Beloved Cat Reunited with Family After 10 Years

After being lost for 10 years, Fergie the cat has been reunited with her family.

According to Fox News, the Fultons live in Lucas, Texas, and adopted Fergie in 2006 when she was just a kitten. Elyse Fulton gave Fergie to her daughter as a present, and the kitten fit in with the family immediately. She was friendly, loving, and, like most cats, a bit of a princess, according to Fulton.

Soon after the adoption, the Fultons traveled abroad and asked a family friend to watch both their house and Fergie for them. The friend agreed, but when the Fultons came home, they discovered Fergie went missingThey assumed she had escaped and someone rescued her, but could never be sure.

via: foxnews.com

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The family was understandably dismayed. After all, it’s horrible to have a beloved pet go missing, especially as months and months, let alone years, go by without any news. After a certain point, people would quite understandably give up on the search, but Fergie proved to be as lucky as she was (and is) loveable.

After a decade, the Fultons received the call they’d been waiting for: Fergie had been found safe and unharmed. She was waiting for her family at a veterinary clinic, where a good Samaritan dropped her off.

The hospital was able to contact Fulton and her family due to a microchip placed in the cat 10 years ago. Microchips are tiny transmitters, about the size of a grain of rice. They are good back-up identifiers, but shouldn’t be the main method used for identification, according to the Humane Society of the US.

via: foxnews.com

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Instead, owners are encouraged to rely on collars with nameplates and addresses, since there is a good chance your lost pet will be found by a neighbor—and it’s unlikely that Joe down the street will have a special scanner that can read your pet’s microchip. The chips last for 25 years, which is why Fergie’s microchip was still working after a decade, thankfully. Most veterinarians and animal shelters can place microchips in your pet.

The Fultons, while shocked at the phone call, couldn’t be happier to be reunited with their beloved pet.

“She went right back to being the princess cat she was before she left. You know, she’s sleeping on the bed. She knows what a litter box is and all that. Eating good and, again, just seems really happy to be home,” Fulton told Fox News. 

Who knows where Fergie went or what kind of amazing adventures she had? Nevertheless, retiring from her wild adventures clearly agrees with her since Fergie is settling into her old/new home perfectly.

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