Casper's Christina Ricci Is Drop-Dead Gorgeous Today (19 Photos)

Do we want to see Christina Ricci in The Addams Family again? Yes. Did we fall in love with her at the same time that Casper did? Yes. In fact, when Halloween comes around, we love seeing the ladies dress up as Wednesday Addams, as we get major flashbacks of Ricci.

Ricci was a beautiful little girl the moment she hit the big screen, even though she often played dark roles. We just knew she was going to flourish into a sizzling hot showstopper one day. The child star, who stole the heart of Casper, as well as ours, has changed her appearance over the years, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed; her beauty. She has pulled off every hair colour and style, and let us just say, we would surely not ghost her. Plus, with her badass attitude, she makes us go even more bonkers. Haven’t seen her recently? Check out the exquisite photos below.

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19 She Owns The Old Hollywood Look

via Instagram

We are getting some serious Marilyn Monroe vibes from this photo of Ricci, and some serious That 70’s Show nostalgia. Remember how we said before that Ricci could pull off any look? She is a chameleon, and we dig her adventurous side.

However, if you recognize this look, it’s because you’ve seen her look dashing in Zelda.

18 Ricci Showing Off Some Skin

via Instagram

We don’t blame Ricci for wanting to show off her toned legs, after all, rocking a dress with a lace bottom shows off extreme confidence. And may we add, this is the photo that looks most like the Ricci that we grew up with. However, she is no longer that little girl with braids, which was made completely obvious in this revealing photo of the star.

17 Digging The Blonde

via Instagram

Ricci is like a breath of fresh air; she is as natural as it gets in a world of celebrities with excessive plastic surgery. Ricci breaks barriers as she knows that she does not need to fix herself according to societal expectations.

Look how sultry she looks in this photo from a photoshoot for Out Magazine; she’s the exact type of woman we want to see in magazine pages, especially looking like this.

16 Dark And Fierce

via Instagram

Although this edgy look matches the roles she is known for, it’s her newest look IRL. With her buttoned-up blouse, and black trousers, she looks very professional, and we totally dig it.

It looks like an outfit she’d wear for an interview, so we’re secretly hoping for a reprisal of The Addams Family. Wherever she was going though, she certainly looked like a model in her French couture look.

15 Ricci Stole The Spotlight At The Afterparty

via Pinterest

We would not be surprised if all eyes were on the alluring actress at the Golden Globes afterparty this year. Yes, that is Ricci with a yellow-blonde head of hair and a floor-length navy-blue gown showing off her famous legs.

And we can get an “Amen” for the deep V neckline? With all that glam, we hope she got the “Best Dressed” award.

14 Does The Casper Actress Model Now?

via Instagram

Ricci is quite the catch, and this photo proves that she can do it all! Looking gorgeous and mature while pulling off an old Hollywood glamour vibe, Ricci is mesmerizing in the above photo. Although she is fully clothed, the sheer red dress shows off all her greatest assets. And the brown bob ties the look altogether!

13 We See A Piece Of Art In This Photo

via Instagram

Chances are, the only piece of artwork you are analyzing in the above photo is, Christina Ricci. Always so trendy and on point, the actress posed in front of a painting, but we’re totally distracted by her Parisienne allure. The sophisticated look is totally hers to own, especially when it displays her “most beautiful legs in Hollywood.”

12 Where’s Her Runway?

via Instagram

For a second there, we had an instant of “trompe l’oeil,” and thought that this was Victoria Beckham. No, it is the girl from Casper, and she has certainly grown in into a classy and sophisticated lady.

Sitting down and posing like she owns the world, in a lavish all-black feathered gown, Ricci needs a modelling contract ASAP.

11 A Goddess

via Instagram

If there is one woman that women should aspire to look like, it is Christina Ricci, and this photo justifies why. Ricci always dresses to impress but does so in an elegant manner. This Givenchy couture gown was loose-fitted but hugged her curves in all the right places. And the red lipstick and blunt fringe that she opted for definielty caught our attention for the right reasons.

10 It’s All In The Stare

via Instagram

Ricci has become a fashion icon, but more importantly, she looks stunning in whatever outfit she dons, like this Egyptian inspired gown.

A dress with a sheer bottom, that many would not dare pull off, made Ricci look fierce and chic. Although it is not too revealing because of the black, it was enough to make men go bonkers for the child star.

9 Stripes Never Looked So Alluring

via Pinterest

We’re starting to think that behind the scenes, Ricci is a model. Channeling some retro vibes in a classic black-and-white striped dress, Ricci has us hypnotized; and no, it is not because we stared at the horizontal stripes for too long. And it is very rare for a man to find a woman hot in stripes.

8 The Angelic Ricci

via Livingly

Ricci is quite the versatile lady; she could go from edgy and dark to chic and posh. With porcelain and fair skin, Ricci knows how to dress for her skin tone, even with ivory white. It is nothing like the dress she wore to the dance in Casper and is a lot more elegant with the off-the-shoulder chiffon – we love a shoulder tease.

7 She’s Certainly A Front Cover Girl

via Instagram

If we didn't know better, after first glance at this photo, we would’ve certainly thought that Ricci was a supermodel. We cannot stress enough how badly we want to see her make her first appearance on the runway.

Looking like a model for Chanel, Ricci graced the cover of Edit Magazine with a modern and cool look. And we are going gaga over her hot mess hair and fierce stare.

6 Oh, She’s Shining

via Instagram

Her petite frame and slim figure surely shows off in this photo of her with a flashy silver gown.

After staring deeply into this photo, we believe the shimmering star deserves to play some vintage film roles as soon as possible. Ricci is channeling some serious 1970s Polanski film vibes – any takers? Who can resist a woman who looks fierce and stunning in silver?

5 Ricci Knows How To Be Elegant

via Instagram

Not too many men are fans of the oversized menswear look on women, but Ricci is one woman that can easily change their minds. Embracing the trend in a neutral tone, Ricci looked radiant and ready to rock the front row at a pret-a-porter show. She looked so stunning in the cool suit, that we would not mind it becoming the next hot item.

4 Sailor Ricci

via Instagram

It is rare to see photos of Ricci splashing around in the water, as the elegant lady prefers posing in posh pieces. However, here she is in a selfie that she took of herself from an above angle, in a red and white triangle bikini top that is certainly itsy-bitsy. We know she isn’t shy to flaunt what she’s got.

3 A New Superhero?

via Pinterest

We just had to include this photo of Ricci showing off her karate skills! We do not know what this photo was taken for, but the fashion chameleon looks steamy in this black leathered checker unitard.

At the same time, the Marvel fans inside of us just got antsy and want to see her play the part of a superhero – or villain – we’ll take any.

2 Ricci Can Pull Anything Off

via Pinterest

For what feels like decades now, men have been obsessed with Ricci! Now that we saw this photo of her in a bikini, we completely understand why. Let us just say, summertime doesn’t just sizzle because of the temperature.

She has an enviably slim body and knows it, which is why she’s not afraid to flaunt what she has got in a teeny two-piece bikini.

1 Up Close And Personal

via Instagram

If we had the dreamy opportunity to get up close and personal with the child star, we’d probably faint and need CPR – especially if she looks this flawless up closely. And now that we’ve reached the bottom of this list, you may have noticed that one thing she rocks so effortlessly, is lipstick. This picture is a tease, to say the least.

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