Cat Riding Goose Image Deemed 'Photoshopped'

Some things in life are just too good to be true. The internet loves cuddly, adorable, animals that make our hearts gush over their cuteness. The pairing of odd animals (like the case of Hector and his cat friends) is a sight that everyone loves to see online. Cats (and dogs) have dominated the viral world of the internet since the dawn of memes. And now, it looks like the kitty has struck again except this time he has a goose friend…or does he?

A viral image has been floating around the interweb that depicts a black cat sitting perched atop a goose in some body of water. The rarity of seeing such a sight had online users wanting more. And really, who wouldn’t want to see more photos of a cat riding a goose!

However, as sad as it might be, this adorable duo is a hoax.

The image in question grew in popularity after Buzzfeed illustrator Natalya Lobanova tweeted the photo.

She needed answers!

Jokes about the two grew in response. Some theories went as far as to declare the tag team pair as crime solvers.

It was not until Twitter user Allison Beaumont noticed something a bit odd about the shadows.

The obscure direction the shadow appears to fall on the cat does not match the direction of the shadow of the goose. If you look closely, the shadow would imply the sun is hitting the neck of the bird at an angle. That cat’s shadow, right underneath the tail, would imply the sun is directly above the cat. He also seems to be missing tidbits of where there should be shadows. Thus, rendering the hopeless duo a fraud.

Scott Wong, the photographer who posted the photo onto his personal Flickr account, did not like that people are calling his work of art fake. He told the Daily Dot that he felt that photo manipulation should not deem something invaluable.

“If I sharpen or adjust the color vibrancy of a photo is it then called a fake?” he wrote in a message according to Daily Dot. “I call it a work of art. I have over 40 thousand pictures posted on the internet and everyone has had some adjustments made… some more than others.”

Though our dream of a crime-fighting cat/goose team did not, sadly, come true, the image is still comically great. The pairing of the two of the oddest animals one could ever imagine together is what made the shot go viral.

Who knows, maybe somewhere out in a freshwater lake there is a beautiful goose with his feline friend riding off into the sunset. For now, we can only hope and pray it someday comes true.


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