10 Cars In The Garages Of WWE Divas From The Past (And 10 From The Present)

Whether you think it is 'fake' or if you are gripped by the intense action, everybody knows what WWE is and the Superstars who put their bodies on the line each and every week have the platform to become genuine megastar celebrities through it.

The company earns an incredible amount of money through Network subscriptions and live event ticket sales, as well as merchandise and movies, which allows Vince McMahon to pay his top talent a very good wage.

This then allows the wrestlers to own some of the finer things in life, from fancy clothes to million dollar mansions to the best cars in the world. The WWE Divas have always been a popular part of the product, and nowadays they are finally being presented on a level playing field to the men.

However, this doesn't mean that fans are any less interested than when they were doing bikini contests during the Attitude Era, with the women of WWE being some of the most popular talents in the entire company.

Because of this, people have wanted to know even more about their personal lives through social media, and shows such as Total Divas, with fans now knowing more than ever about the stars of WWE, from where they live to what cars they drive.

Within this article, we will be taking a look at 10 current WWE Divas, and the cars that are in their garage, as well as 10 WWE Divas from the past, from the Attitude Era to more recent retirements, and checking out what rides they own.

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20 Present: Becky Lynch - Pickup With Paddleboard Attachment

Photo: IG

Lynch is a legitimate megastar and is now set to remain at the very top of the card for years to come, as The Man, Lynch has no doubt earned an incredible sum of money from her recent rise to the top.

However, Lynch and her boyfriend, Seth Rollins, tend to live a very relaxed life, hence why you won't see her riding about in a Ferrari, instead opting for a simple pickup truck with a paddleboard attachment, allowing her to enjoy time off on the waves.

19 Past: Alundra Blayze - Monster Truck

Photo: Monster Jam

Nobody will forget the moment when Madusa appeared on WCW Nitro to dump the Women’s Championship Belt into a garbage can, creating one of the most talked about moments in the history of wrestling.

Interestingly, Madusa has a real love and passion for the world of Monster Trucks, having worked in the circuit, even serving as a VP for the Major League Of Monster Trucks. Her love extended beyond just watching and being involved though, as she ended up getting a Monster Truck of her own, which just so happens to be called “Madusa.”

18 Present: Carmella - BMW X1

Photo: Twitter

Carmella might be getting used in a more comedic manner as of late, with her on-screen partnership with R-Truth showing a different side to her, but Carmella did have a standout 2018 that saw her become the SmackDown Live Women's Champion.

Carmella went from being the final pick in the WWE draft to becoming WWE Women's Champion, instantly changing her career and the rest of her life. After reaching the very top of the mountain, Carmella opted to treat herself and the "Princess of Staten Island" picked up a BMX X1, an impressive car that is fit for a top WWE Superstar.

17 Past: Brie Bella - Honda Fit

Photo: YouTube

Brie Bella might be looked at as someone who loves everything glamorous in life from her time on Total Divas, but that really is not the case, with Brie being somewhat of a hippie who loves trying to help the planet with her husband, Daniel Bryan.

This would explain why she doesn’t drive a flashy, overly expensive car like other people on this list, instead, driving around in a more family-friendly Honda Fit, which is the total opposite of what her twin sister owns. It might not be a supercar, there is nothing wrong with the Honda Fit, which is a good reliable ride that Brie clearly thinks is best for herself and her family, and given that she has a young daughter, it makes sense.

16 Present: Natalya - BMW i8

Photo: Instagram

Nattie has also been a featured member on Total Divas every since the first season, being the only cast member outside of the Bella Twins to feature on every season, all of this has amassed an impressive fortune.

Recently, Natalya made the decision to treat herself, and her recently retired husband Tyson Kidd to a brand new BMW i8. Considering the difficult time she has had lately, losing her father, the car likely went a long way to cheer her up.

