10 Easy Home Renos You Can Do Yourself

Times change, and so do the interior designs of homes, which means that you have to do some home renovations. You could pay someone to remodel your entire house, or you could do some simple renovation...

10 DIY Projects You Can Do With Minimal Tools

We all love amazing DIY projects, but often times we find ourselves neglecting to pursue a particular challenge due to our lack of tools. A simple and affordable alternative can turn into an expensive hobby in a few short moments.

10 Planters You Need For The Summer

Plants are some of the most beneficial things to have around your home. They're healers, pleasers and soothers. For your mental and physical well-being, it's important to add a little bit of greenery ...

10 DIY Macrame Plant Hangers For Your Home

People should always be looking for new ways to get plants into their home, as they're a chance to breathe some life into a new room, while also providing some natural relaxation to those living within the house.

10 Clever Ways To Use An IKEA TV Stand

IKEA hacks are the perfect entry level DIY project for anyone with the creative bug. If you aren’t ready to commit to building your own furniture from scratch modifying a modular piece can be satisfyi...

8 Clever Uses For The IKEA DETOLF

Now that minimalism is, thankfully, on its way out of style and filling one's home with lovely knick-knacks, books, aesthetic pieces, and memorabilia/geeky merchandise that reflects the personality an...

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