18 Cars Suge Knight Owned Before He Went To Jail

Suge Knight is known as a hip hop mogul and music heavyweight, across the globe. He was credited for the success of many artists, inclusive to his involvement in the careers of Snoop Dogg, MC Hammer, and Tupac Shakur. However, there is one other thing that Suge Knight is very famous for – he is consistently making the headlines for car-related incidents, and none of them are positive stories to tell.

Whether it is that night with Tupac Shakur in his BMW, or the terrible hit-and-run incident that left a 51-year-old man dead, he can’t seem to shake off his car-related woes. While we won’t be eager to jump into a car with him anytime soon, we would like to take a moment to appreciate his fine taste in vehicles! Seeing success in the 1990s meant splurging on cars from that generation, and boy did he ever! Let’s take a look at some of the cars owned by Suge Knight before he was thrown into the slammer…

18 1963 Impala

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Oh yeah, an Impala! Not just any Impala either, a super cool candy-coloured one! Yep, when you’re producing hip hop artists in the 90’s, you have to have a big daddy red car, and Suge Knight pulled all the stops with this one! Sure to be noticed, and making a statement everywhere he went, this car was the perfect choice for his image at the time.

17 Camaro

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There’s nothing more impactful than a huge dude in a muscle car, and Suge Knight selected this car to make that very statement. You don’t want to mess with a guy his size, in a car this powerful. Just to rub in his wealth a tad more, he opted for the convertible version, giving the press the perfect photo opportunity every single time!

16 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition

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If you’re going to own a Ford Truck, you can’t own just the regular one. Suge Knight was seen everywhere in this Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition Truck. We can’t blame him, it’s perfect. Black and mysterious, this truck got him where he needed to go in rugged style.

15 The Infamous Truck...

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We all know about this truck, for all the wrong reasons. This is the truck Suge Knight was driving when he ran over two men on that fateful night in 2015. We’re not sure why anyone would do such a thing, and Suge is forever going to be remembered for this act…which is unfortunate for the truck’s reputation, as it really is a great ride.

14 1979 Chevrolet Blazer

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This classic Chevy is in great condition to this day. While Suge was only spotted in this vehicle a few times, he loved it and added it to his Chevy collection with pride. This is one of the few cars he left untouched and in original form, without any custom upgrades or tint jobs.

13 1991 Rolls Royce Silver Spur

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Dating back to 1991, it was a really big deal to own a Rolls Royce in the first place, and it was the car of envy that only the most elite and high-powered could afford. During this time, it was all the hype that this car came with a built-in car phone. Remember those days? Suge sure did, he owned them and was among the few that could afford this ride.

12 1995 Mercedes Benz SLK 320 Convertible

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Suge Knight drove this Mercedes with pride and made such a statement when he was in it, that even Mike Tyson decided to get one too. He ended up getting an identical car, inspired by Suge’s persona and image when he was seen driving this. In true Suge style, it’s a drop-top and he soaked in the attention.

11 1995 Jaguar ZJS

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Another convertible to add to the list, this stunning Jaguar was one of the most desirable cars of its time. Suge certainly knew how to arrive in his car. Ladies took note – this was the perfect date-drive and he got plenty of attention in this every time he took it out.

10 1996 BMW 7 Series

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We’re all aware of the impact that this car had on history, the music industry, and fans all over the world on that fateful night in 1996. Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur took their last drive together in this car, and the world came to a stop when this car was featured as the crime scene all over news broadcasts across the world. It was subsequently sold as the “Tupac Death Car” for way more money than Suge could have possibly spent on it.

9 1996 Range Rover

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Every hip hop artist has a black Range Rover. It’s like a rite of passage as it boasts money, success and big-boy status at every turn. Suge was frequently seen driving this Range Rover and was photographed widely in it. Checkmark in the box, it’s something every artist purchased in their prime in the 1990’s,

8 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air

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Yes indeed, this was the vehicle from “Straight Outta Compton”, and it belonged to Suge Knight. Featured in the movie, and cherished by him for years, this badass sedan is what we picture when we think of the perfect Chevy Bel-Air. This timeless beauty is the envy of many collectors.

7 1996 Rolls Royce Corniche


Hip hop status aligns itself with luxurious cars as much as it does with big tough ones. This is a prime example of exterior luxury. Jaws drop each time Suge pulls this out for a drive. A classic, timeless beauty, this car is still worth over $60,000 in today’s market, though we’re certain Suge’s particular one may be worth a few bucks more!

6 2002 Mercedes S500

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Suge had this gorgeous 2002 Mercedes S500 as his low-key ride. He was arriving in style but was far less noticeable in this vehicle. He was known to take this one out when he wanted to stay clear of the public eye and just blend into society. He kept this one stock for the most part.

5 Bentley Continental

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Hands down one of the nicest, most pricey cars in his collection was the Bentley Continental. Suge Knight sure knew what he was doing when he bought this stunner. This car could easily fetch over $124,000 in today’s market, according to Hagerty’s, and was the true pinnacle of Suge’s successful high-point in the industry.

4 Cadillac Escalade

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Of course, everyone who is anyone in the music industry will drive or be driven in a black Cadillac Escalade. It’s the primary statement piece for security agents and celebrities alike. We expected this to be in his collection, and kudos to him for making the right choice – this is a great vehicle that will guarantee he always arrives in style.

3 Hummer H1

VIa PerilloDowners

A Hummer H1 is a serious vehicle. It’s powerful, and exemplifies power, authority, and ruggedness. Of course, Suge Knight has one. It goes hand-in-hand with his bad-boy image, and let’s face it, we all want one. There’s something about the military vehicles that can seemingly drive through anything, that has mass appeal.

2 Lexus SC 300

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Toning it down a bit in his super classy Lexus S300, Suge reserved usage of this car to dates and personal appointments. Arriving in style and sticking to his classic black cars was Suge’s specialty. At the time that he purchased it, this was considered to be a luxury vehicle, but you can now pick one up for less than $5,000.

1 Lincoln Navigator

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Last but certainly not least was the staple to each celebrity car-portfolio …the Lincoln Navigator. Whether celebrities are driving these, or they are being driven in them, is irrelevant. The fact remains, celebs are spotted in Navigators regularly and it’s no wonder Suge chose to add one to his fleet as well.

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