he was the same actor.

10 Not So Much Space In Space

Captain Marvel BTS in space
via reddit.com

Unfortunately, humanity has not progressed to the point of being able to film in the depths of outer space. Until then, filmmakers will have to rely on special effects and sets, two things that have served the medium well over its more than one hundred year existence. For the most part, films are able to successfully sell the illusion of being in the final frontier, but perhaps someday soon directors will be able to film scenes outside of earth's atmosphere.

9 Real Pilots

Captain Marvel - Brie Larson
via ew.com

It's not uncommon for actors to shadow the profession they are playing. Sometimes, they even work the job for a brief period before filming. Robert De Niro worked as a cabbie in preparation for his iconic role as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, and Brie Larson spent time at an air force base with actual pilots. Posing here with Brie is Jeannie Leavitt, one of the several people who helped Larson prepare as best she could to play a convincing pilot.

8 Sam And Brie

Sam Jackson before deaging
via reddit.com

What's that stuff on Samuel Jackson's face? Is it a new type of jewelry, or a spiritual accessory? Neither, those dots are placed on the actor and used in post production to pull off the de-aging effect. This has been done in films before, but never so convincingly or for an actor's whole performance. Jackson still looks incredible at seventy years old, so de-aging wasn't as monumental a task as it would be with most other people his age. We all know how the saying goes - true beauty is ageless.

7 Sith Lord Brie

Brie Larson in a sheet
via imgur.com

No, this is not a leaked footage showing Brie Larson in a Sith Lord outfit from the new Star Wars film, mainly because she is not in that film. Instead, the fashionable sheet is probably used to conceal her costume from the public eye, or perhaps to keep her warm in between takes. The man next to her is wearing a jacket, but then there is someone in shorts behind them, so it is difficult to say if it was a cold day.

6 Cinematographer

Captain Marvel Directors With Cinematographer
via reddit.com

The dude standing with the directors and pointing ahead is Cinematographer Ben Davis. Before working on several MCU projects, Davis was involved in several classic films like Layer Cake, Kick-Ass, and Seven Psychopaths. Despite all this venerable work, most would be hard pressed to recall his name or pick out his face in a lineup. Cinematography is a crucially part of film making, but one that remains underappreciated. Take a moment to thank all of the cinematographers around the world.

5 No Glasses For Brie

Brie Larson in outfit
via ign.com

It must have been large hat and sunglasses day on the set when this photo was taken, or perhaps it was just an unbearably warm and sunny afternoon. There are few things more inconvenient in everyday life than having to bright sunshine without shades, but this is exactly what Brie Larson must do. One doesn't want to squint their eyes too much, for risk of prematurely developing wrinkles, but they also don't want to be blinded by the sun's intense rays.

4 Kitty Or Goose?

Brie Larson in outfit
via reddit.com

Actors, and anybody in a position of fame and power, should always look up to kitties for inspiration. Cat actors don't care if their movie was a massive hit or an embarrassing flop. They also are unimpressed by mountains of adoring fans and aren't bothered by harsh critics. All they need in life is food, water, light shelter, and something to cuddle with. Everything else is irrelevant. If more people in general lived with this philosophy, the population would probably be happier.

3 On A Talk Show

Brie Larson on a talk show
via youtube.com

That suit is absolutely incredible. Many may think the audience is clapping and cheering for the actress, but it is more likely that the attention is focused on how fashionable that attire is. It is no surprise coming from Brie, however, as the actress is often seen in stylish clothing, and pulls off the color blue perfectly. In fact, her best use of blue came on Halloween when she dressed up as Samus Aran from the legendary Nintendo franchise, Metroid.

2 Funny Faces

Sam Jackson Brie Larson funny faces
via imgur.com

The movie gets funnier than most would have expected, but the characters themselves remain serious throughout the two hour plus run time. This photo showcases are sillier side of the two stars as they display wacky facial expressions. It's unknown if the faces are intentional or not, but it still elicits laughs either way. Brie looks a little desperate, like she should have asked for directions to the bathroom half an hour ago, and Sam's smooth smile hardly seems like the appropriate reaction.

1 Suiting Up

Brie Larson Suiting up in Captain Marvel uniform
via justjared.com

Being a superhero is hard work, but playing a superhero is awesome. The one downside that may come with the job is the difficulty that comes with getting into costume. Rarely is it something someone can do by themselves. At the same time, however, Brie Larson must feel like royalty when someone assists her in getting dressed. Looking at the several pieces involved in putting on the suit, it makes one wonder how uncomfortable it can get, especially on hot days.

What are your favorite moments from Captain Marvel? Let us know in the comments!

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