Cat Named ‘Big Sexy’ Missing After FDNY Photo Shoot

In New York, a 12-pound cat nicknamed Big Sexy has gone missing from the set of a photo shoot for FDNY 2020 Calendar of Heroes. The cat apparently ran off after being frightened. Buddy, aka Big Sexy, had been hired to model with a scantly clad EMT named Dan Seiger. The calendar plans on featuring first-responders posing sexily with a rescue animal.

Big Sexy was accompanied by seven dogs and four cats on set, according to the New York Daily News. All the other animals have been accounted for. The last time the cat was seen was when he ran under a fire truck at Engine 4/ Ladder 15, in Lower Manhattan on January 22. Proceeds from the calendar will go to the FDNY Foundation and Animal Care Centers.

“I’m desperate,” Buddy’s owner, Leslie Silbert, told the Daily News. She says she is not angry with the FDNY and thanks them for helping her look for the cat. “Super-nice firefighters searched with thermal imagers under the truck he ran beneath and along the massive storage areas. I’ve set cat traps in the firehouse (and) they kindly let me in to call for him and freshen the food in the traps.”

Silbert, a private investigator, author, and daughter of the first prosecutor in the Watergate case, worries that the cat will be caught outside in the polar vortex. She adopted Buddy two years ago on Valentine’s Day after he was found in a hospital ward in Harlem and brought to the Manhattan Animal Care Centers shelter when he was just four months old. According to the author, the cat helped her finish this her Dad's memoir last Christmas.

Silbert first took Buddy in as a foster cat but after three weeks she didn’t want to give him up. At the firehouse, Silbert has set cat traps with food, which she has since freshened. She says that Buddy is chipped so if someone turns him into a shelter, she will be contacted.

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Silbert published her first novel, The Intelligencer, a spy story based on an event in the life of the British 16th-century author Christopher Marlowe, in 2004. The novel has since been translated into several languages.

If any New Yorkers have spotted Buddy, they can contact Silbert by messaging her Facebook page or at (917) 826-2849.

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