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10 Reasons Why You Need A Zen Garden

We live in an era where two-day shipping is a must and internet speeds have to be top notch or we'll have a melt-down. Everything in life seems to be fast and accessible, but it hasn't always been thi...

Use Recycled Water To Make Gardening More Sustainable

Rachel Fletcher, head of the Water Services Regulation Authority in the UK, has recommended that families switch from tap water for gardening and washing cars to using recycled bathwater and rainwater...

CrewsCrew Is Fighting Big Hollywood Bullies

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews has expressed his gratitude to the subreddit, CrewsCrew. His claim and subsequent testimony have elicited massive support across the internet, especially from this ...

How To Keep An Apartment Fruit Fly Free

It is summer, which means fresh fruit! There is nothing like a tasty piece of watermelon or orange on a hot summer day, but the sweet summer fruits that we love so much can attract dreaded flies.

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