15 Past: Stacy Keibler - Lexus RX

Photo: Hawt Celebs

The former WWE Superstar is one of the most popular names of all time from the Diva era, with her infectious personality and charisma helping her win over the WWE Universe during a very popular time for the company.

Keibler may not have been seen as one of the best in-ring talents of all time, but she certainly had a personality and even stayed in the limelight post-WWE with a run on Dancing with the Stars. However, despite her glamorous lifetime, Stacy has also opted for a safer, more family-friendly car, much like Brie Bella. This could be because of the birth of her child, but she now drives a Lexus RX, providing plenty of room for all.

14 Present: Lana - Maserati

Photo: Instagram

Lana perhaps gets the honor of having the best garage in the entire female locker room right now, owning a vast collection of high quality and very expensive supercars, which she often takes pictures with for her social media channels.

Even though Lana hasn't had as much in-ring success as other people on this list, she has been a featured athlete for several years now in the company, both on WWE television and on the hit reality show, Total Divas. This has allowed her to grow an impressive bank account, which she has clearly splashed out onto several cars, including the all-black Mesarati that you can see in the above photo.

13 Past: Lita - Chevrolet Malibu

Photo: Pinterest

Lita is considered by many wrestling fans to be the greatest female wrestler in the history of the business, with her highflying style mesmerizing fans with her incredible partnerships with Edge and the Hardy Boyz being fondly remembered by all WWE fans.

Lita was a standout performer, proving that women were more than capable of taking to the top rope and risking her body, with her long-time feud with Trish Stratus often being talked about still to this day. When it comes to her personal life, Lita tends to live a very chilled life and doesn’t splash the cash around all that much, and that is how she chooses things in regards to her cars, driving a modest Chevrolet Malibu.

12 Present: Mandy Rose- Mercedes Benz

Photo: IG

After establishing herself as a major star for the future, Rose decided to treat herself to one of her first big purchases with her WWE money, picking up a Mercedes Benz, which she was incredibly proud of as she boasted about the car on her IG account.

Considering how much potential that Mandy Rose has shown during her time in WWE so far, it is clear she is going to have a very strong career with the company, meaning this will likely not be the last major purchase she makes on a vehicle.

11 Past: Eva Marie - Ford Raptor

Photo: WWE.com

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, there is no denying that Eva Marie made a name for herself during her time with the company, from her in-ring work to her run on Total Divas.

Since leaving wrestling, Eva has continued to find success in the modeling world and is certainly not short on work. Which is why she recently treated herself to a brand new Ford Raptor.

10 Present: Alexa Bliss - BMW SUV

via Twitter

Bliss has become one of the top female athletes in the entire company and that rise will have brought with it a greater pay, which she has used to treat herself. From owning animals such as a pig to owning an impressive BMW SUV, Bliss has certainly splashed the cash, and rightfully so.

However, even though she owns the $60,000 car, it might not be one that she keeps in the long-term, as Little Miss Bliss was actually complaining about the vehicle on social media, which might be a sign that she is ready to make a change.

9 Past: Maryse - Audi R8

Photo: Twitter

Maryse has jumped into the world of reality television though with the popular Miz and Mrs show keeping her busy and connected to the wrestling world where she made her name as a top heel during her career.

Within the reality show, her love for cars is clearly shown, with the couple owning a fantastic collection of cars, from a Mercedes-Benz S550 to the Audi R8, with the family recently adding an SUV due to their family growth.

8 Present: Sasha Banks - Lincoln MKT

Photo: WWE

Banks was a mega WWE fan, which then turned into her becoming a total megastar in the company, although, with current reports, there is a chance she might end up on the other side of this list in the near future.

However, just because she doesn't love cars does not mean she doesn't have one, as the Legit Boss currently rides around in a Lincoln MKT, and she could own more, but she is one WWE Superstar who keeps her life very private.

7 Past: AJ Lee - Ford Fusion SE

Photo: Wrestling News Blog

AJ Lee is often credited as one of the key people who really kickstarted the wrestling evolution, even though she didn't stick around to fully relish it due to her decision to retire after her husband, CM Punk left the wrestling world.

