Cats Vs Dogs: Which Pet is Better For Your MBTI®?

It's time to bring a modicum of science into the age-old dogs vs. cats debate. The Myers-Briggs Personality typing system was created by Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel in the early 20th century. Based on the teachings and principles of psychologist Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs is a system that places people into one of sixteen categories, based on social aptitude, how they view the world, their reactions to their environment and whether or not they favour planning or spontaneity.

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These four basic criteria combine to form the sixteen personality types that make up the Myers-Briggs system. Some critics have claimed that the typing system is little more than pseudo-science and should not be taken seriously, but they are still entertaining ways to learn a bit more about ourselves. Including which type of pet we should bring into our homes.

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10 INFP: Cat Person

Like this writer, INFP's are introverted people. They prefer to spend their time observing those around them, rather than throwing themselves into the thick of the action. INFPs dedicate their spare time to using their imaginations and attempting to decode the metaphors in the world around them.

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Such traits make them the perfect cat person, as there is no one better to share those fantasies and conclusions with than a furry feline friend. After all, the INFP type does not need someone to engage with their ideas, rather just someone to speak them aloud to in order to analyze them externally.

9 ESTP: Dog Person

ESTPs require social interaction on a regular basis in order to feel like themselves. They love spending time around their friends and require a lot of constant stimulation in order to stay focused.

These types have no time for theories or abstract hypothetical claims, and would rather dive into the action head first and worry about the consequences afterwards. The ESTP seeks freedom above all else, becoming frustrated if they feel stuck in any aspect of their life. These types are a perfect fit for an active, loyal, and freedom-loving canine companion.

8 ISTP: Cat Person

ISTP people are hard to categorize, for they exist in numerous pigeon holes all at once. They are a confounding bunch, as they enjoy spontaneity and unpredictability just as much as they love logical and rational conclusions. This is why they are cat people, through and through.

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Cats are also incredibly difficult to predict. In a split second, they can go from sleeping lazily in a sunny spot on the floor to sprinting from one end of the house to the other, with no explanation or warning. These spontaneous and mysterious individuals are a perfect match for a feline friend.

7 ENFJ: Dog Person

The ENFJ type is the perfect candidate for the title of dog person. People who belong to this type love their fellows, making long-lasting connections with those around them with ease. These types are some of the purest souls you'll ever meet, as they are incredibly focused on morality, principles and what they believe is right.

ENFJs just embody everything we've come to know about dogs. They are the golden retrievers of the human race.

6 INFJ: Cat Person

INFJ types, meanwhile, are stereotypical quirky cat people. They are unique and creative, seeing the world in a completely different way. Since they are introverted, they prefer analyzing the deep and underlying nature of the world around them from afar, taking on the role of the observer in social situations.

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This is similar to the way that a cat will sit on the refrigerator at a house party and watch the partygoers from a safe distance. The INFJ types prefer to lead quiet yet quirky lives entirely of their own creation, which makes them the perfect cat people.

5 ESFJ: Dog Person

If you're looking for the most typical extrovert in existence, look no further than people belonging to the ESFJ type. ESFJs are typically popular, as their social nature and kind personality draws them to the centre of every room.

They shine in the spotlight like no other and prefer taking leadership roles at every opportunity (though it's important to note that they aren't arrogant in doing so). They simply want the best for everyone around them.

4 ENTJ: Cat Person

Not every extrovert is a dog person. Sure, it would be easy to label all introverts as cat people and all extroverts as dog people, but that would not be fair or accurate in the slightest. Those belonging to the ENTJ type are natural born leaders, who execute these desires to excel internally rather than externally.

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Their primary focus is to strive to be their best selves, following their natural intuition to discover opportunities for personal growth. These types will find a perfect friend in the feline species, as their need to push themselves beyond their own limitations is reflected perfectly in the questionable ledge-leaps that every house cat insists on attempting at all hours of the night.

3  ISFP: Dog Person

Not every introvert is a cat person, either. ISFP types are similar to the shy sort of canine companion, as they take a brief period of time to warm up to new people after meeting them. Once they've done so, though, the ISFP type become some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

Those belonging to the ISFP type are always down for an adventure or activity (regardless of whether it's been planned beforehand) and love spending time with those close to them. They crave new experiences and seek to try something new every day of their lives.

2 ISFJ: Dog Person

On the other hand, the ISFJ type is a clear dog person, as their pure souls, good nature and need to help all those around them are some of the trademark traits of the canine species. The ISFJ types are marked by an unparalleled selflessness and enthusiasm for all that life has in store for them.

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The people belonging to this type need to ensure that the needs of everyone around them are addressed. They insist on putting all those around them before themselves, even if it means that they are left behind momentarily.  They are the Saint Bernard of people.

1 ENTP: Cat Person

Rare and unique, those belonging to the ENTP type are difficult to pin down. Even though they are considered extroverted people and do enjoy the company of others, they dislike idle chatter. Instead, they prefer to discuss something they deem important and/or meaningful. The people belonging to this type love to engage in intellectual debates and find examining the mind and its inner workings utterly fascinating.

If they existed in animal form, they would take the shape of the cats who sit across the living room, sizing up their owners in an appraising (yet seemingly judgemental) sort of way. Those belonging to the ENTP type do not enjoy long periods of social interaction with those unfamiliar to them, and can find it hard to connect with those unlike them.

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