Rescue Cat Befriends Pair Of Fluffy Sheep

When Little Ed, a four-week-old cat, was found by farmer Ali Thom in 2016 little did she know that the feline would adapt so well to life in the country.

After moving to Thom’s farm, Arnbeg Farmstay in Stirling, Scotland, Little Ed quickly adjusted to his new surroundings. He even befriended two of Thom’s sheep, a cross breed of a grey-faced Dartmoor and a Valais Blacknose.

Little Ed now two can’t get enough of his besties. He even sleeps over in the barn, cuddled up to his two wooly pals. “When I found him, I was walking the dogs and I heard a noise so I went to investigate and I saw him at the edge of a road. It was a lucky find as I do not know what kind of breed he is or if he was abandoned but he looked like he needed help,” Thom said.

Thom couldn’t be happier with the new addition to the family. Little Ed has nothing but love for his new siblings.

“I’ve never met an affectionate cat like this in my life – he has no fear for any of the animals at the farm. But he loves the sheep for some reason. He loves spending time with the two sheep, even when I do my sheep checks he follows me about just to visit them,” Thom said.

This story provides a new twist on Charlotte’s Web tale of the unlikely friendship between two, in this case, three, farm animals.

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I don’t think he wants to be apart from them. Ali adds that Ed will even sleep in with the sheep – cuddling up in the hay in the winter to be close to his best pals. He plays with them and snuggles up with them – it’s very cute,” Thom says.

Little Ed, who is now two, is incredibly gentle for one who’s had such a rough start, which his new owner didn’t readily expect.

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I don’t know why he loves the sheep, maybe it’s the comfort they have. He’s a big ball of fluff and we love him here. He’s got such beautiful green eyes and everyone thinks it’s a black cat but it’s actually chocolate brown. He never uses his claws, I’ve never been scratched and you can even play with his tummy and he won’t do anything to you.”

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