A Cat Without Hair Has To Rely On A Friend For Warmth

Even hairless cats need a little snuggle to keep warm!

In a recent Facebook post, a video shows a Sphynx cat snuggling up to a fluffy white Turkish Angora cat just to keep warm. If you didn’t know, these interesting kitties are quite unique! Not only are they known for their hairless physical appearance, but also have  many qualities that make them cuter than they appear.

Without any real fur to cover their bodies, these felines give us an idea of what cats essentially look like underneath all that hair, and although it might not appear too appealing to some, they are still cuties! Although we all know the Sphynx as the hairless cat breed, there are many other qualities about them that make them so intriguing.

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The cat in this video, snuggling up to his friendly pal for warmth isn’t actually hairless! The Sphynx cat actually contains a thin layer of down that resembles peach fuzz. They are known to be quite soft and warm to the touch, and although not 100% hairless, they are completely whisker-free.

As depicted in the adorable clip, Sphynx cats are cuddle bugs. Since they lack a warm coat of fur like most cats have, they enjoy rubbing their bodies against their owners as a means to keep warm, or in this case, against their other feline friends. Another funny fact when it comes to these rare breeds is that their name is quite deceptive.

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Sphynx cats have actually nothing to do with their ancient rooted name. They actually originated in Canada in 1966 as the result of a mutant gene that produced the first ever-hairless kitten. Go Canada!

The other cutie kitten in the video doesn’t seem to mind providing a bit of warmth to the Sphynx cat, but that could be mostly due to the fact that the Sphynx is bathed quite often. Due to their lack of fur, no body oils can be absorbed. Weekly baths are required, particularly due to their wrinkles and folds that can lead self-grooming to be a bit of a challenge.

With that being said, nothing warms our hearts more than seeing to animals cuddle up and enjoy each other’s company.

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