10 Cat Cafes In Major Cities That Also Adopt Out Cats

Cat Cafes are popping up all over the country, but not all these kitties are up for adoption. These 10 cafes feature adoptable cats.

Though cat cafes have been mostly associated with Japanese culture (Japan has nearly 60 of them!) that doesn't mean they are exclusively Japanese. Americans have been catching up to the cat cafe craze, and the first cafe opened its doors in Oakland, CA in 2014 to much excitement.

Nearly five years later, every major city in the U.S. seems to have its own cat cafe. What you may not know, however, is that many of the cafes also allow adoptions of their furry feline stars. That's right! You can have your coffee and a cat, too. Here are 10 unique cat cafes in major cities that also allow for patrons to adopt their cats.

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10 Pounce Cat Cafe + Wine Bar: Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA

If you’re in the mood for cuddling kitties and sipping on a tall glass of rosé, then do we have the café for you!

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Pounce typically houses around 15-20 cats, letting them roam in a cage-free, comfortable environment. Their menu offers a variety of pastries from local Charleston and Savannah bakeries, as well as tea, hot chocolate, craft beer, wine, and of course, drip and iced coffee. Pounce has facilitated around 1,100 adoptions, and they continue to partner with local humane societies to find their kitties perfect homes.

9 Mewsic Kitty Cafe: Nashville, TN

Mewsic Kitty Café, Nashville’s first cat café, opened permanently in 2018 to much fanfare after a few pop-up events in the years prior.

Nashville Cat Rescue provides Mewsic Kitty with their cats, who are lovingly crafted into feline rockstars with a variety of music-themed “stage” names (Think “Paw Simon” and “June Catter Cash.”) The décor is also music themed, with open guitar cases and tipped drum sets doubling as cozy kitty napping spots. In the span of a year, Mewsic Kitty has helped 100+ kitties find forever homes.

8 Kawaii Kitty Cafe: Philadelphia, PA

Heavily influenced by Japanese culture, Kawaii Kitty Café is a candy-colored paradise of plush couches, soft rugs, and lots of nooks and crannies that are perfect for kitty exploring! If the promise of cats is (somehow) not enough, they also offer a delightful menu of espresso beverages, delectable milkshakes, and hot chocolates.

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Kawaii Kitty has teamed up with Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, an organization dedicated to making Philly a no-kill city, in order to provide their kitties with a friendlier alternative to caged shelter life.

7 Cat And Craft: San Diego, CA

Cat and Craft opened in 2018 by a husband and wife team dedicated to creating a suitable space for adoptable cats to roam free. In the process, they also developed a hip coffee spot that serves gourmet plates and pastries and even offers vegan and gluten-free options.

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The kitties at Cat and Craft are from LYFF, a nonprofit organization devoted to bettering the lives of California cats. The cafe holds a number of special events throughout the year, including cat yoga and an adoption shower in partnership with LYFF. In their first year of operation, Cat and Craft placed 500 cats in forever homes.

6 KitTea Cafe: San Francisco, CA

If you're looking to cuddle with a cat and sip on a warm pot of oolong, KitTea has you covered. Focusing their extensive menu on high-quality teas and culinary creations, KitTea is San Francisco's first foray into the cat cafe world, aiming to serve as a destination for relaxation and tranquility.

The cafe regularly features rescue cats from high-kill shelters and houses around 18 or more cats at any given time. The modern, posh design of the cafe boasts many large tables that are perfect for typing, reading, and of course, devoting attention to fluffy felines. KitTea is the prime place to find your next best friend, and they have partnered with Wonder Cat Rescue in order to adopt out their most eligible kitties.

5 Purrfect Day Cafe: Louisville, KY

Purrfect Day Cafe was opened in 2015 by a Louisville entrepreneur and his family looking to build a new business, and it quickly became one of the most happening spots in the city. Offering a menu of cleverly dubbed Paw-stries, Cat-ppetizers, and Paw-Fee, the cafe also serves an array of wines, beers, and Kentucky bourbon.

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Purrfect Day hosts kitties adoptable through the Kentucky Humane Society, and even has a matchmaker on site to aid when it comes time to choose a kitty to take home. In addition to regular visits, the cafe also doubles as a private venue if you're looking to party nonstop with the cats.

4 Neko: Seattle, WA

Established by a world-traveler obsessed with Japanese cat cafe culture, Neko is a family friendly spot dedicated to enriching the lives of both humans and cats, one cup of coffee at a time.

The cats at Neko are all diagnosed with FeLV, otherwise known as Feline Leukemia, and the cafe provides them with the visibility and safe space they may not otherwise have at a normal shelter. Neko recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in November 2018, and they are already looking to expand with a second location coming in Winter 2019.

3 Tally Cat Cafe: Tallahassee, FL

Tally Cat Cafe is located in the heart of sunny Florida, and it is the perfect location for lounging. The interior of the cafe hosts a plentiful amount of velvet furniture, plush couches and chairs, coffee tables, and watercolor pieces from a local Tallahassee artist.

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Tally Cat Cafe not only stocks an impressive coffee bar, but also serves treats from local eateries, including vegan options for those with special dietary needs. In addition to regular kitty playtime, the cafe also holds special Cat Yoga and Cat Bingo Night events, with portions of the admission fees benefiting Leon County Humane Society, the source for their adoptable cats.

2 Brooklyn Cat Cafe: Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Cat Cafe is a nonprofit venture run by Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition that serves as both a social space and a cat adoption center. The cafe plans entertaining events every week, from movie nights to holiday-themed parties, and even a Feline Film Festival later this April.

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In addition to the cats available for adoption in the cafe, Brooklyn Cat Cafe also offers many kitties in a foster network that live with owners until they are taken home by new families permanently. As of February 2019, the cafe has facilitated 70 adoptions and has also set up a Kitten Cam in order for website visitors to get a glimpse at the playful babies that are too young for adoption.

1 Windy Kitty Cat Cafe And Lounge: Chicago, IL

Built by an animal-lover and rescue volunteer, Windy Kitty is home to Kitten Korner, Chicago's first kitten nursery, in which little babies are given the proper care they need in order to thrive into adulthood. Kitten Korner saved thirty young cats in its first month of operation, and it continues to operate with the help of generous cat-lovers who volunteer their time.

Windy Kitty works with Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control to find their cats loving homes, and also advocates for those who are willing to become fosters for cats waiting to be adopted. The cafe serves bottled beverages, wrapped snacks, and also hosts weekly Paint Nights, in which participants of all ages can create their own art piece while enjoying the perks of kitty company. 

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