Nail Art DIY Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Nail art doesn’t stray to just one solid colour anymore. From actual art, reproducing paintings on your nails, or just a simple French tip manicure, the possibilities are endless. But where do you sta...

Decorating Tips For Your Astrology Sign

Whether you're a cozy Taurus, a passionate Scorpio, a glam Leo, or just looking for new ways to liven up your living space, the best interior design tips don't always come from Martha Stewart. Sometim...

20 Times People Failed At Nail Art

Why does everything have to look so perfect and easy when you look at it on Pinterest? In reality, half of those things are almost impossible to do, and nail art is, sadly, no exception to this rule.

8 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

What's the perfect way to celebrate Easter? Making Easter eggs of course! Gone are the days when some simple food colouring will do. Thanks to Pinterest, Easter eggs have upped their game more than ev...

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