10 Gorgeous Cat-Friendly Apartment Ideas

Everyone loves to have pets, and there are a lot of different kinds to choose from. Many people add cats to their family.

There are numerous things that make felines awesome. For instance, they are not very time consuming, since they do not require much care or attention. Though, it is hard not to give cute cats loads of attention.

Furthermore, they are not very expensive, and they do not take up much space. But, there are definitely some things cat owners should have in their homes. Here are a few great ideas on how to make apartments more cat-friendly.

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10 Create A Lounge Area

Sometimes it can be hard to keep a pet entertained. In addition, that can be an even more difficult for people who live in small areas, such as apartments.

Therefore, people who own cats will probably find cat lounges to be incredibly useful. They can provide a comfortable place for the cat to relax in, and some of them are also really cute.

Picking one that matches the colors of the apartment can do a great job of making the place look even better while making it cat-friendly as well. Cat owners can choose from numerous different styles and colors.

9 Exercise Wheels Can Be Great

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of animals can benefit greatly from getting a good amount of exercise. Additionally, cats that spend time indoors don’t really get as much exercise as those who go outside get, so it’s important for feline owners to provide their cat with something that will help them stay active.

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Exercise wheels are great thing for cats to have. Also, one of the other awesome things about them is that they can be moved out of the way when it is time for friends or family to come visit. They also come in different colors.

8 Add A Cute Cat Tree

Living in an apartment has it’s perks, but there are also some not-so-great things that come along with it as well. For instance, those who have pets know that apartments don’t provide much space for the pet to explore. But cats can still have fun in an apartment if they have a cat tree to play on.

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Also, there are a lot of different styles of cat trees to choose from. Some of them are big, and some are made to fit into small areas. Also, cat trees keep felines from getting into other things, which is perk as well.

7 Dress Up The Window Sills

Cats can be active, but they are known for being pretty chilled out creatures as well, so it is only natural that they are going to spend a lot of time laying in one spot. Also, they love to see what’s going on in the outside world.

They are fascinated by birds, and the outside world in general. So, owners can lay some soft fabric next to the window for the kitty to curl up on while he or she gets a peak and what is happening outside. There are also some shelves that can be hung for this purpose.

6 Let Them Have Scratch Posts

Cats are great, but they can be a little bit on the destructive side when they want to scratch something. Sometimes there is no furniture or carpet that is safe from this, so cat owners can make their apartments far more beautiful by adding a scratching post or two.

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Scratching posts can save a lot of things from getting damaged, so having one is pretty important. One of the cool things about them is that they all look different from one another, which means that it can be easy to find one that makes an apartment look even more awesome.

5 Keep Some Toys In The Areas They Can Chill In

As cute and lovable as pets are most of the time, sometimes owners don’t want them to go in a certain room. For example, many people don’t allow their animals to go in the kitchen, and some don’t allow them to go into their bedrooms because they might make a bit of a mess.

So, cat owners can ensure their pet doesn’t go anywhere where they are not allowed by adding some cool little cat toys to areas where the cat is allowed to be. This can help the owner make sure the other rooms remain clean and fur free.

4 Plants Can Really Dress A Place Up

Cats tend to get into a lot of things. They even play around with plants. So, cat owners who desire to dress their apartment up with lots of pretty, green plants can actually get some that are safe for cats.

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These plants aren’t hard to find at all. There are actually a lot of them, and many of these plants look really cool, so they are great for adding a special touch to any home. While other plants can be harmful for cats and dogs, the bird’s nest fern is one of many plants that are just fine for them.

3 Don’t Keep The Litter Box Out In The Open

Many cat owners keep the litter box out in the open. But that isn’t something everyone likes to do, since it can look rather unpleasant.

Finding a cute way to make the litter box less noticeable is not actually that hard. Crafty cat owners can hang little curtains on the bottom of a table, then and put the litter box in there.

Another option is to hide the litter box in a drawer. A benefit here is that it won’t take up any extra space. Also, doing this doesn’t take much equipment, and it hardly takes any time at all.

2 Cat Shelves Can Look Cool On A Wall

Cats can use shelves to lay around in front of a window, but these shelves can also be put on wall. It sounds a little odd to say that cats would enjoy sitting on a shelf like an inanimate object, but they do like to sit still for long periods of time, so this can actually be enjoyable for them.

One of the coolest things about cat shelves is that they can be decorated by something other than a cat. They can be different shapes, colors, and sizes. In addition, these things are not very hard to install at all.

1 Humans Aren’t The Only Ones Who Like Hammocks

Any cat owner who is feeling crafty can dress their apartment up by creating a chic hammock for their furry companion. These things are pretty awesome because they can really make a place look chill and laid back.

Plus, they are actually extremely fun and easy to make. Also, some cat hammocks can be made out of cardboard. All that is needed is a box, a box cutter, a tape measurer, fabric, scissors, some glue, and paint. These things look pretty cute, and they give cats another place to chill out and relax, which is something kitties love to do.

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