15 Cars You’re Most Likely To Make A Baby In (According To Studies)

Automotive manufacturers have used attractive women to sell cars since the invention of attractive women and cars. Marketing agencies know that putting a beautiful woman next to a sparkling car is the surest way to get guys to pay attention to an advertisement, which has led to the idea that cars create an image that their buyers want to cultivate.

Not everyone buys a car because it's going to make them more attractive, though knowing that a car is eye-catching sure doesn't hurt a brand's reputation. With online surveys being so easy to perform, the fact that a few companies have researched which cars are the most likely to inspire romance should come as no surprise. Luxury cars, bigger cars, and more expensive cars seem like the usual suspects, but there are some surprising options that seem to get people in the mood, as well.

Keep scrolling for 15 cars that are the most likely to get the creative juices flowing, as reported by actual studies.

15 Land Rover Range Rover

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One of the cars that should come as no surprise on this list is the Land Rover Range Rover. This SUV has transformed from an unreliable off-roader to a staple of celebrity culture in recent years. With a luxurious interior that has plenty of space in both the back seat or with the seats folded down, it's a great choice for some hanky-panky.

14 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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Mercedes-Benz is another luxury car manufacturer that offers some pretty sizable products, even in sedan form. Even though the awkwardness of a tiny car can be fun, there's no doubt that squeezing into the backseat of a Fiat would be a bit more uncomfortable than the roomy backseat of an S-Class.

13 BMW 5 Series

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If the Mercedes-Benz S-Class made The Sun's list of cars that are likely candidates for babymaking, fellow German manufacturer BMW had to fit in somewhere, as well. Surprisingly, the 5 Series was preferred to the 7 Series—perhaps due to higher sales figures or because people still do appreciate a bit of performance, as well.

12 Porsche Cayenne

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The Porsche Cayenne has arguably saved Porsche as a company, and according to The Sun, it could also save the love lives of its owners. The large SUV shares a platform with the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7, but with Porsche badging and a smoother exterior, it's a step up in class that seems to make the necessary statement.

11 Audi A6

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Audi is another German manufacturer that can rest assured that its cars send all the right signals. The A6 comes in as the perfect model that people love to sneak a moment in, likely because it has a bit more space than the A3, A4, and A5. Why the A7, with its hatchback rear end, didn't make the cut remains a mystery.

10 Ford Focus

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The Ford Focus may seem like a surprising entrant on a list of cars that are great for a quick dalliance, but perhaps the sheer quantity of Focuses out on the roads means that the odds are in Ford's favor. The tiny hatchback doesn't have much room in the front or rear, even with the seats folded down—but maybe that's what makes it so fun.

9 Toyota Prius

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Toyota struck gold with the Prius once they realized they should make it weird-looking enough to stand out as a statement, as opposed to its first-gen, which was identical to the dismal Echo. Whether the Prius inspires feelings of romance because its owner is saving the world or if the interior is just that comfortable could be a subject of debate.

8 Volvo V70

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The Volvo V70 is the ultimate mom car, though a sleeper V70 R would hint that mom likes a little bit of pep, too. The long station wagon is apparently a hot ticket for a quick stint while the kids are at soccer practice. Folding down those rear seats makes for plenty of space to stretch the legs out.

7 Lexus RX

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The environmentally friendly Lexus RX has become quite popular, especially thanks to its hybrid iteration. As a car that can haul plenty of groceries in style, the RX might not seem like the most romantic car on the market. But still, The Sun's research points to a large number of people deciding to pull over in their RX to bump uglies.

6 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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It might seem more likely that the Jeep Wrangler would be the choice for people looking to have some quick fun, but instead, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the more popular option. Perhaps Grand Cherokee owners seem a bit more mature than the owners of the wilder little brother. On the other hand, there's a bit more privacy, too.

5 Black Ford F-150

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The website Insure.com did a study about what kinds of cars were the most likely to attract the opposite gender, and perhaps not unsurprisingly, women prefer men who drive trucks. They also prefer black trucks—and the Ford F-150 in particular. Whether having a skid plate and upgraded wheels and suspension helps was not part of the survey.

4 Ford Fusion

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Lots of guys probably think that having a flashy sports car is the best way to attract female attention, but according to Insure.com, sedans are the second-most popular kind of vehicle that women want to see men drive. Perhaps the reason is that sedans point to a more secure life—or maybe it's the additional room in the backseat.

3 Black Chevrolet Silverado

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Black pickup trucks are the best vehicle for men to drive if they're trying to have the most fun, and though Ford claims the top spot, Chevrolet also fits into the mix. The Chevy Silverado—in black, of course—would probably be just about as effective as a Ford F-150 if it were in pink, perhaps.

2 Porsche Macan

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While women don't actually prefer men in sports cars as much as stereotypes might suggest, they do like their guys to drive Porsches. That leaves the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne, since the Boxster, Cayman, and 911 are all definitely a bit flashy. The Macan might be smaller than the Cayenne but it still has way more room than the coupes and convertibles that have made Porsche famous.

1 Red BMW Z4

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For women who are hoping to attract men, Insure.com found that the best vehicular route is a red BMW sports car. Apparently, guys just love girls that drive sports cars, while BMW and the color red are tops for their specific categories. While the space in a Z4 might not be conducive to good, clean fun, the knowledge that a woman loves to drive fast must overcome any awkwardness.

Sources: Insure.com, Telegraph, and Wikipedia

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