Cat And Chicken Become Fast Friends Hiding From California Carr Fire

An unlikely bond has developed between two creatures seeking shelter from one of California’s most devastating wildfires in its history. The Carr fire has incinerated more than 1000 homes in and around Redding. The Grass Valley Fire Department discovered a cat and chicken laying in a doorway. Both animals sustained burns but according to firefighters and medical staff, will make a full recovery.

It’s amazing how people and creatures alike band together in times of dire circumstance. It is in these times that we all understand our interconnectedness. Although we all have different perspectives, there comes a moment where we understand the value of the bond we share with everything on this planet, and beyond.

via: CBS Sacramento

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This chicken and cat decided to keep one another company. Forest fires frequently displace wildlife who lose their companions and families in the blazes that rip through vast open spaces, making way for new life. With few resources available to support the two stranded animals, they bridged a gap and recognized the importance of having one another.

Members of the Grass Valley Fire Department spotted the two animals and gave them water before transporting them to an animal shelter where they received treatment for their wounds. The firefighters were kind enough to check on them and reported that they would undoubtedly be back in top form soon enough!


This is a very fortunate story for these two creatures, as many people’s homes have been devastated and at least seven deaths have been confirmed in this hellacious blaze. Although wildfires are a necessary part of our forest’s regeneration, it can be very dangerous to our communities, and we will have to take a page from the book of our furry and feathered friends. This means that we are going to have to band together with our fellow creatures and help one another live the best lives that we can!

And, a huge thank you to all of the wildland firefighters out there putting their bodies on the line every day.

We are so thankful that these two creatures will make a full recovery, and that they were able to find one another in a time of crisis. An unlikely, but very much needed, friendship indeed!

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