15 Cars Netflix Made Completely Useless

Elon Musk is always using Twitter to tease new updates for Tesla automobiles. Just this last July, he mentioned the possibility of Netflix coming to Teslas “soon” (The Verge).

Perhaps Musk never heard about the driver who crashed while watching Netflix (more on that below). While it sounds intriguing to be able to stream Netflix from a Tesla, it also sounds incredibly dangerous. Then again, maybe Musk and Tesla will find a way to only let drivers stream it when the car is at full stop.

Whether it involves one of the many car shows currently on Netflix, or a show that inspired someone to do something stupid in their car—or even unforgivable mods done to cars—Netflix has made a surprising number of vehicles utterly useless.

We’re going to look at real cars that got ruined thanks to the popular streaming service.

15 Rust Valley Restorers Chops Up 1949 Studebaker

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No car appears sacred to Mike and the team on Rust Valley Restorers—not even this 1949 Studebaker. Avery had a saw and cut right through it, broke windows and practically chopped it in half. And in the end, it was all just to put the side of a frame on the wall for decoration.

14 Woman Crashes Car From Watching Netflix On Tablet

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The Minnesota State Patrol summed it up best on their Twitter account when they wrote: “Driving and Netflix don't mix.” According to the statement, provided by Newsweek, the driver had an iPad streaming the platform on the passenger seat of her car. As a result, her car crashed into cables on the side of the road.

13 Fastest Car Damaged A Mazda RX-2

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The Netflix show Fastest Car did some damage to a beautiful Mazda RX-2. What made the car even more special was the fact that it had a turbocharged engine underneath the hood. According to a statement made on the Twitter account vintagejapanesemotorunion, “It saddens us to see the damage to this prestine [sic] car and even more upset that Abel will have to shelf it as he does not have the funds to fix the damage sustained in the filming” (Japanese Nostalgic Car).

12 Rust Valley Restorers Ruined A ’64 Beaumont

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Mike and his crew had no sympathy for a ’64 Beaumont. In episode two, he and Tony sawed through the roll cage. It was painful to watch. He even called the roll cage a “beauty” before ripping it out and walking it over to what looked like a dumpster with junk all around it.

11 Bird Box Challenge Causes Car Crash

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Remember when Bird Box came out? There was such a craze over it, people were doing Bird Box challenges by performing everyday tasks blindfolded. Someone got the idea drive blindfolded and it forced the Layton Police to take to Twitter: “Bird Box Challenge while driving...predictable result.” They also included photos of the aftermath with two cars wrecked (Vice.com).

10 Rust Valley Restorers Rendered A 1968 Chevelle Useless

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Sure, the end result looks amazing on the outside, but the inside is less spectacular. Mike and Avery found this 1968 Chevelle SS and got to work fixing it up—only it required a lot more work than they anticipated. In the end, they put a rusty engine in and it smoked during the test drive, with someone even complaining about how warm the clutch felt.

9 Car Crash In Mindhunter

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In the first season of Mindhunter, there’s a scene where Bill and Holden are driving. During their trip, they get in a car crash. Jalopnik has a piece about all the great cars throughout the show. It would seem from the footage that Netflix wrecked the car for the sake of the show.

8 Rust Valley Restorers Destroyed A Classic Dodge Power Wagon

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Occasionally an old car relic comes along on Rust Valley Restorers that deserves respect. The 1941 Dodge Power Wagon was one such build. Unfortunately for the owner, Mike and Avery started grinding their way through the vehicle's undercarriage. “They’ve destroyed something original that you can't find or buy anymore,” said Richard, the truck's owner.

7 Rust Valley Restorers’ 1938 Harvester “Frankentruck”

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The 1938 Harvester truck—aptly dubbed “Frankentruck”—arrived in the shop already useless. The only thing Rust Valley Restorers did was look at its undercarriage to discover it was not a legal car to drive as is. That was all thanks to the previous owner, who had cut the chassis and welded the outside only.

6 Police Car Breaks Down On Hyperdrive

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The Netflix show Hyperdrive is exactly what it sounds like: frenetic. Even though the show just came out, it’s already managed to wreck a car. The trailer alone showed a driver behind the wheel of a police car who rendered it completely useless in an attempt to get up a bridge.

5 The Datsun On Fastest Car Takes A Hit

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Episode seven of Fastest Car on Netflix was painful to watch. The Mazda RX-2 wasn’t the only car to get damaged. The Datsun 1200 also took a beating. It was the Datsun that was responsible for crashing into the Mazda, which ended up hurting both vehicles. It’s a shame considering the Datsun had substantial work done as they turned it into an EV (techAU).

4 Rust Valley Restorers’ Ford Fairlane

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The Fairlane looked like an easy job at first. When they got it in the shop though and started going to work, Mike found that the 4-speed transmission was four inches back from where it should be. That not only added extra fabrication work on top of the job but made it a shoddy build too.

3 Helge Crashes Car In Dark

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In the Netflix show Dark, the character Helge gets in a car accident. For those unfamiliar with the show, he’s also technically the driver in the other car he crashes into (it gets weird). While shooting the show, Netflix must have wrecked two perfectly good cars made to look like they’re from the late ‘80s.

2 Rust Valley Restorers Frame Swaps Farm Truck

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Frame swaps make for great television, except when the original vehicle is already good as is. Mike and his team took a green farm truck and put its awesome frame into a ’64 Ford. Even Mike just wanted to put the motor in it fearing the extra cost, but his team ultimately overruled him.

1 Rust Valley Restorers Paints Dodge Swinger Pink

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Right off the bat in the first episode, the show did something many car enthusiasts wouldn’t tolerate. Mike and the team on Rust Valley Restorers brought to life a beautiful Dodge Swinger. The only problem was they painted it pink. That’s going to alienate a large number of car buyers simply because of its paint job alone.

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