10 Of The Cutest Cat Breeds

While some of us prefer dogs, there are a lot of people out there that want cats instead. They just offer something completely different to a dog. Sure, they might seem a little less loyal, but they're usually a lot less needy as well!

We personally think that some cat breeds are a lot cuter than their canine counterparts. We wanted to take a look at the cutest cat breeds out there, the cats that everyone should be going for if they want to bring something truly cute and furry into their lives.

10 Turkish Angora

Unlike most of the breeds that people bring into their homes and hearts these days, the Turkish Angora is believed to be one of the ancient natural breeds. This means that many of the mutations found in mix-breed cats today come from this breed!

For example, the icy blue eyes and white coat should be very familiar to a lot of people out there. While they definitely love to bond with humans, they're more likely to pick a single person in a family to become close to, so it's not a cat for families that become easily jealous!

9 Abyssinian

Some people believe that this is a cat that exhibits dog-like traits. That they become hugely attached to the human beings that decide to let one of them into their home, for instance.

Not only that, but they're unusually intelligent for a cat and they will spend most of their life as an extrovert, always finding time to play with their owners whenever they're wanted. Unlike a dog that needs constant attention, people can have the love and loyalty of a dog without any of the neediness if they pick this breed!

8 Burmese Cat


Unlike a lot of other breeds that end up getting older and changing, the Burmese will still keep its personality as it grows older. For some people, this is a nightmare, as they have the energy of a kitten right up until the moment they sadly pass from this world.

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However, for those out there that have always dreamed of a cat that will stay energetic into their older age, the Burmese may be the perfect breed. They will stay as extroverted as an adult as they were when they were a kitten!

7 Scottish Fold

Everybody knows that one of the greatest things about this cat breed is that they have cute little ears. Not only are they cute, but they are known for caring a lot about the human beings that let them into their home, becoming very protective of those that they love.

One of the best things about this breed is that people who already have pets can rest assured: bringing a Scottish fold into their homes isn't going to bring about any chaos. Yes, they get on with animals that happen to be in their territory, which is an unusual trait for cats.

6 Russian Blue

One of the many reasons that a Russian blue may be purchased over other breeds is the fact that some consider them to be hypoallergenic. Despite this, people will likely be surprised to know that their short hair is hugely dense.

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Yes, owners of the cat have been known to make marks and symbols in the fur of their Russian blue, things that have to be rubbed away by hand. Seriously, we're not suggesting that people only buy this breed for this reason alone, but it is a pretty good reason...

5 Maine Coon

While it may look pretty small here, the Maine coon is actually the largest domesticated cat breed available to potential pet owners, which is enough to put a lot of people off from picking this breed.

Yes, this certainly isn't the sort of animal that people want to take into their homes if they aren't ready for a real bit of responsibility. It is incredible how gentle they can be with human beings and animals, though, which is why they've become known as the gentle giants of the cat world. They'll become hugely loving towards those who look after them.

4 Munchkin

Anybody that makes it their business to know about cats is aware that this breed attracted a lot of controversy when they first rose to prominence, with many people worrying about what their genetic abnormalities could mean for them in later life.

However, unlike many breeds of dog that can struggle with a curved spine if they have to live with short legs, many vets agree that these cats do not struggle in their later life (or at least not with the same issues). Either way, they're quite possibly the cutest breed of cat on this list!

3 Ragdoll

Anybody that has ever owned a cat will know that they don't usually like to be picked up when they're just trying to hang out around the house. Sure, there's a couple of exceptions, but most of the time they really do just hate it.

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However, if anyone is looking for a breed of cat that will allow their owner to pick them up and play with them (while also being placid when around young children or another animal) the ragdoll cat is exactly what they're looking for, with many of them being recognized for their dog-like personalities!

2 Siamese

We shouldn't have to explain why anyone would want a cat with those shockingly blue eyes wandering around the house, but that isn't the only thing to keep in mind when considering picking up a Siamese cat.

This breed of cat is known for being very vocal, letting their owners know if they don't feel they're being given enough attention. If people want to get a cat so they can enjoy the company of a pet while keeping their privacy, we would suggest they go for another breed of cat on this list!

1 Norwegian Forest

Just like the Maine coon, this breed of cat is pretty huge and it is known for having a bushy tail that leaves behind a lot of fur. Not only is this breed strong and large, it is known for being an able climber, thanks to the huge claws it has.

This cat is known for having a low and quiet voice, but here's something interesting: if they live in a house with a dog, they will develop a much louder voice in an attempt to make their ownership of the surrounding territory known. This shouldn't turn any family off, though, as they love human beings.

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