19 Cars That Are Unworthy Of Their $100,000+ Price Tag

We tend to believe that expensive luxury cars are better than the average daily driven grocery-getter, but it turns out that's not necessarily how things work in the real world. In fact, some of the most expensive cars are the worst cars to own. Just because there is a large price tag attached to certain models is no guarantee of dependability, comfort or excellence in performance.

There's absolutely no need to spend a large sum of money in order to own a great car. In fact, judging by the cars on this list and their extortionate price tags, we'll probably stick to cheaper cars from now on. Not only would that save us a small fortune when buying the car itself, it would most likely be more reliable and much cheaper to run on a daily basis.

Here are 19 garbage cars that cost more than a hundred grand.

19 Tesla Model X

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Strangely enough, the Model X gets a perfect score in Consumer Reports’ Owner Satisfaction survey, so clearly, Model X buyers are happy with their purchase. However, the Model X deserves its spot on this list due to its reliability issues. Consumer Reports found it to be one of the least reliable vehicles, discovering issues related to the brakes, interior trim, all-wheel-drive system and more.

18 Dodge Viper

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The Dodge Viper looks amazing and beautiful, it offers plenty of power, and even has a user-friendly infotainment system. However, the fuel consumption is appalling, the ride quality is harsh and uncomfortable, the cockpit is tight with rubbish seats, and the brakes are unresponsive. Hardly worth its $118,795 price tag if you ask us.

17 Nissan GT-R

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The Nissan GT-R is celebrated by car lovers for its power, acceleration, tunability, handling, and grip. All those things are great, but for a car that can cost $150,000 when fully specced, we would also expect more luxury-grade materials and improved reliability. There is also an above-average cost of ownership to have one of these in your garage.

16 Jaguar F-Type

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The Jaguar F-Type ownership offers a lot of positives, such as power, agile handling ability, and an absolutely amazing soundtrack that consists of roaring, growling, popping, banging, and crackling. It also has worse fuel economy than its competitors, complicated and cumbersome audio and climate controls, and it's not very reliable either - disappointing when paying $106,000+ for a car.

15 Mercedes-Benz GLE Class Coupe

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The GLE has a bit of a love it or hate it design, which means a lot of people will wonder why someone would spend $115,000 on a car like this. If you love its design, that's great - just be prepared for having to defend your decision to purchase one of these things at every social gathering until you trade it in, perhaps for the non-coupe version.

14 Audi A8

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The Audi A8 offers a smooth powerful engine in a massive luxury car with sporty handling. The interior is upscale and offers plenty of space. What more could we possibly ask for? Well, when paying $140K for a car we'd like upgraded technology and a decent infotainment system. Decent trunk space wouldn't go amiss either. It's a great car, but not as great as its price tag.

13 Jaguar XJ

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The good thing about the XJ is that it offers powerful engines and composed handling. The drawbacks are that the seats are cramped compared to other cars in its class, there is less intuitive technology, the reliability score is low and the cost to own it is ridiculously high - not what we want in a car that costs more than $120K.

12 Land Rover

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A brand new Land Rover can cost you up to $200,000.00 or more. It’s great for off the road use with powerful engines but this is where the good stuff ends. The reliability rating is low, the infotainment system is frustrating, and the cost to own is high - making it terrible value for the price. This is one of the worst vehicles over $100,000 money can buy.

11 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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A new G-Class can cost more than $225,000, and for that money, you'll get a world-famous luxury rig that has become one of Hollywood's favorite rides. However, it was originally developed for military use, and the handling reflects that. The ride is a bit unsettling and it feels cumbersome. The addition of some driver assistance and updated steering and suspension would have brought it closer to being worth the asking price.

10 Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG

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By spending $150,000 for one of these cars, you'll start losing money the minute you drive it off the lot. The S-class doesn’t hold it’s resale value - partly due to having earned a reputation for being unreliable with plenty of mechanical issues, and partly because the cost of repairs is through the roof. This particular Benz has probably caused more buyer’s remorse than any other model.

9 Bentley Bentayga

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This vehicle is the most expensive SUV out there. The base price starts at about $229,000 and can reach nearly half a million dollars with all the options boxes ticked. Once again, it comes down to the attractiveness of its looks - or lack thereof. Its styling has been labeled as questionable, and we certainly wouldn't pay a premium for that. Hopefully, it's one of those designs that looks better with time.

8 Pagani Huayra

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This hypercar follows the Pagani Zonda - which was described by Top Gear's Richard Hammond as a pantomime supercar. Every line of its design is exaggerated, it's so low that any obstacles larger than a grain of sand will cause severe damage to the undercarriage. If you want insane amounts of attention, the Pagani might be the car for you... as long as you have cool $1 million to pay for it.

7 Pininfarina Sergio

via Classic Driver

This thing might be very fast, but it costs three million dollars!! Let's take a look at what you'd get for your money, shall we... We're sure it offers more than enough power and speed, but come on, it looks horrible! For three million we'd expect unsurpassed automotive beauty, not a pile of utter hideousness.

6 Maybach Exelero

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This car has a price tag of around $8 million. It is another unattractive vehicle that has no aesthetic redemption associated with it. The design is a sad mixture of a limousine and a luxury coupe. The cost of ownership is beyond ridiculous. With the exception of being a collector’s piece for the sake of prestige, we can’t figure out why anyone would really want to own this vehicle.

5 Maybach 57/62

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The Maybach was based on the Merc S-Class and was meant to compete with Rolls-Royce - which explains the sticker price of $305,500. The Maybach dropped faster in value than the stock market during the financial crisis. Within less than a decade, this "investment" would end up losing two hundred thousand dollars from its new price.

4 BMW 7 series

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This vehicle runs about $140,000, and once again it's a car that doesn't hold its resale value at all. The 7-series certainly is attractive, but the newer models seem to have lost some of the sportiness that made it the car of choice for those who felt the Mercedes S-class was too lazy and comfortable. Or perhaps it's just that the competition has caught up to them?

3 Cadillac Escalade

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Fully loaded, a new Escalade will cost you roughly $100,000. Supposedly a luxury SUV, it lacks features that a car in this price range should have. The fuel economy is an appalling 16 mpg. The Escalade is among the lowest-rated luxury SUVs and has a poor reliability rating that's below average. The ride is harsh and handling worse than that of its competitors.

2 Range Rover Sport

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The Range Rover Sport can cost a bit over $110,000. It has powerful engines and thanks to the turbodiesel V6, it has great fuel economy as well. The interior is posh, just like it should be in a luxury vehicle, and it has great off-road ability. But... it's not reliable at all, which is a big concern when talking about a car that was designed to be taken to remote locations.

1 Porsche Cayenne

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This car sells for around $160K fully loaded. Why would you buy a stripped-down version? It's a beautiful vehicle designed for both comfort and high performance. So what could possibly be wrong? There's a severe lack of cargo space, and it's ridiculously expensive to own and run compared to other luxury SUVs and sedans.

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