AJ Lee was incredibly dominant during her time with the company, holding the Divas Championship whilst also intertwining with some of the top male storylines with the likes of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Even though she wasn't in WWE for as long as many people on this list, she spent a lot of that time at the very top of the card, earning plenty of money, which allowed her to gain an impressive car collection, which includes a Ford Fusion SE.

6 Present: Mickie James - Dodge Charger

Photo: IG

Mickie James is another car mad professional wrestler and after over a decade at the very top level of the business, the former WWE Women's Champion has earned more than enough money to treat herself to a great vehicle.

The WWE veteran is currently driving a Dodge Charger, which she actually got shipped to her brand new location following a recent move, showing just how much the car means to her. Dodge is likely very happy with all of the business they have made through professional wrestlers, with many of the roster, both current and past loving muscle cars and therefore a lot tend to own Dodge rides.

5 Past: Nikki Bella - Ranger Rover

Photo: Celebzz

Nikki Bella is well-known for loving the finer things in life, which was very clear on Total Divas/Bellas with her relationship with John Cena highlighting how much she enjoys spending money; especially on cars.

Nikki and Cena were major car lovers with the Bella twin boasting some incredible rides, from her Bentley Continental GTC to her two Lamborghinis, but the vehicle she uses the most tends to be her Range Rover. This is likely because it is the easiest to get around in and the most economical out of her options. Even though she is no longer in a relationship with Cena, her love of cars hasn’t disappeared, owning one of the best garages in the entire WWE.

4 Present: Ronda Rousey - Ford Pickup F-350

Photo: Motor Trend

The former UFC megastar owns an impressive list of cars, as does Browne, and one that they share is the Ford F-350, which is a real beast of a car, hence why it is often Browne who is sighted driving it.

The pair live out in the country, owning a lot of land and farm animals and therefore owning a car that is capable of driving off-road is a smart move, and that is likely why this car finds itself in Ronda's garage.

3 Past: Trish Stratus - Range Rover

Photo: AutoTrader.ca

As we mentioned earlier about Lita, being one of the best wrestlers of all time, Trish Stratus also always finds herself in the same conversation with the Hall Of Famer helping to pave the way for the women of today to be able to main event WrestleMania.

Stratus, much like Nikki Bella, is known for being a car lover, with it being a major passion of hers and she has admitted that she loves SUVs in an interview with Auto Trader in the past. Stratus has a range of vehicles though, from a Camaro and a purple Ford Mustang, although much like many of the former WWE Superstars, Trish has gone on to focus on motherhood which is why, like Nikki, her main car is an impressive Range Rover.

2 Present: Stephanie McMahon - Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ

Photo: Pinterest

As the boss, it is expected that Stephanie McMahon would drive around in a fantastic car, and that is exactly what she does, owning a Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ for her daily usage along with her husband, Triple H.

However, because of how busy she is, balancing not only being an on-screen character but also working as the Brand Ambassador of the company, Stephanie often travels in a luxurious RV. Money not really being an issue for any of the McMahon family, it isn’t a surprise to see Stephanie own a nice car and considering how hard she works, it can’t be denied that she deserves it.

1 Past: Maryse - Mercedes SUV

Photo: WWE/Instagram

As we mentioned previously on this list, Maryse is known for being a car lover, as his her husband, and therefore it isn't a surprise that they keep on adding new cars to their collection in order to grow their garage.

Maryse's latest purchase has been a black Mercedes-Benz SUV, a sleek car that not only looks fantastic but is also an incredibly powerful beast that can shift, meaning that Maryse is able to work it as a family car, but also kick it into the next gear if she is alone or just with The Miz. Considering that their reality TV series continues to grow in popularity and the fact that Miz has recently signed a long-term deal with WWE it can be expected that the 'It Couple' will keep adding to their garage moving forwards.

Sources: WWE, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

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