Cat Puns Only Cat Ladies Will Find Ameowsing

What is a cat lady and what are the qualifications needed to receive such a festive and eccentric title? One would assume that the most basic requirement needed to be met in order to receive such an honor would be that the applicant must have a cat in their possession. However, gatekeeping is an unnecessary act in all fandoms, including cats, and it's not really necessary to own a cat to be considered a “cat lady.” All that is needed to join this eccentric crew is a love for cats, an appreciation for all things cat related, at least one cat shaped or adorned item in one’s home, and a love for all cat-related puns.

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8 Fresh From The Bakery

There is a large debate going on within the pet owning community on whether or not one it should be permitted for pet owners to purchase (which seems like an odd word to use when discussing a living thing) their pets from breeders or to adopt their pets from shelters.


Many believe that “shopping” is unethical as it promotes unsafe breeding conditions, perpetuates certain defects that come with the “purebred” lifestyle, and prevents animals living in shelters from finding homes. However, both sides of the debate must admit that the above literal interpretation of the “purebred” title is hilarious... and adorable.

7 Millennial Avacato Toast

According to ill-researched and disparaging information directed at the millennial generation which can be easily found on numerous online news sources, this photo contains each and every item responsible for the downfall of the current young adult generation. Pink, avocados, and cats. Some criticism against the younger generation of adults says that they have willingly forgone the traditional ideas of family and have, instead, chosen to view their pets as their children. Of course, Millenials themselves would argue that there's nothing wrong with that, and this cute little avo-cat-o is simply adorable.

6 We Stan The True Classics

All classic books would be improved if the subjects in which they were written upon were of the feline persuasion rather than simply being about a crop of ill-fated and often ill-mannered humans. Consider both Mr. Darcy (of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice) as well as Holden Caulfield (of J.D.Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye.)


Both of these characters are known for their aloof, inconsiderate, emotionally attached, and overdramatic (or theatrical) personalities. These traits are the hallmark of the feline species ergo these characters are, plainly put, the human version of cats.

5 The True Cat-Fe Menu

The cross-section between cat references and well-thought-out puns makes this photo one of the best photos in the list. Cat cafes are a style of restaurant in which patrons can play with a crop of (often adoptable) cats while enjoying their meal. Though the “catfes” (as they are affectionately referred to) gained popularity in Japan, they have become an internet age staple and have begun to crop up internationally. And since modern cafes often appreciate a good pun and use humorous pun-style jokes in their menus and advertisements in order to gain customers via social media, a cat pun based menu would be the perfect addition to any catfe.

4 The Only Life Coach You Need

Though it is important to make sure that one is not holding in any serious emotions and that all emotions that your body needs to feel are expressed in healthy and authentic ways, the above photo is right. Focusing on more positive thoughts rather than negative can greatly improve one’s mood.


Not in the sense that one ignores all negative emotions and forces positive ones. But rather in the sense that when something can be viewed from either a negative or a positive lens, one should choose the positive one as it will have a great positive impact on their mental health and perspective.

3 Body Positive Role Model

Yet another wonderfully positive (or should we say Paw-sitive) motivational image. Though it is important to note that reasonable care towards one’s appearance as well as consciously making healthy choices can improve one’s mood, the biggest improvement comes from within. That improvement coming from the decision to see oneself as a good person regardless of weight, imperfections, or achievements. Once the decision to become your own friend has been made, people are more likely to think of themselves in kinder and gentler ways which will improve their overall mood. If one is not constantly tearing themselves down but rather building themselves up, wonderful things will happen. Listen to the cats and love oneself.

2 It's A Purramid Scheme

One would have to question the structural integrity of a pyramid made out of cats. The most famous type of pyramid on Earth is that of Ancient Egypt, which were made of large slabs of stone placed upon each other. Stones are one of the most structurally sound objects on the Earth’s surface, which explains the longevity of the structures.


However, one can not be sure that the same can be said of cats. Would a structure, made solely out of cats, survive the turn of the century? Would it even survive the turn of the day?

1 But Do They Serve Them At Chipotle?

One of the most stress-inducing things about cats is how quickly their moods change. When visiting the home of a friend who has a cat, watch the creature for as long as you can without arousing suspicion. For these creatures can transform in an instant and such things are truly amazing when witnessed first hand. A common experience shared by cat owners is the ‘midnight reverie” in which sleeping cats suddenly awaken and realize that their sole purpose in life is to sprint, back and forth, across their owners room at top seeds.


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