Cat Lovers Can Get Paid To Live In A Greek Paradise Full Of Felines

Cat lovers can get paid to live on a Greek island paradise full of felines, and it is not a scam or joke.

A Facebook post has gone viral with a job posting that appears to be every cat lover's dream come true. God's Little People Cat Rescue is looking for someone to take over their sanctuary in the small Greek island of Syros. The owner is looking for a part-time worker who is capable of handling over 55 cats per day. It requires a dedicated employee who can give the cats medication, feed them, drive them to the vet and shower the animals with oodles of love. However, there may be times when the worker will be in a situation where he or she will have to take care of non-feral felines, so the person should be comfortable with that responsibility.

The lucky employee will get a small free house to live in and heat, water, and other utilities are included. Plus, there is a salary that is reflective of the fact the employee is getting free room and board. Other perks of this fantastic opportunity include living in a paradise that is quiet in the winter but crazy busy in the summer. The person who applies for this job will also need to be a big nature lover. Also, anyone who has vet experience would be a perfect fit for this position.

PAID JOB OFFER WITH CATS! (this is genuine and NOT a joke - friends, please feel free to verify!). A very special...

Posted by God's Little People Cat Rescue on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Even though the job is paid, the potential worker will be required to volunteer for the first couple of weeks, which is likely a trial period to ensure that the person is a good fit for the sanctuary. It is a permanent position that requires a six-month commitment, but obviously, the owner would like to find someone who will want to stick around.

If this opportunity sounds like something you are interested in you can send you an email to joanbowell@yahoo.com, but you had better do it quick. Interviews are taking place at the end of August, and the position starts in October. Although this definitely seems like a legit opportunity make sure if you apply you to do your diligence and research about the company.

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Dreams do come true, and one lucky cat lover will get to spend their days in the Greek isles hanging out with felines, not a bad way to make a living if you ask us.


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